What is Nbryb.com Pop-Up?

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Nbryb.com is a reliable-looking fashion and beauty-related news site that activates the display of annoying push notifications through the browser. This is one of those websites that use suspicious ad networks to generate revenue. The notifications keep redirecting Windows, Android, and Mac users to affiliate websites that may promote malware.

Nbryb.com pop-up ads are believed to be set off by an adware program or a web browser extension that gets installed unknowingly. The pop-ups can turn a user’s browsing experience into hell.

What Does Nbryb.com Pop-up Do?

Nbryb.com pop-up notifications appear as adverts on your computer and are largely influenced by your browsing history. Due to the strict push notification policies, the pop-ups ask for the user’s permission to display sponsored ads.

These pop-ups mislead users and trick them into clicking on an “Allow” button to go on with a certain process. When the user clicks the button, the Nbryb.com site drops the “breakingfeedz.com” extension on the browser. Consequently, the browser starts getting redirects to the affiliate websites.

When this social engineering scam gets installed on your computer, you start noticing any of the following signs:

  • The browser’s default homepage is changed to “Nbryb.com.
  • The browser’s search provider and built-in search box are changed to “https://nbryb.com.
  • New tab windows launch the modified search portal page.
  • The browser loads through the “Nbryb.com” extension or add-on.
  • Non-stop redirects to “breakingfeedz.com” or “sdfjjd.nbryb.com.
  • The browser slows down, and its settings cannot be changed in the usual way.
  • Intrusive ads and banners keep popping up on the browser and desktop when they shouldn’t be.
  • Other adware programs get installed without your permission.
  • Web pages that you visit frequently are not shown correctly.

How Does Nbryb.com Infect Computers?

The prime method through which Nbryb.com infects computers is via software bundling. The policy of software bundling is used by app developers. Free software, especially those that are promoted on questionable third-party websites, are usually bundled with other unwanted programs. These programs are disguised under Quick/Express installation set-up as pre-ticked components.

Users need to be very careful when downloading and installing free software. A lot of times, the freeware includes bundled programs. That said, experts suggest to always select the “Custom/Advanced settings” during installation. Un-tick all the pre-ticked programs that you don’t need to avoid installing suspicious software on your device.

If the user doesn’t un-tick all the selected apps, they will all install automatically.

How to Remove the Nbryb.com Pop-up

Ideally, push notifications are designed to enhance the end-user’s experience after they have installed a particular application or when the user visits a certain website. They’re made to enlighten users by giving them the latest news depending on their preferences. However, these notifications have become very intrusive that sometimes it’s hard to turn them off. What’s even more annoying is that they display irrelevant ads that aren’t helpful to the end-user.

You need to check your computer for the adware when you notice any of the signs and symptoms mentioned above. You can either do it manually, going through the list of all installed programs, or automatically using robust anti-malware software.

In this part of the article, we’re going to give you some simple Nbryb.com pop-up removal instructions to guide you on how to remove the pop-up from your computer, tablet, or phone, and stop the aggressive advertising. To inspect all the installed apps, Android users should:

  1. Open “Play Store.
  2. Go to “My Apps.
  3. Check the “Installed and Last Used” part.
  4. Go to “Settings.
  5. Open “Apps.
  6. Remove all suspicious-looking apps, especially if they do not have an icon.

The uninstallation of adware-related apps doesn’t guarantee that the Nbryb.com–related problems have been solved. You still need to check the computer using a reliable anti-malware security tool. This will scan and clean your computer to get rid of the adware-type malware that causes the redirects and pop-ups. Apart from performing the regular system checks, the software also acts as a reliable repair tool that recovers changed system settings.

Another way of removing the Nbryb.com pop-ups is by resetting the web browser settings.


Nbryb.com is a scammy website that tricks users into subscribing to push notifications. The unsuspecting user may be asked to play a viral video or allow the site to access content from another website. Nbryb.com pop-up notifications are extremely intrusive as they keep showing up often, just minutes after you have closed others. These notifications are irritating and pose serious threats to your device and all the data stored in it.

Nbryb.com ads shouldn’t be clicked on as they redirect you to suspicious websites, malicious scam websites, or even phishing websites. These websites spy on the victims and steal their IP address, location, and browsing history. The information that is collected is sold to third-parties, including advertising companies that later abuse it for revenue collection purposes.

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