Is Updater.exe a Virus?

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Some users have complained in support forums that they are experiencing issues with updater.exe. In some cases, this executable file consumed much of their memory and CPU, prompting them to investigate it. So, if you are seeing this process running in the Task Manager and giving you problems, we will help you remove it from your system.

Ask Toolbar for Internet Explorer is often treated as a potentially unwanted program due to its ability to hijack browsers and display ads. Moreover, updater.exe, being an executable file, means that it can harm your computer.

What is Updater.exe?

Updater.exe is an executable file that is part of Ask Toolbar for Internet Explorer. This toolbar by is advertisement-supported, and it lets users search the web. While the file is developed by a reliable company, it is not essential for Windows. In fact, it is known to cause problems. Updater.exe can monitor other applications in your system. Therefore, its technical security rating is 36% dangerous.

The file is mostly hosted in C:\Program Files (x86)\Popcorn Time\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\\Updater\. Its file size is 339,968 bytes in 19% of all occurrences, but it has more than 100 variants.

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Is Updater.exe Safe?

Updater.exe is considered as a malicious process. Running the process on your computer often increases the risk of a virus infection. The file is usually loaded into the main memory.

As you know, cybercriminals can create files with the same name as updater.exe to escape being detected. Updater.exe is a program that is likely never installed by you but may get into your system without your knowledge. Thankfully, there are several ways in which you can identify an illegitimate executable file.

The first you need to do is to check the location of this file in your computer. If the process is not running from C:\Program Files\\updater\updater.exe, then it is likely a virus.

To check its location, open the Task Manager, and then navigate to View > Select Columns. Once you are there, select Image Path Name to create an additional column in the Task Manager. If you spot a suspicious directory, it may be a good idea to investigate further. Multiple copies of this process in the Task Manager may indicate the presence of malware.

You may also want to compare its size with the above facts. Also, check its impact on your CPU and memory. A malicious updater.exe may consume so much of your system resources.

For a more accurate analysis of the process, scan your system with an antivirus program. We recommend you use Outbyte Anti-Malware for this task. This tool will search through all the corners of your computer to identify malicious objects, including a faulty executable process.

Should Updater.exe Be Removed?

Generally, you shouldn’t delete a legitimate executable file without a valid reason because it may affect the performance of other associated programs. Nevertheless, this file can be removed if it is causing you problems.

According to various online sources, more than three-quarters of users (77%) removed this file from their systems, meaning that many find it harmful. But we recommend that you check its trustworthiness first before deleting it from your system.

If the problem is due to software functionality, you may need to update the programs that execute it. You can also check for driver updates. But if it is a virus, then you should remove it from your system immediately.

How to Remove Updater.exe?

If you have difficulties working with this executable file, the best thing you should do is to scan your computer to identify if it is a virus. Sometimes, the virus may interfere with the deletion process. If that is the case, boot your computer to Safe Mode with Networking, then run the security program in this secure environment.

Alternatively, you can stop it or delete it. Here is how:

Step 1: Terminate Updater.exe from the Task Manager

To do so, go to the Task Manager, then navigate to the Processes tab and search for updater.exe. After that, click the End Task button, and then follow the prompts.

Step 2: Remove the Associated Program from the Control Panel

  1. Go to Start, then type control panel into the search field. And then, hit Enter.
  2. Choose the Control Panel option from the search results.
  3. Once the Control Panel window opens, navigate to Uninstall a Program.
  4. After that, choose the program that executes updater.exe.
  5. Click the Uninstall button, then confirm your selection.

Step 3: Clean Up Your Computer

Junk in your PC is to blame for most computer errors. If updater.exe is a virus, it could interfere with your registry entries and modify some files. Junk files, such as expired browser sessions, unwanted programs, and corrupted system files, need to be removed. The best thing is that you can automate this task using a reliable PC cleaning software.

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