2080/i7-8700k Rig: Components, Issues, and Probable Solutions

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Buying a gaming rig used to be such an easy thing to do. But now, it’s the other way around. With so many options to choose from and with CPUs having more cores and better performance than before, it’s quite a challenge to choose the best gaming rig. This is especially true because most games today favor graphics firepower than CPU oomph.

All that said, there are still certain rigs that stand out due to their price, performance, and other nifty extras. One is the 2080/i7-8700k rig. Let us break down what this rig has to offer.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080

The GeForce RTX 2080 is a desktop GPU. Compared with other GPUs, it is obviously way ahead as it delivers a truly unique real-time experience for gamers. All this thanks to the advanced technologies embedded in the chips, which are designed for cutting-edge, hyper-realistic effects.

This GPU features a next generation 8-phase power supply for maximum overclocking. It also has 13 blade fans that are coupled with a new vapor chamber to ensure a super-cool and ultra-quiet performance.

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Intel Core i7-8700k Processor

The Intel Core i7-8700k processor has six cores, with each core operating within the 3.7 to 4.7 GHz range. With such cores, editing digital content, running heavy tasks, and streaming live gameplay are made possible.

If you need to boost your processor’s performance, you can overclock the cores and let them work above their maximum frequency.

What makes this processor extra special is that it is built on Coffee Lake architecture and is supported with 12 MB of cache memory. It is also compatible with motherboards that have an Intel Z370 chipset and LGA 1151 socket.

With all these technologies, the Intel Core i7-8700k processor can provide 16 PCIe 3.0 lanes for graphics cards, NVMe storage drives, and some high-performance parts.

2080/i7-8700k Rig Problems

Despite the great specs, some users complained that the 2080/i7-8700k rig keeps crashing in games. One specific user said his new computer kept crashing whenever he played games, particularly R6 Siege and PUBG.

While playing a match of R6 Siege, the user’s GPU reached a temperature around 66 degrees Celsius and 71 degrees Celsius on the CPU. In the middle of the match, the computer suddenly restarted.

The first time the computer crashed, a blue screen with the error message “VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR” appeared. In the succeeding crashes, the computer hung for a couple of minutes and then restarted on its own.

Another user reported that he just upgraded to the new 2080/i7-8700k rig. However, while playing games, he experienced a couple of PC restarts. He tried to change his extension cable, which temporarily stopped the issue for a few days.

Then, the i7-8700k games crashing issue came back, which later on triggered his computer to completely restart every now and then. He thought it was the GPU that was making his games (PUBG and Rise of the Tomb Raider) crash, so he decided to upgrade to an ASUS Strix 1080 Ti GPU. He even made sure the power supply unit and the temperature of the GPU were in good shape. Unfortunately, the problem still persisted.

Possible Fixes to 2080/i7-8700k Rig Crashing Problems

If you have experienced any 2080/i7-8700k rig crashing issues while in-game, we have some possible fixes. Read on below:

  1. There could be something wrong with the software.

Perhaps a virus or a malware is causing problems with your gaming setup. You can easily rule out the problem by downloading tools like Outbyte PC Repair.

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  1. Check the compatibility of the motherboard.

If the first solution did not work, the problem might be with the motherboard. If the motherboard is loaded with a 3000 frequency or anything beyond that, it is likely to crash.

  1. Check the GPU.

Even if the temperature of the GPU looks fine, it is still worth checking. Computers usually reboot once they overheat. Check if everything is properly connected and if the power supply has sufficient power for all the components.


The components of the 2080/i7-8700k rig are still new, so problems are to be expected. However, for sure, the developers and manufacturers of these components are working to fix the issues. In the meantime, we just have to be patient and wait for future announcements or news about possible solutions.

Better yet, install Outbyte PC Repair first. Although it won’t directly fix your rig crashing problems, this tool can actually speed up your computer to enhance your gaming experience. It’s definitely worth trying.

Have you also experienced any problems with your 2080/i7-8700k rig? Or do you have solutions to the problems we listed above? Feel free to share them with us by leaving comments below!

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