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If you are here, there is a chance that you found a video.ui.exe file on your computer which freaked you out and you are not sure if it is something to be worried about. You will find all the information on what it is and how to handle it.

What is video.ui.exe?

Video.UI.EXE is an executable program developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is a Windows 10/11 operating system component and also a part of the Microsoft Xbox Live Video program that allows you to access live or recorded programs. While the genuine file is safe, sometimes it may damage your computer. The way the file acts on your PC will determine if it is a reliable application or it is a malware that you should delete.

Is Video.UI.EXE a virus?

There is a range of ways to determine if the file is legitimate or if it is a virus. Some of the red flags or indicators that it is a malware are:

  • The file is not signed by Microsoft Corporation. You can determine this after checking its location.
  • Its location path does not direct you to the Windows App folder or the C:/Program Files.
  • The Microsoft Process Explorer cannot verify the file signer.

If, after locating the file, you find out that it is not located under the default path or it is not under C:/Windows, then the file could be harmful to your computer. You should install an anti-malware software for scanning and protection.

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Is Video.UI.EXE safe?

The EXE in its name shows that the file is executable or can be run. However, the only way you can determine if this file is a virus or legitimate is by locating it. You need to follow the path to its origin to determine if it is coming from a safe place.

In this case, for instance, the path will be something like C:\Program Files\Microsoft Corporation\Windows 10/11 Operating System\Video.UI.exe. To determine if it is legit, you should go to Task Manager, click on View, then ‘Select Column.’ This should take you to the pathname, and after selecting it, it should bring a location column. Click on the location column and if it does not take you directly to the file or you notice anything suspicious, then that should raise a red flag.

If you do not want to follow all these steps, you can use the Microsoft Process Explorer to open the file. This tool is easy to use and does not require installation. Activate it and run it to determine if the file is a verified signer. If the tool is unable to verify the Video.ui.exe, then you should look into the process as it could be a virus.

Can Video.UI.EXE be removed?

The answer to this question is a straight yes, but you should not remove it unless you have a valid reason. If the file has not exhibited any suspicious signs that it is a virus, then you do not have a reason to remove it as this could interfere with the performance of the programs that depend on the file to run.

The best way to deal with this file is to ensure that it is up to date as this will save you from any issues resulting from corrupted files. Also, if you have any problems with its functionality, you should check the drivers and update them regularly.

The best way to diagnose a suspicious Video.ui.exe file is by running an analysis with antivirus software. If the tool detects the file as malicious, then you should remove it from your computer. However, if it is marked safe, there is no need to delete it. If you don’t want it on your computer, you can uninstall the Windows 10/11 operating system instead since the file comes with it.

How do you fix video.ui.exe errors?

You may notice that every time you try to open the file, a video.ui.exe error message appears. Some of the messages that may pop up include ‘Video.ui.exe failed, is not running, cannot be found or is not valid’. In this case, the best way to clear these error messages is by performing malware or antivirus scans to get rid of any unwanted programs. You may also use a hard disc cleaner and uninstall all unwanted programs that could be slowing down video.ui.exe.

With this information, you can quickly determine if the video.ui.exe file on your computer is safe or harmful. You also know which steps to follow to solve any problems associated with the file.

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