Top Tips And Tricks For Your MacBook Pro

Got a newly bought MacBook Pro? If that is the case, then you already browsed through a lot of Mac-related literature and found out how amazing the machine is. However, just as you start using your Mac and thought you already are familiar with its features and functionalities, you discover that there are still more top tips and tricks for your Mac you need to know to make your experience a lot better. And we heard you so we won’t make this introduction longer. Without much ado, here is a list of top tips for MacBook Pro to help you make the most out of your device:

1. Extend Battery Life

Did your Mac die on you while you were in a video conference with your boss, playing music, or movie? Not a problem. You can easily pinpoint the primary culprit and enjoy better battery life.

You can use built-in features on your Mac to identify applications that may be draining your battery. Alternatively, Outbyte macAries is a third-party app that claims to help you remove unwanted applications. Make sure to assess whether the app fits your specific needs for battery optimization.

In addition, there are several energy-saving options you can quickly enable to extend your battery life to an hour or so.

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  1. Go to System Preferences.
  2. Select Energy Saver.
  3. Click the Battery tab.
  4. Check any of the options you prefer below:
    1. Put the hard disk(s) to sleep when possible.
    2. Slightly dim the display when using this power source.
    3. Automatically reduce brightness before display goes to sleep.

2. Talk to Your MacBook Pro

Because Siri is now integrated into your Mac, it will be easier to interact with her and ask her to perform a few commands such as switching the WiFi on and off, searching for certain files, and even checking the weather. Take note, though, Siri still has a lot to learn but she is continuously learning.

3. Sign PDFs Like a Pro!

Who signs documents with pen and ink these days? With your MacBook Pro, you can quickly sign a document without even printing it.

  1. Drag the document into Mail.
  2. Right-click the document and choose the markup option.
  3. You have the option to scan a signed piece of paper using the webcam or draw your signature on your trackpad.

4. Control Your Mom’s Mac

Is your mom always asking for your help with something on her Mac? Easy solution, use your Mac’s Screen Share feature to explain to her how a task should be done.

  1. Launch Spotlight.
  2. Type in Screen Sharing to open the app.
  3. Enter the Apple ID of the person you wish to connect with.
  4. Once the permission is verified and confirmed, you are all set.

5. Rename Files at Once

Are you planning on copying loads of files with strange names to your device? Well, you don’t really have to rename them one by one. Through the steps below, you can conveniently rename plenty of files at once.

  1. Highlight the files you want to copy by dragging a box over them or by pressing Command + A on your keyboard.
  2. Once they are highlighted, right-click one of the files.
  3. Select Rename (number of files) items.
  4. Name them accordingly.

6. Remember Passwords

Do you have a hard time remembering passwords? The good news is that your MacBook can do all the memory work. All you have to do is activate the iCloud Keychain to let your computer remember your logins and passwords for multiple websites. Don’t worry. Your details are secure.

7. Suggest Similar Words

We all have our fair share of experience when there is a certain word we want to type but cannot remember exactly what it is. Thanks to the power of Mac, you can generate a list of similar words instantly. If you think the characters you typed are close enough, simply hit Fn + F5. And then, a few suggestions will pop up.

8. Hide the Menu Bar

The menu bar is one powerful tool. Unfortunately, it sometimes consumes a huge chunk of screen space. So, if you want to use that space for other things, make your menu bar hide and show up when you hover over it.

  1. Go to System Preferences > General.
  2. Check Automatically hide and show the menu bar.

We understand that there are plenty of Mac tips out there that will make your experience even better. But, we are hoping these tricks we shared above helped, too!

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