3 Hidden Features Found in the Next Windows 10/11 Version

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Recently, Microsoft released the Windows 10/11 Insider Preview 20H1 Build 18912 for Fast Rings Users. Unlike other releases, this release is more special as it comes with three hidden features that will still be in the next build.

According to reports, the three hidden features found in the next Windows 10 version aim to give users total control of the amount of bandwidth used to download Windows updates, add a quick compose Calendar feature, and better the notification settings.

3 Windows 10/11 Hidden Features, Unveiled

Below, we’ll discuss more about the three hidden features of Windows 10/11.

1. Set the Amount of Bandwidth Used When Downloading Windows Updates.

In the new Windows 10/11 update, users can configure how much bandwidth will be allocated to download Windows updates. Here’s how to set the bandwidth for Windows updates:

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  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Navigate to the Update & Security.
  3. Click Advanced Settings.
  4. From here, you can adjust the bandwidth settings.

2. Quick Compose Appointments in the Calendar App.

Another new yet hidden feature that is available in the latest Windows 10/11 build is the Quick Compose for the Calendar app.

To use this feature, simply click on the date and time in the taskbar. The Calendar app will automatically open with a new section that lets you create calendar appointments in an instant. Click on the date, set the time, and add a description of the appointment, and click Save. Voila! You have set an appointment.

3. Notification Settings Are Improved.

The last hidden feature that is present in this build are better and improved settings that allow Windows 10/11 users to tweak or modify how notifications are displayed.

To access these notification settings, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Navigate to Notifications & Actions.
  3. Here, you can tick all the options you want to apply. You can also toggle on the switches if you want to receive notifications from apps and other programs.

How to Enable These Three Hidden Windows 10/11 Features

Rafael Rivera, a Twitter user, said that these hidden features can be enabled by running a third-party program and using the following feature IDs:

  • Bandwidth Settings – 21425853
  • Quick Compose on the Calendar App – 21088047
  • Notification Settings – 19654704

After taking note of these feature IDs, use the Mach2 program. It’s a third-party tool for Windows 10/11 users, which is widely used to enable and disable hidden Windows 10/11 features. You can download here.

Use the command mach2 enable [feature_ID]. For example, input this command:
mach2 enable 21088047

Other Windows 10/11 Changes

Aside from these three hidden features, the latest Windows 10/11 build comes with tons of new changes. Here are a few more that others don’t know of:

1. Screen Mirroring Feature for Android Users

It was in October 2018 that Microsoft promised about having a mirroring feature in Windows 10/11. Finally, it has been realized. Through the Your Phone app, you can wirelessly mirror the screen of your Android phone to your PC.

2. App Updates

Certain apps included in Windows 10/11 computers have been updated as well. This includes the Snip & Sketch app. Although its primary use is to take screenshots, it has been upgraded with a functionality for adding borders and printing them.

3. Consistent Display Brightness

The brightness of your display will not change automatically as soon as you plug it into a charger. In the previous Windows 10 versions, even if you have lowered your screen’s brightness, it will become brighter once you plug it in. Now, your preferred brightness will remain, even when you plug your computer to a power source.

4. Microsoft To-Do and Cortana

Cortana now lists your tasks and reminders in Microsoft To-Do. This means if you tell Cortana to list down eggs in your grocery list, eggs will automatically appear on the Grocery list on your Microsoft To-Do app.

5. Disk Cleanup Warning

When you click the Downloads option, the Disk Cleanup tool will display a warning. It will tell you that it is your personal folder and all the files you have in there will be removed.

6. Windows Update Reboot

After installing an update, your PC will immediately reboot rather than wait for your most convenient time. While it’s an optional setting that you may enable anytime you want, Microsoft has enabled it by default.

7. Download Folder Sorting

All the files on your Downloads folder will be sorted according to the most recent ones by default. This means all the recently downloaded files and folders stay on top. This option has always been there, but it was not the default.

8. Clipboard History Redesign

In the October 2018 Update, the Clipboard History viewer has had its design revamped. Now, it has become even better with a more compact design. To open the Clipboard History Viewer, use the Windows + V shortcut.

9. More Reliable Start Menu

Thanks to the latest Windows 10/11 update, the Start menu has become more reliable. In the past, this menu was only a part of the ShellExperienceHost.exe process. But now, it has its own. With this change, even if a problem occurs with the ShellExperienceHost.exe process, the Start menu will stay responsive.

10. Font Management

Font Management has also been updated with the latest Windows 10/11 build. To install new fonts, users simply have to drag-and-drop font files into the Fonts folder.

11. Streamlined PIN Reset Process

If you sign into Windows 10/11 with a PIN, click the I Forgot My Pin option and a streamlined, straightforward interface for resetting PIN codes will pop up on your screen.

12. File Names That Begin with Dots

Windows Explorer will now be able to read and support file names that begin with dots.

13. Reset This PC Redesign

The interface for resetting your PC has been redesigned a bit. Now, you only have to click on a few things to revert to your original PC settings.

14. Insider Settings Redesign

The Windows Insider settings have been simplified. However, the same options still remain.

15. My People

Microsoft might kill the Windows 10/11 My People feature. But confirmation is yet to be released. It is still there in the latest build, but it might not make it to the next releases.

Brace for the Changes

Big changes have definitely arrived for Windows 10/11. However, at the end of the day, you still have the power whether or not to install the updates. If you don’t want any of the changes, don’t get the update. That’s perfectly fine. You can wait until a more stable version is released.

While waiting, we suggest that you download and install a trusted PC repair tool like Outbyte PC Repair. With this tool on your computer, you can get your computer running fast and smooth in just a few clicks.

What do you think about these Windows 10/11 changes and hidden features? Share your thoughts in the comments! Also, don’t forget to keep checking for more latest tech information.

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