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If you are having issues related to Werfault.exe on your Windows 10/11 system, then you are at the right place. When it comes to computer programs, nothing stays perfect. So, you must always be prepared to fix this and that from time to time. But before we start addressing the issues related to our topic of discussion, let’s first understand what does Werfault.exe do as well as its functionality in the Windows 10/11 system.

Note that Werfault.exe is not a malicious program and it is an essential tool that your system needs to operate properly. However, just like any other Windows processes or programs, it is also not immune to errors. Therefore, you are bound to encounter issues related to Werfault.exe from time to time.

About Werfault.exe

Werfault.exe is a system process that is responsible for reporting Windows 10/11 errors. The program is called upon by many programs to record and report errors to the system. For example, if one of the processes in your system crashes, Werfault.exe is the one responsible for reporting the issue to Microsoft.

The tool is essential to both the user and developer as it can provide vital information concerning the error that occurred as well as the possible solution. The reported data can also be further used to better the functionality of a program or Windows system all-round.

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As mentioned above, no program is immune to issues. Even Werfault.exe which is designed to report error can also encounter issues as well. It’s possible to turn off the Windows Error Reporting functionality or manipulate its configurations. This can be an ideal option if the process is malfunctioning and causing problems to your system.

Common Errors Associated with Werfault.exe

Multiple errors may indicate a problem with Werfault.exe, and they include:

High CPU Usage – this is the most common and fatal issue concerned with Werfault.exe. When this error occurs, the problem will propel your CPU to run at a higher range for a lengthy period. As we all know, the CPU is your computer’s processor. Running it at a higher range may cause system instability. Moreover, it may cause damage to the computer’s processor. Since a faulty process may drastically increase CPU usage, you may also find it difficult to operate your PC with the processor failing to handle other programs. Therefore, once you start experiencing this issue, you must address it as soon as possible.

Files That Are Corrupted or Missing – this error causes the system to fail when attempting to locate Werfault.exe, leading to error messages. When files are missing, the system won’t be able to find Werfault.exe. Moreover, corrupted files or registry keys can also result in Werfault.exe errors. Registry keys or files can get corrupted during a system update or an attack from a malicious software infection.

Other Werfault.exe errors that you may encounter include:

  • Werfault.exe program error
  • Failure to find Werfault.exe
  • Issues launching the process
  • Werfault.exe failing to run
  • Program failed
  • Werfault.exe not found
  • A faulty Werfault.exe path
  • Error occurs and Werfault.exe needs to shut

If any of these issues occur on your PC, then, you need to address it immediately by following these simple solutions below.

How to Fix Werfault.exe on Windows 10/11?

You don’t need to be a tech guru to master these solutions. Even if you haven’t done any system troubleshooting before, all you need to do is focus and get your PC back to its healthy status. These solutions that we have compiled can eliminate Werfault.exe errors.

Note that other methods will require administrator permission. This is normal since Windows uses this feature to avoid unnecessary access to important system processes.

Launch a System File Checker (SFC)

Launch an integrated SFC scan to identify, as well as fix various system issues. If the issue occurring is related to missing or corrupt files and registry keys, then an SFC scan is a good start. You can launch this process by accessing Command Prompt > Run as Administrator (enter the password when prompted) > insert sfc/scannow into the command line, and hit enter. The process will then begin to scan and it may take a while to finish. Once done, the issues found and fixed will be displayed. Reboot your computer.

Launch the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool

Another way to try and sort out issues related to Werfault.exe is to run the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool. Although the solution is not the most reliable, a significant share of users has received positive results from the tool. To launch the tool, into the search bar, enter Windows Memory Diagnostic and hit Enter. Select the tool from the emerging results, and then select Restart now and check for problems (recommended). Your system will then restart immediately. Make sure all of your files and documents are saved before launching this program. Wait for the process to run and fix errors. When rebooting the system, you will witness the Memory Diagnostic tool at work, scanning your computer.

Conduct a Disk Cleanup Session

If you keep too much junk on your computer, chances are that you will end up encountering various system errors with Werfault.exe not exempted. This is due to the system failing to respond fast because there will be too much of junk files, resulting in Werfault.exe being timed out.

Tip: Not everything will be removed during the cleanup process. Therefore, it is recommended to get rid of the most recent temporary files on your system. To achieve a thorough cleaning result, it is advised to use a third-party trusted tool.

You can start this process by searching for Disk Clean-up into the taskbar’s search field. Click on the Disk Clean-up utility, then select the drive you wish to clean, and hit Enter. The scan will begin working and might take a couple of minutes to complete. It will then give you an option to choose the files you wish to delete under the section labelled Files to delete. From that list, we recommend deleting the likes of temporary internet files, error reports, feedback diagnostics, optimization files, driver packages, recycle bin, as well as thumbnails etc. Once done selecting, click OK and wait for the process to complete.

Scan the System for Malware

In most cases, when your PC encounters corrupt files, it may be due to an infection caused by malicious software. Thus, it is important to conduct a full system scan using a reputable tool such as Auslogics Anti-Malware security tool. An anti-malware tool can scan and look for the suspicious programs that might have tempered with Werfault.exe leading to system errors.

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