What is Malware Crusher?

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Malware Crusher is a program that claims to get rid of all PC malware. However, many have reported the tool as a PUP. The program is designed by PCVARK and is available for download on its official site. Nevertheless, the program is often distributed via software bundling; a method used by suspicious apps. This means many users only get to know about the app after it has been installed on their systems and periodically running countless scans. However, the reason why it is considered a potentially unwanted program is because it gives exaggerated reports after performing scans.

The exaggeration is done in a manner that makes the user believe that his computer is in a critical condition, hence the need to get the mentioned issues fixed. However, when the user tries to give the app permission to go ahead and eliminate the issues, he discovers that he must first pay for a licensed version of the program. The majority of computer optimizing programs apply deception and exaggerated scan results (as a business strategy) to trick users into buying licensed software versions. Moreover, other reputable security tools detect Malware Crusher as a PUP.

Even though developers of this program label it as the best anti-malware for a Windows system’s security, it’s far from the truth. There are plenty of trusted anti-malware options that have been tested by reputable test centers such as AVTest.

To give you detailed information and help you understand the nature of this program, we decided to install it and run it on a healthy computer. However, the results were ghastly, as the software flagged hundreds of threats, highlighting almost everything that is within the system from registry entries to pictures. Now, the interesting part was when we attempted to get the issues fixed by the program by clicking on the Remove Now button. Guess what happened? We were redirected to the purchasing window, where we were supposed to buy the licensed version to get these threats out of the system.

We then ran a full system scan using a trusted anti-malware tool. The scan picked up several files planted by Malware Crusher into the computer. If the reason you landed on this article is to find out if you should keep Malware Crusher in your computer, then the answer is NO. This is a program that flags registry entries as threats, putting into play some visual effects as well as scare tactics to deceive the user into buying their product. Malware Crusher goes beyond trying to extort money from you as it also accesses areas that are not supposed to be tempered with. Microsoft mentions that registry files should not be accessed or edited in any way as this may cause system instability.

How to Remove Malware Crusher?

If you have Malware Crusher, it is best to remove it completely from your system. However, since this is a program that can access some deep areas of the system, it needs a thorough job to be completely removed. You need to be prepared because removing this type of program is not a piece of cake. Therefore, whichever option you select, make sure you follow it precisely. You must also get a reliable anti-malware security tool to detect any additional entries to the registry.

Uninstall Malware Crusher for Windows and Mac

For Windows platform users, follow these steps to uninstall malware Malware Crusher:

  1. Access Programs and Features by choosing Start, and then Control Panel.
  2. On Windows 10/11, right-click on Windows logo on the bottom left, and then click on Settings > Apps.
  3. Find and uninstall Malware Crusher and other programs related to it. If you see a program that you don’t recall installing, uninstall it. However, you should only uninstall a program after verifying that it’s not a system software.
  4. Once done, click OK

For Mac OS X platform users, follow these instructions:

  1. At the top left of your screen, click on the Go button and choose Application
  2. Wait for the Applications folder to load then, find Malware Crusher and other programs related to it. Right-click on each program and choose Move to Trash
  3. Once done, reboot your system

Following this Malware Crusher removal guide will help scrape the surface of the issue. However, to root the program entirely from your system, you need to run a full system scan using a trusted antivirus tool. Running a full system scan helps detect any remaining files and programs that you might have missed. Moreover, having a PUP in your system is a sign that your PC has a weak security system. This suggests that it is highly likely that you have other PUPs and suspicious programs on your computer.

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