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Drivers are an integral part of any properly functional Windows OS. While updates are not mandatory for regular computer users provided their devices function as required, automatic driver updater tools that operate well can take care of various driver-related issues. There are some specific tasks that get done much better when users have installed the latest driver updates. In such cases, updating drivers is very important, and so users are advised to get tools that update their drivers for them automatically.

One such tool is DriverFix. However, when getting these tools, you have to be extra careful since not all programs can be trusted. Getting the wrong program will cause more damage instead of being helpful.

What is DriverFix?

DriverFix is used to download and install the latest drivers for the Windows OS. It also does an amazing job of repairing errors and fixing issues.

This certified program by Blueroad Technologies Ltd is in charge of security. Its developers claim that the program can check the system for various threats and offers users solutions to improve the system’s performance. It also, allegedly, reveals to the user any software-related issues, optimizes Startup/Uninstall, as well as User Items.

What Does DriverFix Do?

Even though most driver updaters like DriverFix are relatively safe, they might cause the unauthorized installation of other programs. These programs get installed from third-party sources when users are downloading legitimate applications.

DriverFix gets into systems anonymously. Once it’s on your computer, it starts to scan the computer, and this is when you are highly likely to notice the invasion. This program runs continuous task-bar warnings and sends notifications that the system has a lot of errors and viruses. The user receives an exaggerated report with the main purpose of misinforming the user.

DriverFix uses frightening tactics by releasing reports that show lots of incorrect detection. These reports show:

This misinformation is designed to prompt the user to authorize the fast, tidying up process of the infected device. Apart from the false positives, this driver updater may sometimes show intrusive ads or fake warnings.

After scanning the computer registry, DriverFix offers to remove the outdated entries. But since there are so many registry entries to go through during PC repair, the program is prone to removing useful PC registry entries. Once useful files are removed, they then trigger more issues.

How Does DriverFix Work?

After DriverFix has been installed, it performs a full system scan that indicates which drivers are out of date. As soon as the scanning is done, a detailed report is sent to the user. This report contains a variety of revealed troubles. To fix the issues that have been detected, the user is required to acquire the licensed version of the tool.

Where other driver updaters have failed, you can rest assured that DriverFix will correct the drivers that are installed on your computer. This way, you are sure that your device will keep working as expected and won’t crash unexpectedly.

Some users prefer to download and install drivers from the manufacturer’s website. The downside with this method is that they might miss the update or install incorrect drivers. But if you are willing to risk it, you can remove DriverFix and use the manual method instead.

DriverFix Removal Instructions

As previously mentioned, sometimes it can be difficult for the user to tell whether or not the driver they’re about to install is legit. Instead of gambling with the well-being of your system, it’s advisable that you download drivers manually directly from the manufacturer’s website.

Sometimes, driver updaters can appear on your computer, and when this happens, you need to get rid of them as soon as possible. It’s possible for a problematic DriverFix software to be spread via intrusive ads generated by adware or free software bundling. When this happens, information about the additional program is not disclosed, so users install it unknowingly. To avoid all this chaos, choose the “Advanced” or “Custom” installation and thoroughly analyze all the steps during the setup process.

To uninstall DriverFix from your system, you can either do it manually or automatically. Note that the manual process is quite tedious and may take hours. Additionally, there’s a high likelihood that it could damage your computer in the process.

We recommend that you download a robust security tool for the removal of all kinds of threats. This is the easiest way to remove DriverFix. The antivirus will allow you to complete scans, after which, your system will be cured. Find a security tool that is capable of recognizing, removing, and preventing different types of threats.

How to Prevent DriverFix from Infecting Your Computer

DriverFix comes bundled with other software that users download for free from the internet. Unfortunately, during the installation of the software, the user isn’t notified that they’re also installing other programs in the process. Here are ways in which you can protect your computer from DriverFix:

  • Leverage a powerful antivirus program.
  • Maintain a Windows Firewall program.
  • Make sure that your OS is always up-to-date.
  • Use your browser settings to block pop-ups.
  • Download and install a reputable ad-blocker to eliminate third-party promotions online.
  • Avoid clicking on random links that you come across when you’re browsing.
  • Don’t download software from unofficial websites and read the T&Cs before installation.
  • If you have to download and install freeware or shareware, do not rush the process. Check if there are any pre-checked boxes and un-tick them. If you don’t do this, these permissions will allow for third-party applications to install.


DriverFix is an application that is meant for downloading and installing Windows drivers automatically as well as preparing driver backups.

Security experts discourage the use of questionable driver updaters as they can easily compromise the state of your system. Nonetheless, DriverFix is generally an easy to use tool that can offer users a good solution to driver problems. However, if you’re confident that it’s not a program that you wish to have on your computer, feel free to get rid of it. You can also try an alternative Driver Updater tool, Outbyte Driver Updater.

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