How to Fix Surface Pro 4 Freezing Problem?

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Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 is sleek and fab. Although it looks like a tablet, it actually has the functionalities of a powerful notebook PC. However, there’s just one problem. According to reports, Surface Pro 4 constantly freezes.

While it seems like a minor issue, for some users, it’s definitely not. With Surface Pro 4 always freezing, they cannot complete tasks within a certain span of time. They can’t even enjoy their Surface Pro 4 experience.

Now, if you are among these Surface Pro 4 users, fret not. There are ways to resolve your problems with Surface Pro 4 freezing randomly.

7 Solutions to Freezing Surface Pro 4 Problem

Although it is common for gadgets and computers like Surface Pro 4 to freeze and stop working at random, it does not mean you should just ignore them. You have to run a quick system check to ensure the problems do not worsen. You can always start with the following solutions:

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Solution #1: Force-Restart Your Computer.

A complete restart is one of the fastest and easiest fixes to computer freezing problems. Sometimes, you’ve got so many apps and processes running in the background that your system could no longer handle all of them. As a result, your system crashes and freezes.

To force-restart your Surface Pro 4, all you need to do is press the Power button for five seconds. When the screen goes black, press the Power button again. Your computer should now have a fresh start.

Solution #2: Free Your System of Malware and Bugs.

There are times when Surface Pro 4 freezes due to malware, viruses, adware, hardware issues, and application bugs. To get rid of these threats and fix your problem, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Start.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Choose Update & Security.
  4. Click Windows Defender.
  5. Press the button next to the Open Windows Defender Security Center section.
  6. Select Virus and Threat Protection.
  7. Hit Advanced Scan.
  8. Choose the Windows Defender Offline scan.
  9. Hit Scan Now.
  10. Wait for the scanning process to complete.
  11. Restart your computer.

Solution #3: Fix Faulty or Outdated Device Drivers.

Oftentimes, faulty, corrupt, or outdated device drivers cause your Surface Pro 4 to freeze. To fix them, we suggest you use a third-party Driver Updater tool. It’s a safe and convenient option for those of you who are not confident with your PC troubleshooting skills.

By using a driver updater tool, you can quickly update all your device drivers in just one click. You need not search the web manually for the required versions. Plus, you can spare your computer from irreversible damage that may be caused by downloading the wrong software.

Solution #4: Reset Your Surface Pro 4 from a USB Recovery Drive.

For this solution, you will need a functional 16GB USB drive formatted with the FAT32 file system. You also need a recovery image for Surface Pro 4, which can be downloaded from here. Once you have it, extract it to your formatted USB drive. And then, reset your Surface Pro 4 by following these steps:

  1. Be sure that your Surface Pro 4 is turned off.
  2. Plug the formatted USB recovery drive into any of the available ports.
  3. Press the Power button while pressing and holding the Volume Down button.
  4. As soon as the Surface logo appears, you can release the Volume Down button.
  5. When asked, choose your preferred keyboard layout and language.
  6. Go to Troubleshoot.
  7. Select Reset Your PC.
  8. When asked for a recovery key, choose the Skip This Drive option.
  9. Choose the operating system you want to reset. This should be the current Windows 10 version installed on your Surface Pro 4.
  10. Select Yes, repartition the drives.
  11. Hit Next.
  12. Select the Just Remove My Files option.
  13. Click Reset.
  14. The entire reset process may take a while. Wait for it to complete.

Solution #5: Install Any Available Windows Updates.

Microsoft constantly rolls out updates to introduce new features and to fix problems with the recent operating system versions, such as freezing issues.

As with other latest devices that support the Windows 10/11 operating system, Surface Pro 4 is designed to automatically install any available Windows update. But if it doesn’t, you can do it manually by following the instructions below:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Navigate to Update & Security.
  3. Select Windows Update.
  4. Click on the Check for Updates button.
  5. Once the update has been successfully downloaded on your Surface Pro 4, click Restart Now.

Solution #6: Free Up Valuable System Space.

There are times when junk files consume a huge chunk of your system space, resulting in app or system crashes. To prevent these things from happening, make it a point to regularly delete unnecessary files from your system.

Sure, you can do it the manual way. Simply check all your folders and delete those files that you think are no longer needed. But take note that this will be very time-consuming. Your best and most convenient option is to use a PC repair tool.

With a trusted PC repair tool, you can run a complete system check, locate junk files, and identify speed-reducing problems on your Surface Pro 4 in just a few clicks!

Solution #7: Reinstall the Previous Version of Your Operating System.

If you had just recently upgraded to the latest Windows 10 version when your Surface Pro 4 started experiencing freezing problems, try going back to the previous version. The problem might be the OS itself, so you can’t do anything about it.

Here’s how to revert to the previous Windows OS version on your Surface Pro 4:

  1. Go to Start.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Navigate to Update and Security.
  4. Choose Recovery.
  5. Under the Go back to the previous version of Windows 10/11 section, click Get Started. If you can’t see this option, it means too much time has passed since you last upgraded, hence you cannot go back.
  6. Follow the on-screen prompts.
  7. Restart your computer.


Again, freezing problems are common among computers. But just because they happen to all devices does not mean you should ignore them completely. When your Surface Pro 4 freezes, the first thing you should do is force-restart it. If force-restarting does not work and your computer still freezes in the long run, try the other solutions above. Hopefully, one of them will solve your problem.

Which of the solutions above worked for you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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