4 Solutions to Stuck Skype Installation Issues

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If you’re experiencing issues with Skype update installation on Windows 7, such as hanging, constant failures, or being stuck in a loop, you’re not alone. Many Windows 7 users have encountered this problem. However, there are solutions available to fix it.

In most cases, update speed issues have something to do with all the technical stuff like hardware specifications, hard-disk read-write speeds, internet connection speed, and disk space. But if the installation is taking up so much time that the Skype update seems to be on loop, then that’s another story.

However, before you even start to do anything, pay attention to your computer’s status first. Are you hearing any unnecessary noise? Are you noticing that your computer’s LEDs are flashing or flickering? If you answer yes to both questions , then just continue waiting a couple more minutes since it will all be over soon. Otherwise, consider troubleshooting your new Skype installation by yourself.

Here are some handy tips and tactics you can use if you ever find yourself stuck in a Skype installation loop on Windows 7 or other devices:

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1. Check Your System Requirements.

With Skype, you can enjoy unlimited calling and chatting with your friends and relatives. But to be able to use Skype, you have to ensure your Windows 7 computer meets the minimum system requirements.

Windows 7

For Windows 7 devices, Skype offers support for both 32-bit and 64-bit operating system s. But in general, your computer has to have the following specs:

  • 1 GHz processor
  • 256MB RAM
  • Internal/external microphone or headset
  • 0 or higher DirectX software
  • Minimum download/upload speed of 30kbps

Windows 8

Skype has a special version of its software designed for Windows 8 devices. Then again, it has certain specifications to meet for the software to run efficiently. These specs are:

  • Speaker and microphone installed
  • Minimum download/upload speed of 100kbps
  • 1 GHz processor
  • Core 2 Duo processor


Although Microsoft created Skype, Mac users can still take advantage of this video calling and chatting technology. If you are a Mac user, check if your machine has met the following requirements and you should be good to go:

  • 100MB free hard drive space
  • Built-in microphone or USB headset
  • 1 GHz processor
  • Mac OS X 10.5.8 version or higher
  • Minimum download/upload speed of 30kbps

2. Make Sure You Are Updating to the Latest Skype Version.

Microsoft is always making improvements on Skype, including quality, security, and reliability. After all, they want their users to have the best Skype experience, hence they make it a point to retire the older versions.

Now, if you can’t update Skype on Windows 7, maybe you need to check whether you are updating to the newest version or not. The installation of an older Skype version might not work compatibly with your operating system version.

To update to the latest Skype version, you have two options. These are:

Download the Latest Skype Version from Skype’s Website

  1. Check first what Skype version you are using on your computer.
  2. If you are running on version 7 or lower, download the latest version here.
  3. Once the Skype download is complete, follow the on-screen instructions provided.

Download the Latest Skype Version from Within the Skype App

  1. Sign into your Skype account.
  2. Go to Help. If you are not seeing the Help option, press the ALT key and it will show.
  3. Select Check for Updates Manually.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.

3. Make Changes in Your System Settings.

Did you just update Skype and noticed that the installation ran smoothly but kept repeating itself over and over again? Then you might need to make changes in your system settings. Here’s how:

  1. Press the Windows key to launch and open the Start menu.
  2. In the Search box, enter %temp% and press Enter.
  3. The Windows File Explorer should then pop up.
  4. If you are seeing a file named SkypeSetup or anything similar, delete it.
  5. Now, install the latest version by following the second tip in this post.

4. Diagnose Your Windows System.

One possible reason why the Skype installation on your Windows device is stuck on a loop is that there is an underlying system issue triggered by a junk or unnecessary cache file, or an app error or crash.

To be able to determine these errors, it is best that you diagnose your Windows system. For this, you can use third-party tools or software like Outbyte PC Repair. With this tool, you can run a complete checkup of your system and be able to locate junk files and speed-reducing issues, all of which can be removed safely without damaging your operating system.


There you have it! We hope the solutions above will help resolve any stuck Skype installation problems you have. If none of them worked, we suggest you contact Skype’s support team. They can provide you with a more detailed guide on how to get around your installation problem.

Do you know other ways to resolve a Skype installation that is stuck on a loop? We are dying to know as well! Share it with us below.

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