Autoclk.exe: What is It and Should I Remove It?


Typically, several programs are required to run your computer. Some executable files are misleading, undesirable, or just harmful. Unfortunately, you may only recognize them as malware when they have already brought damages to your system. And that is not all. Most of these applications store data on your system’s registry of the hard disk, meaning that your PC might have accumulated invalid entries or suffered fragmentation.

One of the executable files that might hide as an infection is autoclk.exe. Read on to decide whether or not the autoclk.exe file on your computer is a virus.

What is Autoclk.exe?

Autoclk.exe is a non-essential executable file that is part of the autoclk MFC Application. The file is usually hosted in the C:\Windows folder and has a known file size on Windows 10/11/8/7/XP of 143,360 bytes in almost half of all occurrences. Other variants are 122,880 bytes, 147,456 bytes, 118, 784 bytes, and 176,128 bytes.

Here are relevant facts about the autoclk.exe file:

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  • Product Name:autoclk Application
  • File Description:autoclk MFC Application
  • Publisher:Windows Software Developer
  • Location:the C:\Windows folder
  • Danger Level:The legitimate version of the file is safe, but sometimes, executable files can be used by cybercriminals to persist on the system.

Sadly, security experts warn that cybercriminals might use the name of this file to conceal malicious programs on the system. In fact, some variants of autoclk.exe can record keyboard and mouse inputs. For this reason, its technical security rating is 68% dangerous.

Is Autoclk.exe a Virus or a Malware Entity?

The autoclk.exe process can be safe or threatening, depending on what it does on your computer. The real autoclk.exe is usually safe and has many useful functions that keep your system under control. In most cases, the file uses minimum system resources. Since it is a non-system file, you can safely disable it. Unfortunately, most novice PC users might not identify the process or its imposter.

Usually, the easiest way to check this process is to use the Task Manager. It will give you information about memory, CPU, and network utilization. If autoclk.exe is using too much memory or too much CPU in your system, it may be a virus file.

Another thing that will help you determine if autoclk.exe is a legitimate one or is a virus is the location of the file. If it is not found in the C:\Windows folder, then it is most likely to be a virus.

Hackers often use spam email and their safe-looking attachments to distribute threats online. These criminals take advantage of reckless users keen to open or download unsafe content online.

What Autoclk.exe Can Do to the Computer

Autoclk.exe, being an executable file, can be abused by hackers. Some malware entities can mimic, duplicate, or replace a legitimate file. And the worst thing is that most of these malicious programs can operate silently in the background. If a fraudster exploits this file, your computer might be infected with the following threats:

  • Banking Trojan
  • Crypto-mining malware
  • Spyware, among others

An infected autoclk MFC application can change your browser’s start page and the default search engine. You may also receive annoying pop-up ads. Thankfully, you can get rid of these issues by resetting your browser.

How to Remove Autoclk.exe?

If you suspect that the autoclk.exe file on your computer is a virus, plan to fix it immediately. To do that, use the following methods:

Method 1: Scan Your Computer

The best way to resolve autoclk.exe issues is to scan your computer with an antivirus program. If the antivirus identifies it as a piece of malware, then you should get rid of it immediately. Use a reliable program like Outbyte Anti-Malware to remove autoclk.exe, including its associated files.

Method 2: Stop the Autoclk.exe Process, and Then Delete the Application

Through the Windows Task Manager, you can check the impact of various processes on your system resources. Here is the process:

  1. Right-click on Start, then select Task Manager.
  2. Next, navigate to the Processes tab and search for the autoclk.exe process.
  3. If the autoclk.exe process is using much of your CPU or memory, highlight it and end the process.

On top of this, you should also delete the program from your system. Unfortunately, the functionality of the virus may interfere with the deletion of autoclk.exe. If that is the case, try booting your computer into Safe Mode with Networking. After that, remove the autoclk application from the Control Panel.

Final Thoughts: Keep Your Computer Clean and Preserve Your Files

In addition to the above tips, be sure to keep your computer clean and tidy, as it is a proven way to avoid most computer problems, including autoclk.exe issues. Automate the process using a suitable PC cleaning software. Needless to say, but you should also back up your important files regularly. At the very least, set some restoration points to roll back to in case of an emergency.

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