What is YahLover.worm Virus?

Unsecured Virus Detected

A lot of people are not familiar with this virus, and the first question that comes to mind when they hear about the term is, “What is YahLover.worm virus?”

The virus is a face error message or scammy advertisement that displays on dubious websites. The message is shown by malicious tech support company developers who want to trick unsuspecting visitors into thinking that their PC has been infected by the virus and click on them. This is just a fake “made up” message, as the site most probably has no idea about what’s going on on your PC.

What Does the YahLover.worm Virus Do?

The error message could read:

  • “Your Device Has Been Blocked”
  • “PC Is Infected With Viruses”
  • “Critical Security Warning”
  • “Call Technical Support Immediately on (contact is provided)”

All these messages are not genuine, and once you click on them, you are redirected to sites that shouldn’t be trusted. Once the virus has infiltrated the computer, it results to:

  • Redirects
  • Multiple intrusive adverts that pop op when you’re online
  • The potential collection, as well as the loss of the user’s information e.g., passwords, bank credentials, or browsing history. This could lead to serious privacy issues or worse, identity theft.
  • These annoying messages can get quite alarming as they make it very difficult for users to close tabs and, sometimes, the browser.

The message could also prompt the user to call a listed tech support professional to get assistance. Once the call, the tech support professional will try to sell unnecessary software and services.

On the other hand, if you keep seeing these messages opening themselves repeatedly, there’s a huge possibility that your PC is infected with an unwanted program. If that’s the case, don’t worry. We’ll take you through the removal process shortly.

How Does YahLover.worm and Other Similar Viruses Get Installed?

Usually, software developers use a cunning marketing method known as “bundling” where the bundled programs come disguised within the “Custom/Advanced” installation options. A lot of people aren’t very keen on the download/ installation steps. The users unknowingly install third-party apps with regular applications, which exposes their computers to the risk of different kinds of infections.

How to Avoid Installing Potentially Infectious Apps?

Luckily, all web-based scams can be avoided by simply ending the browser process and avoiding visiting suspicious websites.

To avoid finding yourself in such a scenario, you should be careful when downloading and installing any software. Carefully check each step during the installation.

How to Remove the YahLover.worm Virus?

If you notice that a YahLover.worm virus has been installed into your computer, you need to get rid of it immediately. Follow the instructions below in the correct order to remove the virus from your computer. If you experience any difficulty along the way, don’t hesitate to ask for professional assistance.

Automatic Removal

This is an instant removal process that uses anti-malware software to remove any threats that are detected. Here’s the procedure:

  1. Download and install a robust antivirus security tool to remove the virus.
  2. A Setup Wizard guides you through the installation process. Follow through by clicking “Next.”
  3. A prompt will ask if you wish to allow the software to make changes to your computer. Click Allow.
  4. Scan your computer for malicious files by clicking “Scan Now.”
  5. Once the scan is complete, you’ll see all the issues detected.
  6. Remove all of them.
  7. To complete the process, you’ll be asked to reboot your computer.

Manual Removal from Your Browsers

The manual removal is quite lengthy and complicated as it requires advanced computer skills. The removal guide below might seem overwhelming at a glance but its written in such a manner to provide clear, detailed, and easy to understand YahLover.worm virus removal instructions.

Sometimes, the popup messages don’t allow you to close your browser. If that happens, follow the steps below:

  1. Right-click on the taskbar, then click on “Task Manager.”
  2. Scroll through to the web browser’s process.
  3. Left-click to highlight the process.
  4. Click on “End Task.
  5. The browser window closes. When you restart it, make sure that you do not restore the last pages opened.

If you’re still having problems with the YahLover.worm virus, you need to reset your browser to its default settings. Doing this removes all add-ons, accounts, extensions, toolbars, and other customizations. Here’s a general procedure, although it may vary slightly depending on the internet browser you’re using, i.e. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer:

  1. Click on the browser’s menu button.
  2. When the drop-down menu appears, choose “Settings” or “Preferences” depending on the browser.
  3. Next, click on “Show Advanced Settings.”
  4. Scroll down to “Reset Browser Settings.
  5. To complete the process, hit the “Reset” button.
  6. Your computer should now be free of the worm virus.


Never trust any pop-up alert that seems malicious. These dubious-looking messages usually conceal lots of underlying content about the landing pages or website. Clicking on the link is very risky and can result in serious virus infections or collection of personal information shared with third parties that use it to generate revenue.

Also, all unwanted programs that are installed should be removed immediately so as not to cause any further damage or significantly diminish the web browsing experience.

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