The Best of the Best 2018 Android Tablets

If you’re looking for the best Android tablet, whether for work or your studies, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will show you the best tablets on the market today.

Overall Best Android Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

The two most important features you have to look for when buying a full-sized Android tablet are the screen and the software that runs it – and these are what makes the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 the best Android tablet for 2018.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Samsung devices are known for their amazing screens, and it’s no surprise that Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 carries this great feature as well. With a 9.7-inch screen sporting a 2048×1536 AMOLED display, the Tab S3 takes on the tradition of superb screen quality. With this device, Samsung showed how hard it worked to deliver great software and mobile experience to its users. The new S pen and the device’s 4096-level pressure sensitivity allow users to take notes or produce digital designs conveniently. Aside from the top-notch features, the first-rate internal hardware can efficiently keep up with whatever you want to do. The Galaxy Tab S3 proves to be one of Samsung’s best products and is the best Android tablet you can buy in the market today.

What Makes the Galaxy Tab S3 the Top Android Tablet

In this day and age where the competition between smartphones and tablets is tough, tablets have to work extra hard and be more flexible. A tablet is often used for a variety of tasks including playing videos, reading books, browsing the internet, editing documents and other work-related activities. Some tablets are good at some of these tasks, but the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is good at ALL of them.

Working with a tablet is very different from working with a conventional computer or laptop. Whether you’re doing a presentation for a client or you’re making a paper for your studies, doing them on a tablet could prove to be much easier because of the mobile apps that are simple and easy to use. Working with a touch-screen also makes things convenient, while most of the battery-hungry features are minimized.

The most significant disadvantage with tablets is that it is difficult to switch between open apps, primarily if you’re working on multiple tasks, like if you’re editing pictures to be added to your presentation. However, that’s not a problem with Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, especially with the powerful updates accompanying Android 8.0 Nougat. The Tab S3 makes it possible for users to run apps the way you want them to.

The S Pen, a fully capable digital pen, is the icing on the cake, making the Tab S3 an all-in-one top-of-the-line tablet. With its responsive screen, custom-fit keyboard and cover, coupled with reliable hardware, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 deserves its title of being the best tablet in 2018. Its excellent Wacom integration capability makes taking notes or Photoshop editing an enjoyable experience.

Best Smaller Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

If you’re looking for a powerful tablet that you can easily carry around at work or school, then the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is the perfect one for you. With its 8-inch screen, the Tab S2 is just a few inches shy of Tab S3’s 9.7-inch screen, but the features are almost the same. The Tab S2 is the predecessor of Tab S3, but they share some excellent features like the powerful screen, long battery life, and plenty of processing power.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

Released in 2017, the Tab S2 might be a thing of the past, but it’s still the best tablet in the 8-inch category. Plus, it is more affordable now than when it was first launched. You can buy a Tab S2 for under $300. So if you want something portable, super thin, and lightweight, the Tab S2 is the tablet for you.

Best Tablet on a Budget: Amazon Fire HD 10

Amazon Fire HD 10

The Amazon Fire HD 10 will not blow you away with a great display or powerful features. It wasn’t made for greatness. It was created to be the best budget tablet for doing necessary things such as watching movies, playing music, playing games, reading ebooks, etc. With a tag price of just $150, you don’t have to worry about having your kids play with it. The Amazon Fire HD 10 may not be one of the best tablets out there, but it gets the job done at a reasonable price. That’s what matters.

Best Tablet for the Enthusiast: Google Pixelbook

If you’re the type of person who can’t live without a tablet and a computer, then Google Pixelbook was designed just for you. Google left the traditional tablet form factor and embraced the two-in-one technology, just like Microsoft. Their latest innovation is the Pixelbook, which is a crossover between a tablet and laptop. It might look just like your regular slim and lightweight average 10-inch tablet, but don’t let its appearance deceive you. Within its sleek and compact design lies powerful hardware. The Pixelbook uses both Android and Chrome OS as its software, providing its users the benefit of a desktop web browser.

Google Pixelbook

The Google Pixelbook is the perfect tablet for enthusiasts because it combines current-generation PC hardware, Android, and Chrome in a sleek 10-inch package. Here comes the best part: it comes with six years of Google software support since it’s a Chrome OS hardware product!


When you’re shopping for a new tablet, remember that there’s an Android tablet that’s perfect for you out there. Whether you want an average tablet for everyday use or you want the more sophisticated profile of the Tab S3 or the unique features of Pixelbook, there’s one that will work for you.

Once you’ve chosen a tablet to purchase, the important thing is to maintain it at its peak performance with an app like Android cleaner tool. This app not only cleans out trash files from your device, but it also boosts your tablet’s performance and extends your battery life for at least two hours. So aside from choosing a great unit, it is too good to invest in software and apps that would help you maximize your tablet.

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