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Developing applications requires more than the idea you are trying to implement into a project. The fundamentals of building a general strategy are important as it’s like a framework for your vision. Apart from the idea, strategy and basic design, the field of developing mobile applications has other dimensions.

Today, full-cycle mobile development services are pretty much commonplace because of the abundance of people using cell phones. One of the key aspects of this field is finding the best way in which you can go about bringing the project to life, focusing on the right target audience. Many paths exist and any of them can get you to the desired result. Also figuring out the best methodology is a complex but the most important part according to Weelorum. It also requires proper research. Let’s check which methodology you can apply for your development solution.

Best methodology you can use nowadays

As stated above there are many ways to go about your mobile development services process. That said, they tend to work best depending on what it is you are developing. The following are just a few of the mainly used paths to a working mobile app:


This method predates today’s model in which the reception from users determines how the project will be carried out. This way of operating set the groundwork for others in that it put together all stages required. If a style is operated under the waterfall methodology, every phase will happen in sequence and will have to be completed entirely.

This is done so that no loose ends are left as you move on to the next phase. Though it allows you to properly check your work, it is usually pretty definitive. This means that every step that you complete is irreversible, hence the need for you to pay close attention at all times.

Evolutionary design

This is the modern version of the waterfall methodology that allows for changes to be made during the development process. The best way for you to look at it is as a test build before the actual process begins.

In doing this, you can understand the functionality of your application as well as all its flaws. When these issues come to light, you can address each one to ensure that the launch goes off without a hitch. Client ratings are also an aspect of this that makes this version that much more useful. Though this heavily reduces the risk factor that its predecessor has, you may l sacrifice time as a result.


This methodology also takes after the waterfall version, but it is far more complex. This complexity is warranted because it is mainly used for applications that are riskier than others.

Using another risk assessment component called iteration, the basic framework is likely to alter based on the requirements of the app. In fact, the typical number of stages the waterfall method goes by is definitely going to change just on risk-factor alone.


This methodology is used as a way to efficiently keep track of all aspects of development. This is the case mainly for larger projects that have to deal with the creation of high-grade software. It also makes use of iterations, which are utilized for their ability to erase human error.

It works on the grouping of certain tasks with each given to assigned experts. This creates a collaborative atmosphere in which work can not only move easier but changes can be responded to as well. Interestingly enough, this method has several versions of itself under a parent umbrella. The following are said versions:

  • Kanban — this particular base is used for the development of app5 and the improvement of its systems; it can achieve this through a streamlined manufacturing framework to help with software development.
  • Scrum — this mainly takes a look at the nitty-gritty aspects of the entire process, these include general software development and research; it’s quite effective and this is due to the great culture of teamwork that is encouraged. Along with this teamwork are qualities such as responsibility and iteration.
  • FDD — also known as feature-driven development, this methodology mostly takes after the evolutionary design path; this is because it focuses on features that can be added at whatever point of development. It, too, makes use of iterations and the relatively lightweight framework makes things more efficient (that said, it does need a true expert to work on it, especially in the design and planning phases).
  • Crystal Method — this method is also known for being streamlined as well as flexible; such methods tend to employ the use of talented people and have them solve the problems (note: the groups formed are assigned specific tasks based on the criteria given).

Lean Startup

Businesses just getting off the ground need services specific to them and that is where this method comes in. To such clients, it brings forward more pragmatic solutions and it is this perspective and philosophy that make it quite popular. This path also makes for easier integration because it uses a model that requires a minimum viable product to get it in. As such it is probably the sole methodology that allows you to not only build your app, but monitor, record, and learn from it. It also helps that it’s affordable.

Final thoughts

One would hope that the above had shown just how complicated the titular question is to answer. It is even fair to go as far as saying that none of the above methodologies are superior to the other. That is because each of them works in its own unique way. This means that they are almost built to match specific application types.

When you throw in other factors such as scale and cost of the operation, the entire thing seems to broaden. In short, there is no “best” path to go down on your mobile development journey. Any of the above will work properly, you just have to find what is right for you and your business.

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