MacBook Mouse And Trackpad Connectivity Issue And How To Fix It

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Did your Apple trackpad suddenly stop working after an external mouse, particularly a Mac magic mouse? Well, you’re not the only one who has to deal with this issue. Many other users also complain about this annoying problem. Some deduce it as a bug, while others assume it’s a hardware problem.

This problem can be a bit concerning especially if you focus on the thought that your Mac might be damaged in any way. Fortunately, for every Mac problem, there is often always a Mac solution. This problem is no exemption. In this article, we will walk you through the MacBook mouse and trackpad connectivity issue and show you how to fix it so that you can use both your external mouse and your Mac laptop’s built-in trackpad.

How to Fix the MacBook Mouse and Trackpad Connectivity Issue

This Mac Trackpad and mouse connectivity issue fix should work on any Mac laptop. Here are the steps:

  • Go to Apple Menu > System Preferences.
  • Click Accessibility.
  • Choose Mouse & Trackpad from sidebar options.
  • Make sure that the box beside “Ignore built-in trackpad when a mouse or wireless trackpad is present” is not checked.

If in the future you find it troublesome for both the Trackpad and mouse to work at the same time, do the same steps and check the box beside “Ignore built-in trackpad when a mouse or wireless trackpad is present.” You may want to disable the Trackpad to avoid unintentional changing and re-positioning of the cursor, which typically happens when you unintentionally rest a part of your palm or hands on the Trackpad.

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Trackpad and Mouse Still Not Working Together?

If you still cannot use your Trackpad along with your Magic Mouse despite disabling the ignore built-in trackpad feature, then the problem is probably not with your Mac’s settings. It might require you to do other troubleshooting measures. For instance, you might need to check the battery of your Magic Mouse or another wireless mouse. You should also check the USB port or cable if you are using a wired mouse. Try looking at the mouse’s optical lens and the tracking surface to see if objects are preventing smooth function and operation.

It’s also possible that your mouse and Trackpad are both working fine, but your Mac is being slowed down by insufficient storage and RAM, resulting in lags. To help make sure that the latter is the least of your problems, we suggest installing Outbyte macAries, an app specially designed to clean out junk files and allows you to quit problematic apps running in the background to free up space and RAM.

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