The Two Sides of Using Internet by a Student

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The Internet is one of the most valuable tools we have today. Our society depends on it and uses it for almost everything. But all things have pros and cons and so does the Internet. It is important to know both faces, especially when it comes to students, who are more vulnerable to suffer from its disadvantages by misusing it. Education and information can be a great method to be safe. So, in this article, we give you all the information you need regarding the pros and cons of the Internet.

The Pros and Cons of the Internet

In the last decade, the Internet became the best sample of the perfect studying tool for students. Up to the point in which young people spend the majority of their time online. Now, let’s go to the center of the matter: what are the pros and cons of the Internet? We tell you about them here.


  1. It is the biggest library in the world. The Internet has all the information that we need to know. On the Internet, there is a copy of every book, painting, music piece, and anything created by mankind. There are millions (literally millions) of websites focused on every possible topic there is. All this at the reach of your computer. What better source of information can a student ask for?
  2. Communication is limitless. The Internet has made possible something that three decades ago was considered only in dreams: to be connected with the entire world at the same time. Right now, you can go online and find out what is happening in Australia or have a conversation with someone who is in Latin America. You can easily make personal and professional connections from your home. It is the World Wide Web that connects us all.
  3. It is a great subject to study. The Internet has changed our world in many different ways, so it represents a very interesting topic for research. If you are interested in doing essays about Internet but you aren’t too sure about where to start, you can look for writing services that can help by doing the essay for you or offering a free example to give you a starting point. There is a lot to say about the Internet and its influence on our society.
  4. It is a source of endless entertainment: movies, books, TV shows, video games, documentaries, etc… Any source of entertainment is on the Internet. It is almost impossible to get bored if you have a computer with an internet connection at your disposal.
  5. It is the best marketplace. It is not necessary to go to a mall to buy the things you need because, on the Internet, all the stores and markets have the perfect platform. You could buy virtually anything you need and have it delivered to your house with just a few clicks. This has great potential to make our lives easier! Imagine how useful this is to a college student who needs to make the best of their time studying.
  6. It is a platform for many services. Not just stores have a place on the Internet. In it, you can also find any service you need. Hiring writing services, such as, to help you with those essays about the Internet or any other topic, making bank payments, searching for services to fix things at home, making investments for the future, you can do any of those things without having to leave your house. This represents a lot of time saved.


  1. Anonymity can be dangerous. On the Internet, it’s too easy to be anonymous. Many find benefits from this by conducting illegal and questionable activities online. For example, the biggest market for illegal drugs is on the Internet. This represents a liability since students and young people that use the Internet are constantly exposed to it.
  2. It might compromise a user’s personal information. Every little piece of information you put on the Internet is traceable, from a simple Google search to your current location registered by your smartphone. That is why it is so important to be prudent regarding the info users put online and to be conscious that all that data can be potentially used by others.
  3. Children are the most vulnerable users. Ingenuity is one of the most lovable features of young people, but it can be risky when it comes to internet usage. There are many people with shady intentions that can trick a kid into giving information they shouldn’t be giving. It is important to teach young people about these risks and prepare them to recognize it.
  4. Surfing the internet can become an addiction. Internet addiction is an important issue, up to a point to be the protagonist in a lot of researches and essays about Internet. It is very common and consists in a fabricated dependency to Internet that users develop. Young people and students are most vulnerable to suffer from this addiction.

Overall, there are more benefits than disadvantages from the use of the Internet. Also, disadvantages can be controlled by teaching students about the risks of the Internet and the best ways to protect themselves from them. A good education about proper internet usage is the most effective way to make the best of it.

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