How to Set a Charging Limit on Your Android Device to Avoid Excess Battery Wear

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You’ve probably read a lot of tips on how to improve your Android device’s battery life. While some suggest avoiding overcharging, others just set an Android charging limit. For them, the latter option is a lifesaver.

In case you are wondering why most Android devices use lithium-ion batteries. When we overcharge them, they tend to overheat, which results in shortened battery life. For that reason, experts performed thorough research to figure out the ideal charging threshold. They came up with the conclusion that charging your phone to 85% is much better than charging it to 100%. The good news is you can do something to prevent your device from being overcharged: set a charging limit.

How to Set an Android Charge Limit

To be able to set a charge limit on your Android device, you have to check if all the requirements below are met and make sure your device passes the following test.


  • Rooted Android device
  • Unknown Sources enabled
  • Android 4.4 or higher


Assuming your device has met the three requirements above, you can proceed with the following steps:

  1. Plug your Android device into a charger.
  2. Open the root file browser.
  3. Go to Sys > Class > Power_supply > Battery.
  4. Open the Charging_enabled file with a text editor.
  5. Change the number 1 to
  6. Tap the Save
  7. Your device should no longer be charging. You can verify this on the battery icon. If it is still charging, that only means your device has not passed the test.
  8. Once you are loading this test, reboot your device.
  9. Open your device’s browser and download the Battery Charge Limit APK from
  10. Install and launch the app.
  11. Tap the Change button and modify the default limit value of 80% to what you have in mind. The ideal percentage is anything between 50 and 95.
  12. Select
  13. Whenever your device reaches the charging limit you set, charging will automatically stop.
  14. Once your device’s battery falls to 3%, the app will enable charging again.
  15. Repeating the cycle will improve your Android device’s battery life.

Final Verdict

Setting a charge limit can help keep your battery at its best possible shape, but downloading and installing other apps like Android cleaner tool can also improve your device’s battery life, extending it up to two hours per charge providing you with more power.

How do you keep the battery of your Android device healthy? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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