Stop Annoying Pop-Ups! Learn How to Block Cookie Pop-Ups on Opera Android

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After its brief beta testing, Opera is now rolling out its options for Android app users to automatically block cookie dialog boxes popping up on websites. Opera blocking cookie pop-ups on Android is a fresh new push against the type of pop-ups that has become particularly widespread since GDPR took effect in May this year.

Here’s a quick guide on how you can finally stop annoying pop-ups in their tracks.

Opera’s new cookie dialog box blocker

The browser Opera recently expanded on its ad blocker technology to offer the option of eliminating the vast majority of cookies and privacy dialogs. To do this, simply go to Settings > Ad blocking to find the options to enable this.

According to the company, it tested the blocker across 15,000 websites, with hopes of supporting more as it goes forward. Its technology is said to rely on a “combination of CSS rules and JavaScript heuristics” in order to function.

Know, however, that simply turning off the dialog box won’t block the cookies. Users should choose whether they want to directly block all cookies, no cookies, or only block cookies coming from third parties.

In light of GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union is a regulation on data protection as well as privacy for all individuals in the EU. It primarily seeks to give control to individuals over their personal data, simplifying regulations for international business by unifying them within the territory.

The annoying boxes that typically pop up ask if users will accept cookies and such – a direct byproduct of this legislation. While the GDPR law provides serious value, it comes with the side effect of making the internet check if the user’s doing fine every five minutes.

If you are the type to say “yes” to cookies, then the move to block cookie pop-ups on Opera Android can save you a number of keystrokes since Opera already takes the initiative to say yes on your behalf. Alternatively, you can have the browser reject them all instead through this neat new feature.

Again, you simply need to go into Settings > Ad blocking to find and enable this nifty option to stop annoying pop-ups.

New Opera version’s other features

Along with this major update to block cookie dialog boxes, Opera is also launching other features in the stable version of Opera for Android 48. Here they are:

  • Browser startup options – Opera worked to help streamline users’ browser experience. While most users may readily appreciate having a new tab open for them when they return to the browser after some time, those who don’t can now use a setting that controls how the browser will reopen active tabs when they continue. There’s an option for you to close or preserve your open tabs when you exit the browser.
  • Home screen shortcuts – Those using a smartphone with Android version 7.1 or later can get right into the product they want to be. You can create your own home screen shortcut by long-tapping on the Opera icon in your home screen, tapping to select, or long-tapping to create a permanent link to the preferred function.
  • Saving credit card details and passwords – While the previous Opera version already offers support for storing credit card information, the company simplified it by enabling users to save the details directly from within a purchase process. They can now also opt in for automatic saving of passwords.
  • Page readability – The suffering you get from webpages with teeny tiny text just might be a thing of the past with the new Opera, which includes a text setting that tweaks the general text layout of the page based on your preferences. It also jives with Opera’s text wrap feature for a pleasant reading time.


Much should be appreciated from Opera’s foresight to introduce timely new features that respond to the call of the times, such as blocking pop-ups that have become prevalent due to recent privacy regulations. And the browser has been doing this in previous years as it moved to block ads on Opera, install a built-in VPN, and add a sidebar for social media access.

It’s better news that the cookie dialog box blocker will come to the rest of the Opera portfolio shortly.

Android users can further take care of their gadget through free apps that extend phone life, such as Android cleaning tool. Just like Opera blocking ads on Android, it wards off some of the most annoying ads with its built-in Ad Block feature.

It also instantly troubleshoots power consumption issues, helps control and save battery, and perform smart security scans of installed apps.

Have you road-tested Opera’s new cookie pop-up blocker and other new features? What do you think? We’d love to hear about your experience!

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