Some Settings Aren’t Available in High Contrast Mode

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We all have unique system display configurations that suit our personal needs. However, at times, we accidentally change these settings by unconsciously pressing a combination of keys. This may lead to the error message “Some settings aren’t available in High Contrast mode.” In this article, we will review this error message and share ways on how you can fix the issue on your Windows 10/11 platform.

What Causes the Error “Some settings aren’t available in High Contrast mode”?

The High Contrast mode issue can be activated when certain keys, usually referred to as Sticky Keys or Hot Keys, are pressed accidentally. When activated, the mode will alter your default display settings and deactivate various personalization features.

Fortunately, this is an issue that can be resolved as it is not a technical problem. It can even be fixed by anyone who has basic computer knowledge. High Contrast mode is not a bug or system glitch. It is a feature that comes with Windows 10/11 for Ease of Access use. This feature increases the text size, making it easy for users to read or see. Since it’s a special mode, when activated, it locks some of the personalization features, making it hard for an average user to know their way back to the normal display settings.

How to Remove “Some settings aren’t available in High Contrast mode” Error?

As already indicated, this is not an issue caused by a foreign malicious problem. Therefore, you can rest assured that you’re not dealing with a severe or harmful problem. The only challenge would be to deactivate the High Contrast mode. Two ways can be used to achieve this:

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  1. Use Hotkeys
  2. Use Windows 10/11 Settings App

Before launching any of the mentioned deactivating methods, you must ensure that you don’t have any pending projects or apps running in the background to avoid losing your unsaved projects. The system will have to restart mid-process.

Here is how you can solve the error message “Some settings aren’t available in High Contrast Mode” on Windows 10/11:

Solution #1: Use Hotkeys

A combination of keyboard keys used to access the Settings app, various programs, and other processes is called Hotkey. These keys are essential shortcuts that allow you to access some applications quickly and conveniently. Now, to disable the High Contrast mode using hotkeys, you need to execute the key combinations demonstrated below:

Left ALT + Left

Shift + PrtScn

By performing the above key combinations, the system will revert to its normal display settings. Restart the computer for the changes to take effect.

Solution #2: Use the Windows 10/11 Settings App

Another approach to deactivate High Contrast mode, in case the Hotkeys or Sticky keys are not helping, is through the Windows 10/11 Settings app. The Hotkeys functionality might have been deactivated by your IT administrator. In that case, you may not use them to solve the problem. Here is how you can use the Windows 10/11 Settings app to solve the issue:

  1. Access the Windows 10/11 Settings app by simultaneously pressing the Windows + I key.
  2. Click on the tab labelled Ease of Access.
  3. Hover to the left pane and find High Contrast under the Vision section.
  4. Now, you can switch off the toggle next to the Use high contrast option. The High Contrast mode will then be turned off.

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