8 Solutions to Fix Oobekeyboard Errors in Windows 10/11

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Upon initial setup of a new Windows computer, the Out-Of-Box Experience (OOBE) guides you through the process. However, you might occasionally face common errors related to oobekeyboard-page.js.

What are these error messages? How do you fix them? Before we answer these questions, let us first know what an oobekeyboard-page.js file is.

What Is Oobekeyboard-page.js?

Oobekeyboard-page.js is a javascript file that is associated with the Windows OS. If something’s wrong with this file, error messages often appear during the startup phase, or while an app or program is running.

Here are some of the most common oobekeyboard-page.js error messages:

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  • oobekeyboard-page.js could not be found.
  • oobekeyboard-page.js failed to load.
  • Error loading oobekeyboard-page.js.
  • Runtime Error: oobekeyboard-page.js.
  • The file oobekeyboard-page.js is corrupt or missing.
  • Failed to register oobekeyboard-page.js.
  • Something went wrong with the OOBE region.

Why Do These Oobekeyboard-page.js Errors Occur?

Most of these oobekeyboard-page.js errors are caused by corrupt or missing files. It is likely that you have accidentally deleted the oobekeyboard-page.js file or a malware infection erased it.

It is also possible that the oobekeyboard-page.js file became corrupted after a sudden power outage or due to some bad sectors on your storage media. It is for that reason why you should always check if your antivirus is updated and system scans are done regularly.

How to Fix Oobekeyboard-page.js Errors

Below are some feasible solutions to resolve problems associated with the oobekeyboard-page.js file:

Solution #1: Fix Faulty Registry Entries.

Oftentimes, oobekeyboard-page.js errors occur because the registry entries associated with the oobekeyboard-page.js file are faulty.

One or two apps may use one oobekeyboard-page.js file. When these apps are modified or uninstalled, they leave the registry entries associated with the oobekeyboard-page.js file invalid or orphaned. Hence, errors appear.

To fix the problem, invalid registry entries need to be repaired. But manually editing and fixing invalid registry entries is not recommended, unless you are equipped with technical knowledge. A missing character, a misplaced comma, or an incorrect syntax can already keep your computer from booting properly.

Due to the risks involved in fixing faulty registry entries, experts recommend the use of a trusted registry cleaner software. In just a few clicks, it can repair invalid entries in your Windows registry and get your computer running smooth again.

Solution #2: Perform a Malware Scan.

There is a possibility that the oobekeyboard-page.js error you are seeing is triggered by a malware or virus infection on your computer. Any malicious intruder or threat can cause your oobekeyboard-page.js file to become corrupted or permanently deleted.

To get rid of malware or threats that may trigger oobekeyboard-page.js errors, you need to perform a malware scan using Windows Defender or other third-party malware scanning software.

Solution #3: Update All Your Device Drivers.

Oobekeyboard-page.js errors may also be caused by outdated or corrupt device drivers. That means updating them might get rid of the problem.

Unfortunately, finding a device driver that is compatible with your hardware and software is not as easy as you think. Even if you know where to find the right drivers, the updating process can be very time-consuming. If you also install the wrong or incompatible driver, you could make the situation worse.

For this reason, Windows experts suggest using reliable driver updater software to automate the whole process. Not only will it save you time, it will also ensure you download and install the correct device driver.

Solution #4: Delete Junk and Temporary Files.

Because of regular computer use, temporary and junk files may build up over time. If they are not cleaned out, they can cause speed issues in Windows 10/11 devices or trigger oobekeyboard-page.js errors to show.

To keep problems from occurring, make it a habit to clean up these files using Disk Cleanup. This tool is already pre-installed on your Windows computer, so you can easily and conveniently schedule scans using it.

Follow these steps to use Disk Cleanup:

  1. In the Search bar, input command.
  2. Press the CTRL and SHIFT keys while hitting Enter.
  3. A permission dialog box will now appear. Choose Yes.
  4. The Command Prompt window will open. In the command line, input cleanmgr.
  5. Hit Enter.
  6. Disk Cleanup will then start calculating how much disk space you can clean and reclaim. After that, a series of checkboxes will be shown. Check the boxes of the categories or sections you want to clean.
  7. Hit Ok.
  8. Wait for the cleanup process to complete.

Take note, though, some Windows users recommend using a third-party PC Repair tool because of the shortcomings of Disk Cleanup. Make sure you choose carefully and look at quality before installing one.

Solution #5: Install Any Available Windows Updates.

Resolving your oobekeyboard-page.js problem might be as simple as installing the latest Windows updates available.

To check if there are any available updates, follow these steps:

  1. In the search bar, input update.
  2. Hit Enter.
  3. In the dialog box that appears, check if there are available updates. If there are any, click the Install Updates button next to them.

Solution #7: Download and Replace Your Oobekeyboard-page.js File.

If none of the previous solutions have resolved your problem, you can try this aggressive approach. Download and replace your current oobekeyboard-page.js file version. But before you do so, make sure you’ve backed up your system files. That way, it will be easier to revert and restore your settings in case something goes wrong.

To download and install a new oobekeyboard-page.js file version, you need to perform a manual search online. But before you click the download button, always check if you are downloading from a reliable source.

Solution #8: Reinstall Windows.

This is your last resort. If all else fails, then reinstall Windows. By doing so, everything on your hard drive will be erased. This allows you to start with a completely fresh system.


The next time you encounter any error message associated with the oobekeyboard-page.js file, then you should know what to do. You can start by fixing faulty registry entries or cleaning junk files.

Do you have other issues or problems related to the oobekeyboard-page.js file? Let us know below.

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