How to Send and Receive Fax Online for Free


Fax is an old way of sending and receiving fax and use of fax machines and papers is almost obsolete now. Fax is still used by some business organizations and government offices. Now to meet the needs of the modern world, fax has been upgraded.

You can send and receive faxes online like you send a Gmail. There are many ways to do this, many online faxing services and ways around old heavy fax machines are present. In this article you will learn about the different ways of sending and receiving the fax online without using a fax machine.

Window 7 has the built in feature you can use to send and receive the fax. With window 7 and online faxing services you can send and receive fax conveniently without the need of any additional hardware. Best option for you to consider is the online faxing services. Some of them provide the services free of cost for a limited period of time.

CocoFax-professional fax service for window 7 users:

To send and receive free fax online, CocoFax is arguably the most professional tool. If you are a window seven user. CocoFax is adored by millions of users belonging to every walk of life for exchanging the fax. Not only that it has another plus point that many international platforms encourage the use of CocoFax for sending and receiving the fax. Some of them are PC world, New York Times, iGeeksBlog, Top 10 Reviews, Life Hacker, Forbes, Android Authority and CNET.

Cocospy provides you the seven walled security while sending your secret documents miles away. Fax works on analog signals so to work with the digital world it needs the help of cocospy which can convert the analog into digital signals so that they could be read by the users.


How to send fax from CocoFax on window 7:

There are multiple ways to send and receive faxes while using CocoFax, from windows picture and fax viewer window 7 to the fax machine or to another computer. CocoFax is the web based solution and there is no need to download an extra application. You have to sign up and from the search engine you can log in to your account of CocoFax.

It is economical and ensures the end to end encryption of the documents. CocoFax works on the window 7 very well and you can use its email to fax feature too on window 7.

Windows 7 Fax

Send fax from CocoFax dashboard:

Step 1:

First thing is to create an account on the CocoFax official website. Here you will find the free trial for one month option on the top right corner. You can use the CocoFax services for free after selecting the fax number you will be provided by the CocoFax online. That is an easy way to get the fax number otherwise in old days a duplicate landline was required for a fax number.

Free Trial Choose Fax Number

After selecting the fax number, make sure to enter the personal information about yourself and the email address you want to use to send and receive the fax from.

Free Trial Account Info

Step 2:

After signing up the CocoFax dashboard will appear on the screen of your computer. On the dashboard there is an option of ‘new fax’ you can click on that to send a fax.

Step 3:

A new popup with different fields will open where you have to draft the fax.

To field:

This field is compulsory; here you have to enter the fax number of the recipient.

Subject field: It is not necessary to fill in if there is nothing you want to add.

Body: Here you can type the telephone number, short message for the recipient and any detail you want that person to know. It is not a compulsion to add all this.

Attachment: the document you want to fax stored in window 7 is attached here.

Step 4:

After attaching the document review the fax, if you are content click on the send button.

Send Fax Online with Cocofax

Once the fax is delivered successfully, you will get a notification on the CocoFax dashboard.

Receive fax via CocoFax dashboard:

For receiving the fax there is no need to keep the computer on. You will not miss any fax because window 7 was shut down. CocoFax will receive the fax, convert it into a digital file and store it in your inbox. You can read it whenever you want for the life of account.

Send fax via email by using CocoFax:

With this unique feature provided by CocoFax, you can send fax directly by using the email account. You can either open the Gmail account from the web browser or can use any application.

The process is nearly the same. You need an account on the CocoFax official site. So sign up and enter the email address you want to use to send and receive the fax from any forum.

Free Trial Account Info

After signing up open the Gmail account and if you want to send a fax click on the ‘compose new email’ option on the top left corner. A window will open with multiple fields to fill in.

To field:

In this field you enter the email address of the person you want to send the email but for sending the fax you have to enter the fax number of the person you are sending the fax to. So if the fax number is 123456 you will type

Subject and body fields are optional; you can type text in them if you want but can leave them empty if you want.

Attachment: If the documents you want to send are in soft copy you can select them from the folder of window 7 and attach them here.

After drafting the faxes take a look and if you are satisfied click on the send button.

Send Fax from Gmail with CocoFax

You will receive the confirmatory email in your email inbox instantly.

Send fax directly from window 7 by using fax and scan option:

You can send and receive the fax directly by using fax and scan built in options in the window. But for that you need a telephone line and a modem. By connecting the telephone line to a modem, you can go to the start option in the window and from there choose the scan and fax option.

After clicking on this option you will choose the new fax option and after that you will be required to fill in the different fields like before. In the ‘to’ field enter the fax number of the recipient and attach the document you want to fax, after that click on the send button.

For receiving the fax you have to make sure your computer is on because you will lose the fax sent to you at the moment your computer was off.


It is quite clear now that online faxing is possible without any fax machine and landline connection. The best way is to use an online fax service; CocoFax is most widely use service with the top notch features, making faxing fun and easy.

CocoFax Other Features

You can send fax from the window 7 without CocoFax but that will still require a landline connection and additional hardwires. Compare to that CocoFax is the hassle free option.

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