How to Remove the SearchConverterz Browser Hijacker

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Browser hijackers are a type of adware that modifies your web browser’s settings without your consent. They alter the homepage to an unwanted website URL. Users often download and install these programs unknowingly. These types of malware infections get into devices when users download free software. The browser hijackers can be the culprits of various issues and are quite useless even though they’re advertised as useful apps. Generally, these programs cause more problems than benefits.

What is SearchConverterz

SearchConverterz is a typical browser hijacker that may also be referred to as ‘ redirect.’ This misleading app is designed in such a way that it changes and manages the browser settings. Additionally, the SearchConverterz app gathers browsing-related information from the user.

Since SearchConverterz is powered by third parties, it presents the user with sponsored content in the results. The search engine shows ads that reroute the traffic to affiliated sites.

What Does SearchConverterz Do?

Even though SearchConverterz doesn’t affect the system seriously, all the functions that it initiates are potentially harmful to the system. For starters, the program collaborates with third parties to spam users with adverts for various campaigns. These marketing techniques are not illegal, and so most software developers have adopted them.

This adware-type of malware promotes misleading content. It doesn’t matter what the user queries into the search bar; the hijacker always manages to return useless banner ads on the search results. Some random websites also feature hyperlinks within their texts. If the user clicks on these links, they’re taken to malware-infected websites where other intruders infiltrate the system.

SearchConverterz’s tracking cookies that are injected to the web browser and the extension keeps a record of the following info:

  • The type of browser being used.
  • The type of device that the user has.
  • Their IP address and other contact information.
  • The OS.
  • The internet service provider.
  • The language preferences.
  • The search logs.
  • The pages that the user visits.
  • The time stamps.
  • What the user clicks on.

This type of information is not extremely sensitive, but affiliate marketing companies can use it for sending sponsored content and intrusive ads that keep appearing on your screen.

SearchConverterz Distribution

Browser hijackers don’t ask the user’s permission before download and installation. SearchConverterz is actively distributed through misleading push notification pop-ups and freeware bundles. This means that the hijacker is added to the installer of a free application in exchange for a commission fee.

Once this extension gets installed on a computer, there’s a high risk that it is already infected with PUPs. This particular app is gotten from Chrome Web store whereby people install it unintentionally by clicking on the “Next” button during the installation process for free software.

To avoid downloading bundled programs onto your computer, you should be careful when selecting free software. Closely monitor all the download/installation processes by making sure that you have read and understood the terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy. Most importantly, you should not go past any step so that you can spot pre-checked boxes before you can agree to the installation of extensions.

You are also advised against downloading software via peer-to-peer networks. Always use the official website to be on the safe side.

How to Remove SearchConverterz

It’s quite easy to notice the SearchConverterz or other similar intruders due to how they act once they’ve infiltrated your system. For instance, all your queries will be returned by a Yahoo-based sponsored version. The default start page is also set to or

If you realize that a browser hijacker has installed on your computer, then you need to remove it right away, either manually following step-by-step SearchConverterz removal instructions or automatically using a reliable security tool. Along with the removal, you also get rid of the cookies that collect your browsing history.

After you have uninstalled the browser hijacker manually, you need to scan the system, using a reliable anti-malware program. This not only helps you root out the extension but also helps you fix the damage caused to the system. Some of the damage may include system malfunctions, corruption of files, and poor performance of certain programs.

If you have been considering installing this program, you should research on it first, just as you would with any other app. This way, you can avoid having problems such as privacy violations in the future. You should act responsibly and always rely on reputable search providers that guarantee online security.


SearchConverterz is a browser-based app that users can download freely. It’s advertised as a useful extension, but once installed, it takes over the web browser. The program changes the web browser settings, manipulates the search traffic, records the user’s search history, and initiates other advertising activities. The main purpose of the development of SearchConverterz is to generate revenue for its developers.

If you fear causing more harm and need assistance removing SearchConverterz, don’t hesitate to seek help from a professional.

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