UPS.exe: What It Is, What It Does, and How to Delete It

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Deleting unknown processes can be dangerous because you don’t know whether you’re deleting a critical Windows system process or a process that can be safely removed. If you make the mistake of deleting a Windows process, this could lead to serious trouble.

One of the processes that you should not randomly delete is the UPS.exe file. It is a system file that is related to the UPS Service belonging to Microsoft’s Windows operating system or the PowerChute Plus. Removing this file can cause serious problems, not only for the operating system but for the programs associated with it.

However, it is possible that the UPS.exe file on your computer has been infected by malware, which causes errors for your computer. If this is the case, you need to get rid of it as soon as possible to contain the damage. But how do you determine whether the UPS.exe is malicious or not?

This guide will provide you with more information about the UPS.exe, what it does, what errors are associated with it, and how you can safely remove it if it is malicious.

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What is UPS.exe?

UPS.exe belongs to the Uninterruptible Power Supply service from Microsoft. It is usually used along with a connected UPS device. The service will provide the user with a user interface to get notifications and other information when a power problem happens. UPS.exe is a system process that is required for your PC to work properly, particularly in terms of power management. Therefore, it should not be removed at all times.

The UPS.exe file is usually located in the C:\Windows\System32 directory. UPS is loaded at startup when the PowerChute v5.02 – UPS Monitoring Module runs. This process is considered generally safe and will not pose any danger to your system.

Should UPS.exe be Removed?

UPS.exe is a system process that should not be stopped or removed from your computer. Otherwise, you’ll encounter errors and your PC will not work properly. If you’re getting an error related to the UPS.exe or it is not functioning correctly, you can perform some troubleshooting methods, but you should never delete it yourself.

However, UPS.exe file is one of the common files that is used to hide viruses, worms, ransomware, Trojans, or other types of malware. Is UPS.exe a virus? UPS.exe does not replicate itself and there have been no reports of the process injecting itself into another program. But UPS.exe has been associated with IRCBot worms and other Trojans before. If this is the case, you need to remove it from your computer as soon as you determine that it is indeed malware. You can use your anti-malware program to scan the entire system and get rid of the infection.

How to Remove UPS.exe?

If you think UPS.exe is malicious and you need to delete it from your system, the first thing you need to do is uninstall the program that is using it, which is the PowerChute plus. You can uninstall PowerChute plus software by navigating to Windows Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs (Windows XP) or by using Programs and Features for Windows 10/11/8/7 computers.

Once you have uninstalled the program, you can delete the malicious UPS.exe by navigating to its file location (right-click the process under Task Manager, then choose Open file location) and deleting the file in that folder. Don’t forget to delete all the other files related to it by using a PC cleaning software. If you don’t remove all the components, the malware will just keep coming back.

If you’re not sure what to do to remove malware from your computer, you can follow our simple malware removal guide below (insert malware removal guide here).

Common UPS.exe Errors and How to Fix Them

Not all UPS.exe errors are related to malware. Sometimes there’s just something wrong with the file. It could be corrupted or damaged by other factors, which prevents it from functioning properly.

Here are some of the common UPS.exe errors you might encounter on Windows:

  • UPS.exe not found.
  • Error starting program: UPS.exe.
  • UPS.exe is not running.
  • UPS.exe failed.
  • UPS.exe Application Error.
  • UPS.exe is not a valid Win32 application.
  • UPS.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

If you get any of the errors above, you can easily resolve it by running the System File Checker to repair or replace the damaged UPS.exe file. Just type in sfc\scannow in Command Prompt and it will automatically fix any system problems you are having. If the SFC tool did not work, you can try the DISM utility instead.

Another way to resolve UPS.exe errors is by restoring your system to the last known good configuration. Just choose a restore point and roll back your system to resolve the UPS.exe error you are experiencing.

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