How to Track the Owner of a Gmail Address?

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Gmail is an excellent platform to send and receive emails. However. It becomes a headache when you start receiving emails from unknown email addresses. The worst thing is you get nothing more than an email address to track the owner of that account.

Today, we will share an excellent method to help you with this problem. After using our recommended solution, you no longer need to worry about tracking the owner of these emails. You can simply search the email address to find all the related details.

Here is the service that allows you to search for this information.

What is Reverse Email Lookup?

The email lookup service is used to find the information of an email address. You can use this service by entering the email address on a search bar and find the information accordingly. It is easier to use this service because it works like a search engine where you can search for any kind of information.

Generally, a reverse email lookup is offered by public information search engines. You can find dozens of platforms to use this service. However, only a few trusted platforms can do your search without sharing your information.

That is why we found the most popular service provider to access this tool.


Although CocoFinder’s website offers multiple services, the email lookup is one of the most popular tools available on this platform. It is one of the most trusted platforms with millions of returning users. The platform offers an advanced email lookup service that gives you complete information with a report.

This solution focuses on providing public information to every individual. Therefore, you can expect some reliable services by visiting its website. We recommend this platform because it is easier to use when compared to similar services.

Millions of people use CocoFinder because it does not require any registration. All the services can be accessed directly. Also, there are no subscription plans that save you a lot of time, effort, and money.

How to Use CocoFinder’s Email Lookup ServiceCocoFinder Email Lookup

You can easily track a Gmail address using CocoFinder’s email lookup services. If you are a beginner, follow this step-by-step guide to use it.

Step1: Visit CocoFinder’s Website

The first step is to visit CocoFinder’s website. You can Try Gmail Lookup on CocoFinder link or search it on google. Once you are on its website, you will find different options on its homepage.

Step2: Access Phone Lookup

The next step is to access the phone lookup service by clicking on the Phone Lookup button on its homepage. If you can’t find the button at the top of the page, scroll down and use it from the footer section of the website.

Step3: Enter Email Address

On the service page, enter the email address that you want to track. Verify the email address and hit the search button. The platform will start searching for the related data on its database. You can choose to extend the search to other databases if you are not satisfied with the data.

Step4: Use Phone Lookup Report

After completing the search, it will generate a phone lookup report for you. Here, you can find the complete information related to that Gmail account.

Here is everything that you can find on an email lookup report.

What is Included in An Email Lookup Report?

Most people run email lookup searches to find out who is behind a solicited email address. Therefore, email lookup reports focus on providing more information related to the person instead of the email address.

It includes:

Owner’s Identity

The first section of the report includes the identity of the owner such as full name, age, and gender. It helps you get an idea of the person who is trying to contact you. Additionally, some search results include the photos of the person, based on the availability of the information in the database.

Therefore, this section is enough to find out who is sending you emails from an unknown email address.

Email Aliases

This section shows the aliases that are often used by people to hide their identity. However, tracking a person with aliases is easier when you have their real identity. The main reason behind adding this information is to protect you from other emails with the same information.

Therefore, you can access this information from this section of the report.

Contact Details

If you want to contact that person other than their email address, refer to this section. Here you will find their phone numbers and home address to know where they live. The details are available only to protect yourself from the solicited emails. We recommend avoiding using it for illegal purposes.

Social Media Profiles

You can also check the social media profiles of the person with an email lookup report. It includes a link to all the social media accounts created using that email address. Therefore, you won’t need to find their accounts manually.

How Effective is CocoFinder’s Address Lookup Service?

CocoFinder has a large database of public information to help you find someone’s details. However, there are times when you may not find the data you are looking for. Therefore, the accuracy of this platform is around 96% that is much more than its alternatives.

The use of advanced tools makes it an effective platform to search for public information. Additionally, the tool has an option to extend the search query to other databases. Therefore, the chances are you will get the information that you need.

We recommend trying its services to find out more about how it works.

Final Words

The main part of tracking the details of a Gmail account is to use the right platform. We discussed how CocoFinder allows you to find out the person sending you emails from unknown addresses. Many other solutions provide similar services.

We recommend checking out the security measures of a platform before using it. CocoFinder works without creating an account to protect your data from marketers and scammers.

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