Intel 9th-Gen Core: The World’s Best Gaming Processor

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Intel has recently launched the 9th-Gen Core Processor lineup with advanced security features and improved performance, claiming them to be the best gaming processors available. Despite still being on pre-order, these processors have generated a lot of interest due to their impressive specifications.

Whether you are a gamer or a creative, here are a few things you can expect from the latest Intel processors.

The Specs and Features of the New Intel 9th Gen CPU

According to Intel, there are three processors that are included in their 9th Generation lineup: the i5-9600K, the i7-9700K, as well as the i9-9900K. Although the architecture of these processors still features the 2015 nanometer Skylake design, it’s still obvious that they have significantly improved in terms of specs and performance.

In contrast to Intel’s previous generation of processors, you will notice that the base clock speeds have improved. While the i5-9600K has a base clock speed of 4.6 GHz, the i7-9700K has 4.9 GHz. The i9-9900K, on the other hand, has 5.0 GHz.

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Among the three processors, the i9-9900K is undoubtedly the most powerful. With eight cores and hyperthreading, this processor offers varying speed boosts. However, to use this, you will need a Z390-based motherboard. That way, you can maximize its potential.

The cheaper processors i7-9700K and i5-9600K are still great options, with 8 cores and 8 threads, and 6 cores and 6 threads, respectively.

To demonstrate how powerful these processors are, Intel ran two games simultaneously in one computer: Player’s Unknown’s Battleground and World of Tanks. Interestingly, there were no lag or slowdown problems.

The Release Date

Intel confirmed that the three latest-generation CPUs will be rolled out in the market on October 19. But as mentioned above, pre-orders are accepted. You can choose to take that option if you are dying to get your hands on these latest processors. Well, if you are patient enough, you can wait for a couple more days.

The Price of the Intel 9th Gen CPUs

In addition to the release date, Intel also confirmed the prices for their latest CPUs.

Among the three, the most expensive is the Core i9-9900K, which will start at $488. It is followed by the Core i7-9700K, which will be around $374. Lastly, the most affordable is the Core i5-9600K, which will cost $262.

The prices above are what Intel said, but they could vary depending on your region. As for the UK prices, they will soon be revealed.

The CPU Performance

Since these latest-generation CPUs are still available for pre-order, we still cannot perform tests for ourselves. However, Intel has already made claims on how well these CPUs perform.

In the company’s presentation, they talked about how the new CPU is considered the fastest gaming desktop processor in the world to date. They even used figures to support their claims. When used to play the game Hitman 2, the 9th Gen processor was able to achieve about 10% more frame rate per second, compared to the previous generation of processors.

Well, it’s not only gamers who can benefit from these processors. With the up to 34% improved video editing speed than in the previous generation of processors, creatives can use Adobe Premier Pro smoothly and efficiently.


The Intel 9th Gen Core processors are compatible with the Intel Z390 chipset and other Intel 300 Series chipsets. Concurrently, Asus also made an announcement that they will support Intel’s new processors by making BIOS updates for some of their existing motherboards.

The Desktops That Will Use the Latest Intel Processors

This fall, you can expect the latest CPUs of Intel to be used in the majority of mainstream gaming computers. That includes Lenovo’s Legion series, Alienware Aurora, and the new MSI Trident X. Other partners include Asus, Acer, Origin, and HP Digital Storm.

Should You Get an Intel 9th Gen Core Processor?

If you are still using a CPU that is a decade older, then you have a valid excuse to get an Intel 9th Gen Core Processor. But if you’ve just recently upgraded, then you might want to think twice. Of course, if you have money to spare, why not? If you don’t, weigh your options and think wisely.

The new processors are designed for those who enjoy playing games and streaming videos at the same time but don’t want to get a dedicated PC for gaming and streaming purposes. If you are that kind of user, you can definitely consider getting this new Intel processor.


As you can see, the latest Intel Core processors are pretty decent. But for us to come up with a proper verdict about their overall performance, we will have to wait until we have them tested ourselves. In the meantime, we suggest you install Outbyte PC Repair first. Having it installed on your computer will definitely give it the boost it needs for gaming and other heavy processes.

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