How to Fix Error Code 0x80070bc2 on Windows 10

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Keeping your operating system, programs, and all types of software installed on your computer updated is important. These updates contain bug fixes, security patches, new features, and other improvements that would help protect your computer and keep it running smoothly at all times. Because of this, Microsoft has made installing updates a lot easier on Windows 10 via the Windows Update utility. All you need to do is access this feature, check for new updates available, then install them on your computer.

The Windows Update utility has made the update process more convenient but installing updates is not as hassle-free as Microsoft wanted it to be. A lot of update errors crop up for some reason or another. Encountering errors can be expected since there are a lot of components involved in installing Windows updates.

One of the common issues encountered during Windows update installation is the error code 0x80070bc2 on Windows 10. This problem allows the updates to be downloaded on the device but does not proceed to the installation part. Despite multiple restarts, the updates are still stuck and the Windows 10 error code 0x80070bc2.

As a result of this error, Windows users are stuck using an outdated operating system, making them vulnerable to new attacks. Some components and apps might also encounter compatibility issues because of the outdated OS.

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If you’re getting the Windows 10 error code 0x80070bc2 when installing updates, this guide will give you an overview of the possible causes of this error and several methods of fixing it.

What is Error Code 0x80070bc2?

The error code 0x80070bc2 on Windows 10 appears whenever the user tries to install the available updates on his or her computer. When the user checks Windows Update and found new updates available, the new updates are downloaded to the computer without any trouble. However, when it comes to the installation, Windows Update fails to proceed and churns up the error code 0x80070bc2.

This error generally occurs when installing new cumulative updates for Windows 10. According to user reports, the error usually pops up when installing the following updates:

  • KB4056892
  • KB4074588
  • KB4088776
  • KB4093112
  • KB4048951

The list is not limited to the updates above, but these are the most commonly reported updates that trigger the error code 0x80070bc2 on Windows 10.

The error message usually reads:

Update status

There were problems installing some updates, but we’ll try again later. If you keep seeing this and want to search the web or contact support for information, this may help:

  • (Name of the update) – Error 0x80070bc2
  • (Name of the update) – Error 0x80070bc2

Restarting the computer and trying to install the updates again works for some users. But in most cases, rebooting multiple times is not enough to resolve this error.

What Causes the Windows 10 Error Code 0x80070bc2?

When you get the error code 0x80070bc2 when installing updates on Windows 10, you need to find out the reason behind the occurrence of this problem. Here are some of the possible causes behind this error:

  • Windows Update service is not working properly
  • Corrupted installation files
  • Poor internet connection
  • The respective update is already installed
  • Incompatible third-party security software
  • Malware infection

Finding out the reason behind this error can help a lot in troubleshooting this problem. However, doing so requires several trial-and-errors, which would take a lot of time. If you can’t find the cause of error 0x80070bc2 on the get-go, then your time is better spent on trying the following fixes to see which one would work.

Methods to Fix Error Code 0x80070bc2 on Windows 10

If you’re getting the error code 0x80070bc2 on Windows 10 and you have no idea what caused it, then this guide is for you. But before you start troubleshooting, here are some basic steps you need to take:

  • Check your internet connection. Switch to a wired connection if possible. The download process should not be interrupted to prevent the files from not downloading completely or from being corrupted.
  • Disable your antivirus or anti-malware program. Some updates might conflict with third-part security apps so they don’t proceed with the installation. To prevent this, turn off your security software during the installation but don’t forget to turn it back on after.
  • Make sure you have enough storage space on your computer. Try running a PC cleaner to delete all junk and unnecessary files that are just sitting on your hard drive.
  • Check whether the update is already installed on your computer. If it is, then that’s probably the reason why it won’t install. To verify the list of installed updates on Windows 10, click the Start menu, then click Settings. Go to Update & Security > Windows Update > View update history, then look for the update you are trying to install. If you see it on the list, then you don’t have to install it again.

If the above steps don’t fix the error code 0x80070bc2 you are experiencing, you can then proceed with the fixes below:

Fix #1: Run the Windows Update Troubleshooter.

Windows 10 is equipped with a built-in troubleshooter that can help you fix many known problems with the Windows Update service with just a single click. Take note that you need administrator rights to use the Windows Update troubleshooter.

To run the troubleshooter, follow the instructions below:

  1. Click the Start menu, then choose Settings.
  2. Choose Update and Security, then click Troubleshoot from the left menu.
  3. Under Get up and running, look for Windows Update and click on it.
  4. Click the Run the troubleshooter button to start the process.
  5. Wait for the troubleshooter to finish scanning and repairing the errors detected.

When the troubleshooter has completed the process, try installing your updates again to see if the error code 0x80070bc2 has been resolved.

Fix #2: Restart the Update Services.

In most instances, the 0x80070bc2 error happens because the services responsible for the update process are not working properly. To resolve this error, sometimes you just need to quit these services and start them up again after rebooting your computer. You should also rename the software distribution folder, just in case. These are the components you need to restart:

  • Windows Update Service (wuauserv)
  • Data transmission service (bits)
  • Installation service (trustedinstaller)
  • Application identity service (appidsvc)
  • Cryptography service (cryptsvc)

To restart the Update services, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Windows Start menu, then right-click on Command Prompt.
  2. Choose Run as administrator.
  3. In the Command Prompt window, type in the following commands, followed by Enter after each line:
    • net stop wuauserv
    • net stop bits
    • net stop trustedinstaller
    • net stop appidsvc
    • net stop cryptsvc
  4. Next, type in the following commands to rename the software distribution folder. Press Enter after each line:
    • cd %systemroot%
    • ren SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old
  5. Configure the above services to start automatically by typing in these commands, followed by Enter after each line:
    • SC config wuauserv start=auto
    • SC config bits start=auto
    • SC config trustedinstaller start=auto
    • SC config appidsvc start=auto
    • SC config cryptsvc start=auto

Restart your computer and then try to install the updates once again.

Fix #3: Use System Recovery.

Another solution for fixing the error code 0x80070bc2 is to reset the system, including all settings to an earlier factory configuration. Windows 10 has a built-in recovery function designed for this purpose. However, this requires you to have created, either manually or automatically, at least one restore point in the past. Without it, Windows will have no way to reset to an earlier operating state.

To use System Recovery, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the Control Panel by typing control panel in the Windows search menu, then clicking on the top result.
  2. Go to Security and Maintenance > Recovery.
  3. Choose your desired restore point, then click Finish.

Windows will then start resetting the system settings. You don’t have to worry because this will not affect your files, videos, images, or other documents.

Fix #4: Force-Install Updates Using PowerShell.

If it seems like the Windows update got stuck at a certain stage, another way to complete is to force-install the update using PowerShell. To do this:

  1. Right-click on the Start menu, then choose Windows Powershell (Admin).
  2. Type in cmd in the window, and then press Enter to open Command Prompt.
  3. Type in the following command, then press Enter: wuauclt.exe /updatenow

This should forcefully run the Windows Update and hopefully resolve the error code 0x80070bc2.

Fix #5: Install the Problematic Update Manually.

If Windows Update continues to have problems installing the cumulative update even after trying the solutions above, you can try to download and install that specific update manually on your computer. For this, you will need to know the knowledge base number of the update, which you can find by following the steps here:

  1. Open Settings from the Start menu.
  2. Click on Update and Security.
  3. See the list of installed updates by clicking Show update history.
  4. Look for the update with the note “Installation error on … – 0x80070bc2” and take note of the KB number displayed in brackets. This is the knowledge base number that you are looking for.

Now go to the Microsoft Update Catalog on your browser, then type in this number into the search bar. Click on the Search button to find the right update in the database. The catalog will display a list of the update versions available for the different architectures, such as x64 or x86. Choose the version that fits your Windows 10 version, then hit the Download link beside it. The update will then be automatically downloaded to your computer.

Install the installation file once the download is completed, then follow the on-screen instructions provided. Restart your computer to complete the installation process.


Getting Windows Update errors can be troubling because you’ll be stuck with an outdated operating system if you don’t fix it. Most errors can be handled by the Windows Update Troubleshooter, but the more complicated problems require a tougher approach. You can either restart the Update Services, force-install using commands, or install the update manually. You also have the option to sit it out and wait for the next update.

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