Top 5 Telemedicine Software in 2024

Telemedicine Software
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Are you looking for great telemedicine software with the latest and most intuitive features? Well, look no further. This article will delve into evaluating top-of-the-class telemedicine software that gives you all the services you need. In essence, excellent telemedicine software should have the capability to operate remotely. This gives both the patient and the doctor an online platform through which they can interact.

Typically, telemedicine software uses video technology coupled with teleconferencing capabilities to allow the doctor and the patient to interact. In most cases where the medical specialist and the patient are in locations that cannot be easily accessed, telemedicine software becomes a critical addition to your tools. Do you need to acquire telemedicine software? Visit or do a quick online search on how to purchase one. The following is a list of the telemedicine software you should get for your health institution.

1. Mend

According to the developers of Mend, this software is the easiest telemedicine suite. Essentially, Mend is a telemedicine software suite with multiple features aimed explicitly at developing the efficiency and profitability of any health institution. Typically, Mend intends to cut down on the number of missed appointments and thereby increase service delivery. Essentially, the software achieves this by integrating the following features.

  • Short messaging service notifications that serve as reminders for appointments
  • Online appointment request forms
  • Self-scheduling features that a patient can access from an online platform

Now, if your company has been suffering from no-shows regarding patient appointments, these features will reduce the same occurrence to single-digit percentiles. In addition to offering the above features, Mend also comes with both video and voice calling features. In essence, though the call features are an obvious addition, they come with particular tweaks that automate the whole process.

In addition, they help the suite users improve their productivity and workflows by cutting down on the number of screens and tools required for each use. When it comes to online forms, you might not find simpler options. You can simply drag and drop to fill the form. This reduces the need for manual entry.

Do you need to evaluate the performance of your clinic? You can use the various survey options offered by Mend. These surveys are designed to collect data and can find problems that your clients might be experiencing while accessing your services. This consequently ensures that your clinic is saved and the likelihood of negative reviews is reduced.

Finally, Mend can easily integrate with tools such as HER and PM software platforms.


Mend software is available as starter packages that cost between $69 and $99 per month. For enterprise-level versions, you will have to part with about $299 per month.

2. ContinuousCare

ContinuousCare is another telemedicine software platform that offers a complete healthcare platform with the following features.

  • Android mobile applications
  • Branded and custom iOS mobile application
  • Telemedicine
  • Remote care and scheduling for patients with chronic conditions
  • Short messaging service consultations
  • Branded patient portal
  • Practice management
  • A website with customizable domain names
  • Email connection
  • Mobile push notifications and
  • Online processed payments

ContinuousCare is excellent for hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers. In addition, if you are a startup specializing in Telemedicine, home care, or chronic care management, then this software is a great option for you. You can get the software as a cloud-based service – Software as a Service(SaaS) – or on your mobile device – android, iPhone, and iPad. The software comes with great support through chat applications, mobile phone support, and an email help desk. In addition, you can learn to use the software from its robust documentation or get trained online.


Pricing for ContinuousCare starts at $7.00, payable monthly for each feature you need to use. The suite does not have a free version but offers a free trial.

3. is a telemedicine software solution created for healthcare experts. Essentially, helps both small-sized and large-sized clinics communicate with their clients through chats. The chats are enabled through real-time and live functionality. Other features of the solution include:

  • Ability to track patient queues
  • Personalized waiting rooms
  • Live updates
  • Client and health care provider meeting history provided on a single dashboard
  • Personalized domains for the operators
  • Access for team members using role-based authentication
  • Sharing of room access with colleagues and other workers for streamlines processes
  • SaaS Web-based deployment. is excellent in support and training. Typically, the software offers email support through a help desk, phone support, frequently asked questions (FAQ) forums, and through its giant knowledge base. Regarding training, you can get trained through videos, In-person training, online training, documentation, and webinars.


Since the solution is a SaaS, the pricing starts at $35 per month for each feature you want to integrate. However, there is a free version of that comes with minimal features. In addition, for the premium software, you can get a free trial.

4. AdvancedMD

This is another telemedicine software solution designed for:

  • Mental health treatment
  • Patient physical therapy
  • Medical care
  • Healthcare management for both individuals and organizational practices

The main features of this product are:

  • Maintenance of electronic health records
  • Practice management
  • Billing capabilities
  • Tools to engage with patients
  • Telemedicine
  • Reputation guarding and management
  • Patient performance charts
  • Business intelligence
  • Financial and business analytics

With AdvancedMD, all your workflows are integrated. This automates the patient administration services, which streamlines service delivery to ensure that patient experience is prioritized. Patients can self-schedule their appointments, and reminders get sent via email and SMS. For portability and convenience, the software is available on iOS and Android devices.


AdvancedMD comes as a stand-alone software with pricing starting at $429 paid monthly. If you need a fully integrated AdvancedMD software version, you will have to part with more than $729 each month.

5. Chiron Health

Chiron Health is an excellent telemedicine suite for independent physician organizations that accept commercial insurance. In addition, the software provides easy integration for PM and EMR systems. In a nutshell, with Chiron Health, you get high-quality technology that improves your client’s experience.

The features of the software are:

  • Scheduling of practices
  • Scheduling of video visits
  • Syncing of patient details with Chiron Health
  • Patient notifications
  • Co-pay collection
  • Customized clinical protocols
  • Patient marketing
  • Streamlined patient workflow

In addition to the features, you get a variety of training options to select from. You also get support through email, the FAQ forum, and phone support.


Pricing for Chiron starts at $150 per month per feature.


With the increasing need for better patient handling and management practices, telemedicine software becomes an essential need. The above is a list of the best software to get you started.

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