Fixing the Error Code 135011 After Authentication

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Microsoft’s product ecosystem is highly regarded and widely embraced by users worldwide, solidifying its dominant position in the tech industry. With over a billion global users, Microsoft outshines competitors like Apple. Notably, Office 365 boasts an impressive user base of over 60 million monthly active users.

This shows that a lot of people rely on Office products to achieve both personal and business goals. However, what happens when all of a sudden, you’re not able to access any of these packages to complete your daily tasks? Due to the Error Code 135011, users fail to log in to any of their MS Office packages.

If you’re also on that ship, we have a couple of tricks that you may try to solve the issue and get caught up with your workload. The good news is that this issue has happened to many, leading to experts taking a thorough investigation of the causes, and possible fixes to handle the Error Code 135011. x

Users get the Error Code 135011 when attempting to access MS Office packages. This happens mostly when the device has been disabled to access Office 365. The issue persists if the device was activated by a remote admin and the account or device they used to activate is no longer in use. The issue can also occur due to various server issues. Thus, we have prepared a couple of solutions, as well as, troubleshooting measures to try and decipher the issue.

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If you’re having trouble accessing Office 365 packages and wondering how to fix the Error Code 135011, you can try the solutions below. Note that these solutions only work on genuinely activated MS Office packages. If your products were pirated, these solutions will not work.

Fix #1: Change Connection Network

Firewall and proxies can be the reason why your device has been disabled from accessing MS Office packages. In such a scenario, changing network connection can help determine if that is the issue. To change to a different network on your PC, activate mobile hotspot. Connect the computer to the mobile hotspot Wi-Fi after deactivating the existing one. Now, try to login to MS Office 365 and see if the error persists.

Fix #2: Erase Credentials Related to MicrosoftOffice16_Data

Contradicting data can also be the cause of the Error Code 135011. When credentials have been changed, the system may still read old ones instead of new ones. In such cases, it is best to delete all saved credentials related to Microsoft Office. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Access Control Panel by searching for the Control Panel in the Windows Search Field.
  2. Look for the User Accounts tab and click to open it.
  3. Now, click Credentials Manager before selecting Windows Credentials.
  4. Proceed to Remove all Credentials related with MicrosoftOffice16_Data under Generic Credentials.

Fix #3: Check with Your Admin

As already indicated earlier, this error usually occurs when the admin device that activated the package has been disabled. If you’re using an organization MS Office package, then it would be best to contact your admin and ask them to reactivate your device. You can check if the device has been disabled by following the steps below:

  1. Access Azure AD Admin Center
  2. Click on Azure Active directory before selecting Devices.
  3. Check if the device used during activation is Disabled or Enabled.

Fix #4: Check if it’s a Server Issue

You may check if the error is an issue related to MS servers by attempting to login to the Office 365 portal. If you successfully log in, chances are that you’re dealing with a device issue. However, if unsuccessful, you will have to contact support.

Fix #5: Run a Full Security System Scan

Most of the issues faced on Windows platforms trace back to malicious programs installed subconsciously to the device. In most cases, users are not even aware of the dubious program existing in their computer. These programs are designed to perform a lot of ill-fated tasks that may compromise connectivity, as well as, authentication procedures. In such cases, it’s best to run a full system security scan using a trusted Anti-malware security tool. This will help detect any malware and other suspicious programs in your system. It will erase or quarantine any files affected.

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