What Is The Best Mac Laptop For You?

You’ve finally made the decision to buy the Mac unit of your dreams. You believe that owning a Mac laptop, one of the most sought-after devices on the market today is a good investment. There are testaments to prove these claims and you’ve heard over the last few years that Apple has been continuously improving their products and results indicate enviable perks, that folks from different walks of life find enjoyable and beneficial, so turning back will never be an option.

However, gone are the days when there are only two to three options to choose from. As of this writing, you have seven choices: MacBook Air, two variants of the 12-inch MacBook, and four variants of the MacBook Pro. All of these laptops offer unique sets of advantages and it can be a challenge to decide where you will put your investment.

Now, this is where this article comes in. We’ll give you our suggestions as to which MacBook is perfect for you, depending on what you are specifically looking for.

1. You Want The Most Affordable Option? Get The Cheapest MacBook Air.

The new MacBook Air is currently Apple’s most affordable laptop, coming at $999 (SRP). If you are looking for a light laptop, both in weight and budget, but still hoping for a premium experience, then the Air is the perfect fit for you.

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It may be the cheapest Mac unit but it does not downplay the impressive features up its sleeve. For one, it offers up to 10.5 hours of battery life, making it one of the most long-lasting ultra-portable notebooks today. It also comes with an SD card slot and full-sized USB ports. It has the traditional Mac keyboard, which you may find more comfortable to use than the new flat butterfly keyboard.

2. You Are Always On The Go? The 12-Inch MacBook Is The Lightest Choice Fit For You.

Slim, light, and eye-catching – these are the three adjectives that best describe the 12-inch MacBook. Internally though, it’s anything but small. At just two pounds, you’ll notice how light it is in your bag but you shouldn’t mistake it for being less capable. It gives up to 9.5 hours of battery life, making it better than every other ultraportable laptop in the same size category. It also sports the sharp and colorful Retina display, with a thinner bezel to boot. It also uses the faster Kaby Lake chip and the improved butterfly keyboard. This 12-inch MacBook running at Core m3 is priced at $1,299, while the Core i5-powered variant is priced at $1,599.

3. You Need More Speed But You Are On A Limited Budget? The MacBook Pro 13-Inch Without Touch Bar Hits All The Spots.

The 13-inch MacBook Pro without the Touch Bar is made for users who are hoping to handle their daily tasks with great ease but are practical. Apple has put a lot of high-tech features in this three-pound machine. The two variants are both powered by 7th generation Intel Core i5 processor. They also boast the latest Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640. With the same weight as the MacBook Air, you may want to consider getting one for the reason that it is a powerful device. The 128GB variant is priced at $1,299, while the 256GB option is at $1,499.

4. You Need A Machine To Keep Up With Gaming And Multi-Tasking? Purchasing A MacBook Pro 13-Inch With Touch Bar Solves Everything.

Okay, so what is this Touch Bar we’ve been talking about? For those who are not yet familiar with it, the Touch Bar is the latest and most auspicious update Apple has laid out for their MacBook Pros. It is a touch-based OLED bar that takes the place of the function keys. The function of the Touch Bar automatically changes based on what you’re currently doing on your Mac, showing you the most relevant tools and functions. It can be customized to show app-specific commands.

Getting the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar means faster and more convenient as you multi-task, the feature enables you to access the tools and commands most relevant to your work right within a light touch of your finger. Aside from the Touch Bar, you also get two additional Thunderbolt 3 ports and a higher level Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650. These additional features mean additional cost, though. You can get this variant for $1,799.

5. You Want The Best Among The Best? Indulge With The MacBook Pro 15-Inch.

The MacBook Pro 15-inch is the best option for power users especially if your work involves graphics and memory-heavy tasks. With 7th generation Core i7 processor, AMD Radeon Pro 560 graphics, and 16GB of RAM, you are in for a fast and smooth ride that others will find difficult to beat.

The 15-inch MacBook Pro also sports the sharpest Mac resolution yet at 2800 x 1800 pixels. The two variants, 256GB and 512GB, both have the huge Force Touch trackpad. Battery life is also a big plus, as it can last up to 11 hours on average use. MacBook Pro 15-inch 256GB and 512GB are priced at $2,399 and $2,799, respectively.

To maintain optimal performance on your new Mac laptop, you might consider system optimization tools. Outbyte macAries is an option that claims to help by removing unnecessary files, but make sure the tool is right for your needs.

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