What is Aswidsagenta.exe?

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Executable files contain critical instructions that help computers and applications work correctly. Unfortunately, these files may be corrupted by viruses. A file virus may infect executables by inserting a special code into the original file, which means each time an executable virus runs, it infects other files in your systems.

In this article, we will focus on the aswidsagenta.exe file. We will answer common questions that users often ask about this executable file, including:

  • Is aswidsagenta.exe dangerous?
  • Is aswidsagenta.exe a virus?
  • Should aswidsagenta.exe be removed?

Aswidsagenta.exe File Information

Aswidsagenta.exe is an executable file developed by Avast Software. It is part of Avast Behavior Shield, a real-time process monitor. The ASwIdSAgentA file is an acronym for Avast Software Identity Protection Service Agent A, but it is not a critical system file. In fact, it is not considered a system file. So, you can as well disable or uninstall it if it is taking up too much of your CPU memory. Actually, the file is installed on your system by a third-party.

The default location for this executable is a subfolder of C:\Program Files. Its exact location is C:\Program Files\AVG\Antivirus\, while its known size ranges from 7,430,992 bytes to 8,188,768 bytes.

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The purpose of this executable file is to protect your system from new types of malware that may have been undetected previously. Unfortunately, the executable file can monitor other applications on your computer. For this reason, you would well be within reason to be suspicious of this executable file. Its technical security rating is 21% dangerous.

Is Aswidsagenta.exe a Virus?

The genuine aswidsagenta.exe is not a virus and rarely causes any major problem. But since it is an executable file, it means that it might harm your computer. So, you have to find out if the version you have in your system is a genuine one or is a computer virus.

Generally, if the file is located in the C:\Windows\System32 folder or C:\Windows, then there may be other reasons for concern. Keep in mind that some malware may disguise as aswidsagenta.exe to conceal its malicious intent.

Should Aswidsagenta.exe be Removed?

As said above, aswidsagenta.exe is not particularly harmful. However, aswidsagenta.exe being an executable file, means that it could be a source of nasty malware. If the file is not located in its default folder, then you should consider it as a threat and remove it. If your PC has a corrupted version of the aswidsagenta.exe file, you are likely to be disturbed by pop-ups and redirection to malicious websites. You may also receive error messages associated with this file.

Here are common aswidsagenta.exe error messages:

  • Aswidsagenta.exe is not found
  • Aswidsagenta.exe file is missing
  • Aswidsagenta.exe file failed to load

How to Remove Aswidsagenta.exe?

If this executable is causing trouble in your computer, the first thing to do is to establish its location. It is most likely to be located elsewhere other than the C:\Program Files folder. If the file is found in C:\Windows\System32 or C:\Windows, then it is likely to be a virus, which means you should get rid of it immediately. If the aswidsagenta.exe process is consuming too much of your CPU resources, then you should consider terminating it.

A sure way to determine if aswidsagenta.exe in your computer is a threat is to scan your system using a robust security program like Outbyte Anti-Malware. It will look for traces of malicious files, and then let you remove them safely.

Here are other methods you can use to remove the aswidsagent.exe file:

Step 1: Repair Avast

Follow the steps below to repair Avast:

  1. Launch your Avast antivirus program.
  2. Once you enter its main interface, hit on the Menu button, and then click Settings.
  3. Navigate to the Troubleshooting tab, then click REPAIR APP.
  4. The repair process may take a while, so you need to wait patiently.

Step 2: Uninstall the Avast Program

To uninstall a program, follow these instructions:

  • Press the CTRL + R shortcut to launch the Run window.
  • When the Run dialog opens, type control panel into the text field and press Enter.
  • Now, go to Programs and Features > Uninstall a program.
  • Select Avast and hit the Uninstall button. You can also do the same for AVG.

Step 3: Clean Up Your Computer

To eliminate all the traces of the virus from your system, you can install a premium PC cleaning and repair tool. Besides scanning for and removing unwanted applications and other junk in your PC, a reliable tool like Outbyte PC Repair will also repair the damaged sections in your system.


To sum it up, aswidsagenta.exe is a harmless non-essential executable file. But if it causes errors in your system, then you should disable or repair it. Our recommendations will help you remove aswidsagenta.exe from your PC, including its associated files. Just don’t forget to scan your computer with a good antivirus program.

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