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Don’t expect Desktop Goose to bring anything other than chaos to your system. It is downloadable from the official website for whatever price you wish to pay. The app adds a goose buddy to the desktop. Yet, this buddy has one purpose—making your life a living hell. Like any other geese, it longs for chaos.

What Does the Goose Malware Do?

Desktop Goose does nothing helpful other than the following:

  • Track mud all over your computer screen
  • Steals the mouse cursor
  • Captures in-game reticles
  • Show goose memes and write notes
  • Messes up with the camera app
  • Most of all, it honks!

You can be certain about one thing when it comes to Desktop Goose. It will annoy and crawl under your skin while disturbing your tasks. Although it’s possible to adjust the goose’s aggressive behavior, it’s baffling that someone will need this type of program on their system.

What to Do About the Goose Malware

Desktop Goose is a type of malware that must be removed from your system. There are several cases whereby the affected user’s computer crashes because of this software. Its behavior is uncontrollable, which portrays the characteristics of a virus. This means such an application is likely to open a backdoor for malware. The program also consumes a lot of system resources. Most of the leading anti-malware suites often flag it as spam. This occurs during installation.

When the computer remains idle for some time, the program takes over. It begins showing plenty of memes, tacking mud, and so forth. The tricky part is when the goose steals the mouse, making it difficult for the user to close memes displayed on their desktop. As you can see, the program is too much of a hazard to keep in your system.

Some users have highlighted not knowing how the program got into their systems. Just like any other malware which appears to the user when the damage has been done. Desktop Goose seems to be employing the same tactics. To some, it crawls to their system undetected. Goose moves through the use of bundled software technique—a strategy employed by many malicious software developers.

Note that the original intent of the Desktop Goose developers isn’t ill-fated. However, most cyber-criminals have used the program’s characteristics to create trojan versions. Since this is not a productive program, it’s better to stay away from it. This way, you avoid the possibility of acquiring viruses and maxing the CPU.

How to Remove the Goose Malware

There are several steps to take to remove the Goose malware. Uninstalling the program is not enough as it may leave its roots that will pave its way back to the system soon. We have prepared an easy to follow guide on how to get rid of the Goose malware. Since it attacks both Windows and Mac systems, we will show universal measures.

Solution #1: Manually Remove the Goose App

For Mac Users:

  1. Access the Utilities folder under the Go tab.
  2. Now, go to the Activity Monitor and double-click to open it.
  3. Find the Desktop Goose process and click on Quit Process.
  4. Choose the Force Quit option on the next dialog pop-up.
  5. On the menu bar, press Command + Space keys to access the Spotlight search. In the search field, insert “terminal.app” (no quotes) and hit the Enter key.
  6. Type the command below followed by the Enter key:
    killall “Desktop Goose”
  7. Head back to the Go tab and this time, select Apple Finder.
  8. Choose Go to Folder and then paste “~/Library/Containers” (no quotes) in the text field.
  9. Find the net.namedfork.DesktopGoose folder and move its content to the trash.
  10. Head back to the Go button, and this time choose Applications. Check the macAries entry before right-clicking on it to select Move to Trash. Enter the user password, if required.
  11. On the Apple menu, select System Preferences.
  12. Choose Accounts and then Login Items. Locate Desktop Goose among the presented list and then select the “-“ button.
  13. Reboot the system for changes to take effect.

For Windows 10/11 Users:

  1. Press the Windows + I keys to launch the Settings app.
  2. Click on the Apps tab and the system will present the Apps & Features category by default.
  3. Scroll through the list and select Desktop Goose as well as other programs related to it.
  4. Click to highlight and the Uninstall button will become visible. Select it and follow the prompts to remove the selected programs.
  5. When done, reboot the system.

Once you’re done removing the program, you can now run a trusted anti-malware security utility. It’ll remove any malicious content in your system. You must keep the security tool running in the background to protect you from potential attacks. If you’re experiencing computer performance lapses, you can select one of the best PC optimizers to bring it back to its best level.

It is ok to try out new things, but you should always put your safety before enjoyment. Most cybercriminals prey on such lapses to capture internet users off-guard. We recommend sticking to basic cautious measures. Also, while browsing the net, downloading files, and other online activities. You must also enable real-time protection and verify software information before installing it.

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2 years ago

shut up i love the goose 🤛🦢

2 years ago

you could… hold the esc key

ur mom
1 year ago

its great

1 year ago

I’m keeping the goose, I don’t care.

1 year ago

It doesn’t need to be removed. All you have to do is hold ESC and he’s gone.