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Whenever you come across a file with a .exe extension, it’s only natural to doubt its legitimacy since most of the suspicious programs come in executable form. The rule of thumb when it comes to surviving in the computer field is never to trust anything or drop your guard. So, you are not paranoid or too sensitive if what brought you here is a file named brtsvc.exe. It is a commendable thing to verify strange files before deleting or deciding to keep them in your system. That way, you stay ahead and keep your PC safe and secure all the time.

Without wasting time, let’s get straight to what you’re all here for; what is brtsvc.exe? This is a Trojan type of virus designed to mine cryptocurrency coins utilizing the victim’s system resources. The Trojan does all of this without acquiring the victim’s authorization. The mined coins include Bitcoin, Monero, DarkCoin, Ethereum, and many more.

What Does Brtsvc.exe Do?

Once this Trojan finds its way into your system, it starts mining for coins, utilizing over 70% of your CPU power as well as GPU resources. What happens is that when the intruders are mining for coins using your system resources, you will experience a significant drop in your computer performance. Games and other system operations become slow since the miners will be using most of the system’s power to generate revenue for themselves. With minors stressing your CPU and causing temperatures to stay extremely high for lengthy periods, it reduces the life span of your computer and may end up damaging some of the system’s components.

Apart from slowing down your system performance, keeping your computer’s performance at its peak consumes more electricity, leading to high expenses. Here are the symptoms related to a computer that has been infected with a brtsvc.exe Trojan virus:

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  • Extremely high usage of CPU and GPU
  • Higher CPU temperatures
  • Programs and games don’t start properly and run slow
  • A periodic crush of the system

Finding out your computer has been infected with brtsvc.exe Trojan is pretty easy. If you’re using a reputable security tool such as Auslogics Anti-Malware, determining this infection happens almost instantly. However, even if you don’t have a security tool, you are most likely going to know that something is not right once your system gets infected. This is because the mining of cryptocurrencies is an intensive resource-demanding process.

In most cases, the signs and symptoms are not enough to highlight the exact problem since the user may face similar issues, but for different reasons. Nevertheless, once the computer has been infected, the turbulence will be extreme because the process will consume all of the system power, leaving the victim with no choice but to seek help.

How Did Your System Get Brtsvc.exe?

There are several ways used by Trojans to infiltrate the victim’s computers. The most commonly used methods include freeware bundling and untrustworthy software updates. Spam emails are also used by perpetrators. If the user does not practice appropriate security measures when surfing the internet, they are bound to end up with Trojans such as brtsvc.exe. Using emails, the orchestrators attach malicious executable files programmed to run once they are clicked on or opened.

Those who are quick to open or click on anything that comes across their eyes, become easy targets to cybercriminals. So, if you don’t expect anything of importance, just stay away from unknown emails. However, if your curiosity gets the better of you, then you must first determine if the file is safe to open by researching more about the sender. Moreover, Trojans can also be spread via a suspicious website that offers “once in a lifetime” deals. To get the deal, the user is asked to download some sort of software that will apparently better their system performance or something along those lines. This will lead to the user downloading an infected file, hence getting their system compromised.

Should Brtsvc.Exe Be Removed?

Definitely, YES! The brtsvc.exe Trojan is not a friendly program that you want to have in your system. On top of your system power being used by someone else to generate revenue, you end up paying higher electricity bills. Once you determine this malicious program on your computer, you should act immediately and remove it without hesitation. The program needs to be eliminated before it causes your system to crash, inflicting permanent damage that may lead to more expense getting it fixed.

How to Remove Brtsvc.Exe?

The process of removing the program is straightforward. Start by downloading a trusted anti-malware tool. Install the program and follow the setup prompts. Once done, run the anti-malware program, then perform a full system scan if it didn’t start doing so automatically. Wait for the scan to complete, which may take several minutes depending on the areas that need to be checked. When done, the program will display results and give you an option to choose whether you want to keep the detected threats or get rid of them. At this moment, you want everything that is flagged gone to ensure nothing dangerous remains on your computer. Once you have completed the removal of the threats, restart your computer. Perform a second scan, this time, using a reputable antivirus tool. This will help uproot any pieces of brtsvc.exe Trojan.

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