What is Leitkcad Ransomware?

Ransomeware Hacker

Ransomware is a virus type that locks the victim’s data using a complicated algorithm. This malicious entity asks for a ransom fee in exchange for the decryption key. Ransomware has gained much popularity over the years as the orchestrators are gaining a lot of money from it.

Leitkcad ransomware is among the severe ransomware entities that lock files after gaining access to the device. The key is believed to be with the perpetrator, who then demands a fee to release it. These criminals use one’s fear to convince victims to give in to their demands. There is no specified ransom fee required in exchange for the decryption key.

What Does Leitkcad Ransomware Do?

When the Leitkcad virus completes the initial task of locking files, it drops a ransom note, alerting the victim about what has happened to their data. All the locked files get appended with the .leitkcad extension. This makes files inaccessible until a decryption tool gets acquired.

The ransom note usually appears when the user attempts to open a file. It is titled help-leitkcad.txt. The note indicates the following message:


Your files on this computer have been encrypted due to security issues.

To restore it you should write to the online chat.

To decrypt files follow the instructions below:

    1. Open in any browser the link: {URL}.
    2. Or download and install TOR browser (if TOR blocked in your country you need to install VPN and download it) and follow the link: {.onion_URL}
    3. To chat with operator you need to fill the next information on chat page:

– your ID: leitkcad

– personal key: –

– your E-Mail


Do not try to reload your PC.

Do not try to recover information using third-party software.

Do not attempt to use antivirus.

Do not try to uninstall programs.

All these actions will lead to data loss and unrecoverable.

Unlike some of the famous file-encrypting viruses, Leitkcad’s ransom note is less detailed as it doesn’t state the amount needed, the means of payment, nor does it mention their contact details. Yet, this doesn’t matter as we recommend against getting in touch with the criminals. They violated your privacy and infringe your rights. They hold your data against your will. So, why should you trust that if you pay them, they will return your files? Even if they do, what guarantee do you have that they will not attack you again? Once you give in to their demands, they will try to milk more money, leaving you broke.

The moment you start seeing Leitkcad ransomware signs, you must get rid of it immediately. Consider the files lost for a moment and do everything to get rid of the virus to prevent it from spreading to other systems that share the same network.

There are a few protocols that you should apply once you discover this ransomware virus. These measures include:

  • Disconnect the infected computer from the internet to avoid spread of the virus.
  • Keep the affected computer in isolation, unplugged and off.
  • Do not connect any storage devices to the computer unless it’s for repair purposes.
  • Do not open emails using the affected computer.

There are also plenty of ways used by cybercriminals to spread the virus. You must be aware of these techniques to avoid getting infected by a similar virus anytime soon:

  • Only download content from verified and official sites.
  • Always select the Custom or Advanced installation process to gain full control of what is being installed.
  • Avoid downloading pirated content and crack software.
  • Keep a trusted Anti-malware security tool running in the background for real-time

How to Remove Leitkcad Ransomware?

To remove Leitkcad ransomware, you must first back up the affected data. Make sure the external drive you use to back up the infected files will not get used in any other computer. The backup is useful in case you find a decrypting tool that works.

When done with the backup, you may proceed and remove the virus from the system.

  1. Install a strong antivirus security suite.
  2. Perform a complete system scan to detect and remove Leitkcad ransomware.
    Note that even if the virus is completely removed, it will not decrypt the locked files.
  3. When done, you can move the encrypted files to the backup drive and delete them from the system.

Now that the virus is gone, you can bring your system back to its best performance using a powerful PC repair tool. This utility will detect issues that might have got caused by the infection and get rid of them.


Ransomware is a very common type of virus which can be harmful if not handled with care. Regardless of the name of a ransomware virus and the family it belongs to, you must never allow criminals to extort money from you. Moreover, practice safe online browsing behavior. It’ll help avoid getting infected by viruses such as Leitkcad ransomware.

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