Better Oil Management Using Deli POS

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A good point of sale system is essential for any business growth, and petrol stations are not left out. If you own an oil business, you will need one. There are numerous deli POS systems out there that you can use. But the best one should possess features like report management, easy to use, etc.

However, deli POS improves your business in so many ways. This article will discuss how deli POS makes managing your oil business better.

Best Deli POS on the Market

  1. Revel POS System
  2. Loyverse
  3. Poster POS
  4. Rezku
  5. Upserve

How Does Deli POS Improve Oil Management?

Deli POS makes oil management better in several ways, and we will discuss them in this section.

1. Easy to use

If you own an oil business, you need a POS system that offers ease of use in the simple features. Your deli POS should have an interface that is easy to learn and understand. It will enable you to train new employees more quickly.

2. Automated Petroleum POS

According to WiseSmallBusiness, These days many customers want to have access to self-serve or automated features with their POS system. With the help of a good deli POS system, you can offer pay at the pump service with full tracking and receipt printing. Your customers can drive up to the pump, authorize payments, and then pump gas themselves and collect points or print receipts for the future. You can also track each pump’s payment and track inventory from each pump to help you know the total inventory of fuel remaining.

Pay at the pump options may include code activation and print outs for automated car washes and other services at your petrol station. And this is an all-inclusive service solution that can speed efficiency at the pump and give the customer the type of service they desire.

3. Mobile POS Services

A mobile gas station POS service that is somewhat portable with full inventory tracking can also benefit full-service petrol stations. If your service station offers attendants at the pumps or a large selection of interior inventory, having the option to move POS services throughout the store or into the parking lot area on a tablet or handheld device can improve your availability customer service.

4. Service Station POS with Inventory Tracking

Tracking multiple kinds of products and services for inventory tracking is very easy, with deli POS systems for service stations. It is very simple to gauge the amount of fuel you sold, find out when to reorder petrol or when it is time to restock shelves. Tracking your most purchased products and services will also improve inventory availability and the quality of the service you offer.

When your inventory is in a system, you can manage it by tracking the ones that require to be reordered, keeping an eye on strong/weak performing items, and ordering and receiving goods. A deli point of sale system may not do this work for you, but it will streamline the process and save you so much time when you work on the tasks.

Some features that can help specifically are the ability to set reorder points, auto-generate purchases, and support user permissions, so only those who should be making changes to inventory can make changes with intuitive software that integrates with many petrol management software via accounting software, API, and inventory management systems. You get a custom tailor service station pos system that meets all of your growing business demands and needs.

Since all of these customer service improvements and the ability to streamline your workflow processes, you should consider us for putting together your service station point of sale system.

  1. Reports

Once you start using a point of sales, there will be a lot of data that you can look at to analyze your business. Make sure that the reports that are available to you make that data easy to understand. Look for reports with varying levels of detail (daily vs. hourly vs. per order, for instance), and make sure that you can export the reports into a spreadsheet format.

Also, look for ways to manipulate reports to help you analyze, such as identifying your top-selling products in a certain date range. Even if you are successful, your business will grow faster and be more profitable if it has a deli point-of-sale system. With better technology, your business will stand out above competitors.

Your deli POS can provide you with a full set of reports to help you track your business’s performance. Here are a few reporting features you should look out for.

  • Dashboard: A dashboard provides you with an at-a-glance view of your store’s performance. It is an excellent feature to have because it gives you an immediate of your business’ performance without having to dig or hunt for the info.
  • Product reports: Your POS system must be able to report on all your stock data for you. Such reports should include the best and worst selling items, helping you make better merchandising and pricing decisions in the future.
  • Employee reporting: This enables you to know who your top-performing associates are, whether anyone needs to improve if you are setting the right sales targets, etc. If you have the right employee reporting tools, answering these questions would not be a problem.
  • Customer reports: Your retail management system will give you insights into your customers to help you know the best and decide how to engage them. You should look for customer reporting when shopping around for a POS or retail system.
  • Build your own: Ready-made reports are great, but sometimes you need to build your own. For instance, let’s say you want to see a hybrid of a product report and outlet (or location) report so you can drill down on the specific items that are being sold at your stores. You can only do this when you have a system that offers flexible reporting.

6. Accommodate Multiple Payment Methods

As you already know, there are several payment methods consumers can choose from. Besides cash, “debit card, credit card, ACH (automated clearing house), and check payments” are also commonly utilized among consumers and businesses. Good deli POS systems should accept all these and additional methods, including EBT and EMV chip cards and smartphones, to ensure every customer can make a purchase.

7. High-Speed Scanner and Card Processor

Relating to our first point, having high-speed, efficient features, including barcode scanners and card readers, improves the checkout process for your customers. And this, in turn, equates to less time waiting in line and better customer experience overall.

8. Room for Customization

Customizable POS systems make business operation management easier. This POS system has an app market merchants can use to expand their capabilities within the organization. For instance, an app, “Plan Selection” has clock-in, clock-out, and time-off scheduling tools, among other features.


Every oil and gas business needs a good POS system to function effectively. However, deli POS provides so many useful features needed to run this business type. These features include ease-of-use, CRM, inventory management, cloud-based, etc. In all, I hope you now know how to improve your oil business with deli POS.

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