How to find out if someone is listening to your calls

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Our mobile devices serve the role of connection with the outer world, enabling us to keep in touch with the closest ones and use the Internet for personal, and educational purposes. Phones perform a wide range of different tasks and processes every day to make our life better and easier. It is impossible to imagine a modern person without a smartphone in the hand. Moreover, people nowadays have a frenetic pace of life and specific phone options make it easier to arrange routines and plan things wisely.

When we use any device, we leave a digital footprint in the network, which can say a lot about us. In general, our smartphone is a big storage of confidential information about us. This fact makes it very attractive for hackers or ordinary people with fraudulent intentions. Cybercrime cases have become a regular thing in the modern world and there is a wide range of different spying methods that hackers use to invade someone’s private space. The most popular of them is listening to phone calls of the target device. This way spies receive private information about someone and take advantage of it. They install the best-hidden spy apps for android and start spying on the target person. If a victim mentions credentials, passwords, confidential information about the address, passport data, or other important detail about their personal life, the hacker can use it f=or money laundering or blackmailing.

7 ways to detect if someone is listening to your phone conversations.

It all sounds terrible and makes us feel stressed out, but there is no time to worry because we can employ some effective methods to detect unusual activity on our mobile devices. So, let’s have a closer look at the most obvious warnings to find out if someone is listening to your calls.

Unusual noise from your mobile device.

You may hear weird sounds during phone conversations

Unknown icons on phone storage.

Hackers can listen to your phone conversation only if they install spy software on it. And this malicious program cannot go unnoticed, so you will notice the icon of the application that you don’t remember installing. In this case, it is crucially important to delete it from your device immediately.

Quick battery drainage.

If your phone starts to drain unusually fast, it can be a tell-tale sign of installed malicious software. In short, to function properly and perform all planned tasks it should reach the capacity of your phone battery.

The phone gets hot quickly.

Be sure that there is something wrong with your mobile device if it heats up without overusing it.

Disruptions and malfunction in mobile phone performance.
It won’t be hard to notice that your device cannot function properly without errors. The phone can turn on and turn off by itself and can be frozen on the screen. Notice these warnings and take all necessary measures to protect yourself.

High data usage.

A malicious software uses mobile data to send your confidential information to another server

Use a special antivirus application.

These apps were designed to detect unusual activity on mobile devices. So, if you install it, it will be clear it someone is listening to your phone conversations.


So, nowadays, everyone can become a victim of cybercrime, so it is crucially important to explore more about possible risks and know how to get rid of malicious software on your phone. This article was written to make all points clear about hackers listening to your calls. Now you are armed with the most effective ways to detect unusual activity on your mobile device. This information will help you find out more about the spying process and the ways to notice some obvious tell-tale signs of illegal actions. This way you will be ready to take all necessary steps to get rid of malware and secure your phone. So, heed all tips and stay safe and secure!

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