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You’re probably here because you have come across the ARPPRODUCTICON.exe file on your PC. You might be worried whether or not it’s a safe file or it’s something that can wreak havoc to your system. To ease your doubts about this file, here’s a quick article that is worth reading.

About the ARPPRODUCTICON.exe File

Is ARPPRODUCTICON.exe a legitimate file? The answer is yes. Developed by Acresso Software, this is a file that is part of the InstallShield program used by many software companies to run some important processes. It is usually located under Program Files.

The ARPPRODUCTICON.exe is an executable file on your hard drive. This means it contains machine code that can be used by other applications or programs that are dependent on it. The moment you launch InstallShield, the commands contained in this file will be automatically executed. When this happens, the file is loaded into the RAM.

Although it’s a legit file, sometimes, malware programmers and hackers use it in nefarious attacks. They create malware entities and name it as ARPPRODUCTICON.exe to make it appear legitimate and fool more victims into executing it.

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So, how do you know if the ARPPRODUCTICON.exe file is a virus? Often times, expert Windows users will look into the CPU usage. Once they notice that the file is consuming a huge chunk of CPU resources, they suspect right away. This is because the ARPPRODUCTICON process is not considered CPU-intensive.

Read on to know if the ARPPRODUCTICON.exe file is a virus.


If you notice that your PC is acting up and is quite slower than the usual, consider taking these steps to find out if it is infected with the ARPPRODUCTICON.exe virus:

  1. Press the CTRL + ALT + DEL keys to launch Task Manager.
  2. If the ARPPRODUCTICON.exe file is located outside Program Files, then consider running a quick malware scans to get rid of the malware entity.

Can I Stop the ARPPRODUCTICON.exe Process?

If you don’t want to remove the process on Task Manager, you have the option to stop it. Many of these non-system-related processes can be stopped because they are not directly associated with your operating system.

You can even have the InstallShield software uninstalled. By permanently removing it, you are also removing the ARPPRODUCTICON.exe file on your PC. To remove this software, simply press the Windows + R keys on your PC to launch the Run utility. Into the text field, input appwiz.cpl. Locate InstallShield in the list and uninstall it right away.

How to Remove ARPPRODUCTICON.exe?

As soon as you have confirmed that the ARPPRODUCTICON.exe is a malware entity and not a legitimate file, take these steps to have it removed:

  1. Download and install your choice of antivirus program.
  2. After the installation process, run a quick virus scan on your PC.
  3. If the program detects that the ARPPRODUCTICON.exe file is malicious, then it will be listed under the quarantined files. You can then decide whether to have it removed or fix it.
  4. Once the scan is complete, restart your PC.

If you find the removal process a bit technical, then you can always seek help from professionals. You can contact the developers of InstallShield or have a local computer expert remove the file for you. This will keep you from causing more damage to your PC.


The ARPPRODUCTICON.exe file is a legitimate file associated with the InstallShield software. However, if it is not located under Program Files, then you may doubt. It could be a malware entity that is waiting to steal whatever information it can get from your PC.

If faced in a situation wherein you have to deal with malware entities, make sure you know what to do. Run a quick scan using your favorite anti-malware software program as soon as possible.

What malware removal tips do you know? Share them with us below!

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