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A VPN, short for Virtual Private Network, is a tool that allows users to surf the internet anonymously with more capabilities and greater control over the network. Used the right way, a VPN can go a long way in making your user experience on the web one of a kind. But if you don’t know how to maximize the use of your VPN, it can slow down your connection, and also leak bits of your private information, which can then be traced back to you.

The information in this article will make it easier for you to enjoy the benefits of a VPN, while avoiding some of the pitfalls that come with using the service. But before you apply any of the pro tips that we recommend, it is important that you realize that a VPN service can only do as much and personal safety and security is more of a practice than a service. In other words, safety and security on the web starts with you.

Why Should You Use VPN?

The principal reason why people use a VPN connection is to surf the internet anonymously, but there are many more reasons why people subscribe to VPN services. Knowing these reasons will help you in maximizing your VPN.

1. To Access Geographically Restricted Content

Some web content, especially video content, is only available to viewers from specific geographical regions. With a VPN app, you can get access to this content by having an IP address that is similar to the regional ones.

2. Improve Your Online Shopping Experience

With a VPN connection, you can take advantage of regional discounts and shop online without raising suspicion from your credit card provider.

3. Bypass Government Censors

If you are a resident of a country, such as China, Sudan, or North Korea, where governments put restrictions on the type of web content that you can get your hands on, you can bypass these restrictions with the help of a VPN.

4. Download Content from Torrent Sites

Pirating sites, such as The Pirate Bay, are closely monitored by government’s agencies such as the FBI and the Motions Picture Association of America (MPAA). Being caught downloading or sharing copyrighted material on these sites can land you in jail or result in hefty fines. A VPN will help you avoid detection by hiding your IP address.

5. Access Restricted Sites

Some sites are restricted by governments for some reason or other. To access them, you will either have to use a browser like Tor or rely on a highly rated VPN app, such as Outbyte VPN.

Tips on How to Maximize the Use of Your VPN

1. Install VPN on All Your Devices

If you are like most people, you likely access the internet through multiple devices. These other devices, whether your laptop, phone, or TV, still send private information over the network you are using and anyone can use that information to track you down.

By extending your VPN service to cover these other ports of entry, you will have added an extra layer of protection to your private information. Most pro VPN apps, such as Outbyte VPN allow simultaneous connections of up to five devices. You should make the most of this possibility.

2. Confirm Server Location

The benefits of a VPN are more often than not tied to the server location assigned to you. If your VPN service assigns you an IP address from Western Europe or North America, this will enable you to get access to more geographically restricted content. Thus, when choosing an IP address, make sure that it’s from one of these premium locations. That way, you get to enjoy more benefits.

3. Use a dedicated Private IP address

Some VPN service providers will offer you a dedicated private IP address that will only be available to you. This will add an extra layer of security to your online presence because no one else will share this IP address with you.

4. Turn Kill Switch and Firewall on

Your VPN connection might stop working without a warning, and this might expose your private information. A kill switch will prevent this from happening by automatically disconnecting from the network every time the VPN app has problems. To enable the kill switch option, go to the settings section of your VPN app.

5. Check Your Connection for an IP Address and a DNS leak

Using a VPN does not automatically mean that your connection is entirely anonymous. Bits of your private information can still leak, and the way to check whether this is happening is to use specialized websites that will tell whether your connection is fully anonymous.

After confirming that there is no information leakage, you can then go on with your regular online activities.

6. Use a Nearby Server

A common complaint from VPN users is that the app slows down the internet. Not all VPN will slow down your internet connection and the ones that do, probably use servers that have longer reaction times. If a server is located far away from the user, this can also negatively impact on the speed of your internet connection. Thus, when it comes to choosing a server location, try choosing one that is regionally located.

Hopefully, these tips on how to maximize the use of your VPN will help make your online interactions more secure and fully anonymous. They will also help you realize the increased benefits of using a VPN.

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