What Is 9oogle?

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Classified as Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs), browser hijackers are not that harmful. But does that mean they are safe? Not really! Due to their characteristics, they can make a computer vulnerable to many virus attacks. If you encounter a browser hijacker, it must get removed from the system immediately.

9oogle is a browser hijacker program classified as a PUP by most trusted security software suites. This untrustworthy program uses various skimming techniques to find its way to your computer. It then pervades into the browser and alters the configurations. By doing so, it can showcase its preferred advertising content.

What Does 9oogle Do?

Programs such as 9oogle are used for monetary gains through advertising dubious content. Once this browser hijacker infiltrates your system, problems follow. What comes next are endless pop-up ads showing irrelevant content. Moreover, the ads and notifications need several clicks to close. This increases the chances of the user clicking the wrong button. Also, it allows the installation of dubious programs and viruses.

Most startup businesses select advertising options, such as 9oogle, due to their low budget. But these are not legitimate businesses, hence they don’t mind using immoral options. 9oogle mimics the famous Google Chrome browser, and it tries to deceive unsuspecting users into thinking it is a subsidiary or real program.

9oogle annoys the victims by performing endless redirects, affecting their productivity. The redirects performed lead to sponsored dubious sites that host malicious content. Despite the similarities in names with Google, you must never rely on 9oogle. This malicious program manipulates the search results to showcase sponsored content. This means the content shown is irrelevant and cannot be trusted in any way.

The danger of this app, just like any other browser hijacker, is that it can lead the user to sites with virus content. It also tracks the user’s online activities, collects personal data, and sells it to third-parties, mostly cybercriminals. Such actions can lead to victims being hacked, their identity stolen, or files locked by ransomware developers.

Although 9oogle cannot get classified under the same group of ransomwares and cryptojackers, its behavior, once it infiltrates the system, makes it dangerous. The redirects, changes to the browser without the user’s consent, and the collection of personal information are all dangerous traits that can implicate online security.

The consequences caused by 9oogle infections include:

  • Slow browsing sessions due to decreased computer performance
  • The danger of losing valuable information, such as passwords and personal data
  • A manipulated browser that shows unreliable search results with malicious content
  • Constant redirects or pop-up ads that affect your browsing experience
  • Leave the system vulnerable to virus attacks

Unlike a virus that can use different techniques to crawl into your system, adware or browser hijackers rely on deceiving tactics to convince unknowing users that they need the program. Therefore, browser hijacker creators use basic psychology to trick users into installing the program by making them believe it is safe and useful. That is the reason why these developers play around familiar product names to fool target victims.

How to Remove 9oogle?

Now that you know 9oogle is useless, there is only one way to deal with it, and that is to remove the program permanently. However, removing 9oogle is not as easy as counting 1, 2, 3. It requires the application of several steps to ensure that the program and its traces are completely removed from the system. If not removed thoroughly, it will continue coming back to haunt your browsing experience.

Since 9oogle is a cyber threat, removing it permanently is vital. You must also understand that this form of malware can run deep into the system roots, infecting personal files as well as registry entries. It can also run several processes in the background, consuming more CPU energy, leading to slow performances and crashes.

To effectively remove 9oogle, you must also understand the possible means that it could have used to get into your system. That way, you can avoid future infection and stay vigilant while surfing the internet. Your system can be infected if exposed to these cybercriminal tactics:

  • Software bundling – This is a common technique used by virus developers to spread malware. The malicious program is bundled together with legitimate software. Its installation can be triggered when the user selects the Recommended or Express installation process.
  • Email attachments – This method deceives users into downloading email attachments laced with malware installers that pose as official documents. Once downloaded, the malware installer will automatically execute itself and infect the computer.
  • Torrents and cracked software – If you thought you can get a paid software version for free online, then you’re likely to fall victim to this technique. Malware developers understand that people love freebies. Therefore, they offer the user paid software version for free. However, these so-called free programs are bundled with malware installers, which automatically execute during the program

How to Get Rid of 9oogle?

Now that we have established how unsafe this program is to your internet security and the instability issues it can cause to your system, it’s time to get rid of 9oogle. To remove this browser hijacker, you must first get rid of the linked program in the system. Most browser hijackers make it difficult for users to access the browser settings tab by adding extensions to prevent user access.

On your computer, do the following to remove 9oogle program:

  1. Press the Windows key and search for the Control Panel.
  2. From the emerging results, click on the Control Panel to launch the app.
  3. Now, select Programs and Features category.
  4. Check through the list of installed programs and uninstall anything related to 9oogle. Make sure to remove everything that was installed just before, during, and after the infection.
  5. When done, you can close the window and reboot the computer.

After removing the program from the system, it’s time to get rid of it from the browser. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Press the 3 dot menu icon at the top right corner of Google Chrome.
  2. From the emerging menu, click on Settings, and then select Extensions.
  3. Remove all extensions related to 9oogle and others that were installed during the infection.
  4. When done, go back to the Settings tab and this time, click on Search engine.
  5. Select Manage search engines, and then click on Google and set it as your default search engine.
  6. Now, go through the list of available search engines and Remove from list anything related to 9oogle.
  7. Now, go back to the Settings tab. Click on the Advanced category and select Reset and clean up.
  8. Click on Restore settings to their original defaults. Confirm the action by clicking on the Reset settings button.
  9. When done, close the browser and reboot the computer.

Now that you have manually removed all possible 9oogle links from your system, it’s time to clean it using a strong anti-malware security tool. Download and install a recommended antivirus tool to scan and detect any malware in your system. The detected malware and its associated files and folders will be permanently removed from the computer. Note that leaving this security program running in the background will help prevent future infections.

Once you have completed a full system scan, you can return the system to its greatest performance level by using a trusted PC repair tool. This comprehensive computer repair utility can address a range of PC issues, clean up your storage drive, as well as optimize performance.


9oogle is a browser hijacker that needs to be removed immediately. Once you start experiencing unusual browser behaviors, act immediately to find out if your device has been infected to avoid losing your online privacy. You must also put defensive measures in play all the time to prevent various malware infections. A clean PC promotes productivity and investing in the right security tools can save you in the long run, as well as maintain a healthy system.

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