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Fallout 76, an online multiplayer RPG by Bethesda Game Studios for Windows, PS4, and Xbox One, had a rocky launch in November 2018. With updates like Wastelanders, the game has improved, offering new storylines, characters, and adventures.

Unfortunately, the game remains buggy according to some reviews. One of the common errors encountered by Fallen 76 players is the error code [4:7:2000]. This error can be quite annoying because it doesn’t say anything about what the error is about, what triggered it, or what can be done to resolve it. All it says is that an error has occurred and the error code [4:7:2000] that goes with it.

Getting the error code [4:7:2000] ruins the entire gaming experience, not just for the affected user but all the other players included in the game because when this error pops up, the game has to restart for everyone. Some players even reported that this error causes their game to crash and forcefully reboot, causing more problems to the players.

What makes this problem worse is that there is very limited resources about this error code online. If you’re one of the gamers who encountered this error and you have no idea how to fix it, this article is perfect for you. We will provide you with an overview of what the Fallout 76 “an unknown error has occurred error code [4:7:2000]” problem and what causes it. Then we will show you how to resolve this error, step-by-step.

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What is the Fallout 76 Error Code [4:7:2000] and What Causes It?

This “an unknown error has occurred” error message happens due to authenticity issues. This could mean that you are restricted from accessing the game, either because you bought the game from an illegal reseller or because you have not yet redeemed the game code. Some users are able to log in, but they encounter this error whenever they quit to the main menu.

The error occurs during the game startup when the user has to log into his or her account. The login returns the error code [4:7:2000] and forces the user to log in again. This error also makes it difficult for players to team up or join multiplayer games.

There are also players who reported that the error occurs after playing for some time, around 30 to 45 minutes into the game. The error just pops up and the game is disconnected, prompting the users to log in again. The error occurs in all platforms available for the Fallout 76 game, but it is more common in the Windows version of the game.

According to the players, most of them have bought the game with a legitimate license while others have owned the game since the BETA stage and had not encountered the error until recently. So what do you do when you encounter the Fallout 76 error code [4:7:2000]?

How to Fix the Fallout 76 Error Code [4:7:2000]

When you get this error, the first thing you need to do is to close the game completely and restart your computer. Giving your system a fresh start should quickly resolve any temporary glitch or error that your computer is experiencing.

Perform some basic maintenance on your computer, such as running your anti-malware program to scan for malicious software and cleaning up your storage using a PC cleaner. Doing these tasks will ensure that your device is optimized for resource-heavy tasks like online gaming.

It is also useful to check your internet connection and make sure that it doesn’t get disconnected when you’re logging in or playing the game. If you’re using a computer, switch to a cable connection if possible. If you’re using Wi-Fi, try to move closer to the router or the modem for a more stable Wi-Fi connection.

Once you’ve taken care of these basic troubleshooting steps, you can now proceed with the solutions outlined below.

Solution #1: Check Your License Key.

One of the main reasons why users are getting this error code [4:7:2000] is because of an issue with the license key. Take note that the retail game code is different from the B.E.T.A. code that you might have previously redeemed.

If you bought the Fallout 76 game online via the Bethesda Digital Store, the Xbox One Marketplace, or the PlayStation Store, the retail game code should automatically be applied to your account. You don’t have to do anything else except to download and launch the game.

But if you bought the game from other participating retailers, you need to check with that particular retailer when they will send you your retail game code. Once you have the game code, redeem it on your account to get rid of this error.

Solution #2: Scan and Repair the Game.

If you’re running the Fallen 76 game on your PC and you have successfully redeemed your code, but you’re still getting the error code, you can use the Scan and Repair feature of the game to fix this error.

Bethesda’s Scan and Repair Tool will check your installed Fallout 76 game for any corrupted or missing files. Once the scan has been completed, it will list down which files were corrupted or missing and need to be replaced. The tool also automatically downloads a clean copy of these missing or corrupted files to fix the issue.

To run the Scan and Repair tool, follow the steps below:

  1. Double-click on the Bethesda Launcher executable file to open it.
  2. Click on the Fallout 76 game icon.
  3. Click on the Options link to access the options window.
  4. Choose Scan and Repair, then the launcher will automatically start scanning the game files to validate them.

Once the tool has completed the process, re-launch the game to see if the error has been fixed.

Solution #3: Update Your Drivers.

If you’re encountering this error code when running the game on your computer, you may need to update your device drivers for the game to work smoothly.

To do this, open Device Manager on your computer, right-click on the hardware component with an outdated driver, then click Update Driver. You can also choose to uninstall the driver first and your computer will automatically search for the updated software when you restart your computer.

An easier to do this would be to use a driver updater software that scans your PC for any outdated software and updates them automatically.

Solution #4: Scan for Missing or Corrupt System Files.

If the problem is not due to the unredeemed game code, the game itself, or your drivers, then you need to check for corrupted files in your system. You can use the SFC or DISM tool to scan and repair corrupted files on your computer.


Getting interrupted by the error code [4:7:2000] when you’re playing a Fallout 76 game can be very annoying. If your game code works fine, you can try any of the solutions above to fix the error.

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