What programming software would you use for a drone?

What programming software would you use for a drone?
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With the ever-changing drone technology that fits the different needs of various industries, it also improves its maneuverability to provide enhanced convenience to its users. The advanced drone technology is now known for its autonomous fly mode, besides the usual remote-controlled one.

This innovative function is possible with the help of drone programming. It is one of the essential processes of setting up a drone, where it integrates a program software that will allow the drone to fly autonomously. It also gives the drone self-awareness and situational awareness during its flight operation. Hence, the drone can execute its work without needing user intervention.

This article explains one of the most necessary processes to make the drone work — drone programming. Learn about it, and some of the known program software needed to make it work.

What would you сhoose?

Programming drones make them function on a different level. But are all drones good for programming? Unfortunately, no.

When considering programming software for a drone, it is advisable to invest in customizable drones that allow the user to build an application through its programming language.

Another thing to consider in drone programming is understanding the programming languages rightly. And to understand programming language, learning about low-level and high-level programming is essential. For that, here is a quick definition of it.

Low-level Programming 

Low-level programming focuses on the firmware that allows the drone to run. The firmware is the one that coordinates with the drone’s hardware, like the motors and propellers making it function accordingly. The firmware allows the drone to operate according to its various connected components.

For instance, the ability to know the amount of power needed to deliver to the drone motors and propellers begins with how the firmware asserts following the user’s control or analyzing the inertial measurement unit.

Low-level programming deals with C and C++ programming languages. Learning about it is necessary since this is where low-level programming usually starts.

Understanding low-level programming is not easy since it needs proper comprehension of its functioning. However, getting deeper into it can benefit users in different programming aspects of its firmware and hardware.

High-Level Programming

High-level programming is more about working with different software applications for the drone. The programming allows the integration of software applications significant to the drone’s operation. It is where the drone software developer can incorporate the drone with applications that can command and control it.

Various programming software comes in this type of programming language, where developers can make different functions — for instance, commanding it to fly at a specific altitude or sending a piece of information for passing in a particular area guided by GPS. Another one is to set the drone to follow GPS according to the movement the user commands through the application.

High-level programming is known to be more manageable than low-level programming.

High-level programming is known to be more manageable than low-level programming. Some of the application code languages that are applicable here are Python and Java. For beginners and basic programmers, Python is the most recommendable choice.

Understanding the Drone Programming Software

After grasping the basic information about drone programming, it is time to learn the software solutions that allow programming the drone.

Most programmable drones have built-in firmware. It makes it an equipped drone that is suitable for low-level programming. On the other hand, these drones usually use a software development kit (SDK) as part of their package for high-level programming. It is the software solution needed for drone programming.

The Software Development Kit (SDK) is a software solution that helps drone developers create software applications in a standardized process. It has comprehensive software-building tools for a specific platform, like drone technology. It usually goes with building blocks, debuggers, and sometimes the framework and set of code libraries for the drone’s operating system.

Having SDK with programmable drones is more convenient since it can create drone applications without using the programmable language. Hence, finding an SDK with basic requirements to develop a drone app smoothly is recommended.

Building an application for a drone, like the drone-controlling app, requires enough knowledge it high-level programming. With a good drone SDK, this process can be achievable. So here are some of the few drone SDKs that can help with programming software apps.


It is known as the best platform for setting up drone control software. The good thing about DroneKit is that it is an open-source platform that is free to use for any existing purpose. It also supports the Android platform in developing the application. In addition, DroneKit is easy to use and supports additional sensors and actuators. Some of its features highlight drone control, which is essential for autonomous flight. It also supports live telemetry and intelligent path planning.


It has a set of libraries for various programming languages to interface with the MAVLink systems – known for its communication protocol for UAV systems and components. The MAVSDK helps set up communications between the ground stations, the UAV, and the incorporated computers for flight operation. Hence, it ensures safe operations and supports third-party customization.


This DJI SDK is suitable for creating drone control software apps. It is more flexible since it applies to Android or iOS platforms. Some of its commendable features include setting the drone for obstacle avoidance, control in flight level, recording of live footage, mission control, and more.

Get To Know Drone Programming

Different field industries have already adopted the use of drone technology. Hobbyists also see this innovative technology as a trend to a much more accessible way to glimpse from above. This advanced tool has so much to offer that it goes beyond various business and personal uses.

So, for anyone seeking to start their first drone experience, questions on where to begin are inevitable. Knowing vital information, like getting to know the drones that fit their needs or how to set them up, is essential.


Digging more into drone programming is essential to make it function according to your need. Developing drone apps starts with enough knowledge of how drone programming software works. And most important, getting a programmable drone will make your drone experience go beyond like a pro.

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