How to Import Spotify Music for Android and iPhone


Did you just get your new Android phone? Then you must be keen on install ing a streaming music app right away if you enjoy listening to music.

Even if most Android devices already have Google Play Music as the default music player, there are better music streaming app options out there to choose from. Spotify Music is one.

Since the app was first introduced, it has amassed a huge number of users, and It’s no surprise why it’s considered one of the most popular music streaming services today. But although Premium members of the services are able to download Spotify music on their devices for offline listening, transferring Spotify songs directly to an Android device can be quite a difficult process.

Spotify Music is DRM-protected – the developers of the service set DRM restrictions to their music to prevent users from sharing copies of the songs downloaded. Don’t worry about those restrictions, though. In this post, we will teach you how to download music from Spotify to an Android phone, how to add songs to Spotify without a PC, how to import songs to Spotify, and how to import songs from Spotify to an iPhone.

But before we teach you these nifty tricks , if you are an Android user, the makers of Spotify have good news for you.

More Features for Android Devices Coming Soon

It’s highly unlikely t o run out of song options to stream on Spotify. After all, they do have millions of music in their library and there are still lots of songs that are yet to be added.

Reports say that Spotify is currently figuring out ways on how to import albums and songs that users own but aren’t in their library yet. According to the music streaming giant, it is one of its most requested features – and they’re making it a reality.

In addition to importing offline songs from Android devices to Spotify’s library, the creators of Spotify are also working on some UI changes in the library section to make the episode menus look simpler. You might soon have to swipe horizontally to switch between albums, playlists, and songs. It’s practically Spotify ’s move to make the design of the app cleaner.

As to the exact date when these features will be officially rolled out, nobody can tell. But hopefully, the changes will be available soon.

Now let’s proceed to the main topic. How do you import Spotify songs to your device?

How to Import Spotify Songs to Android Devices

There are actually two popular methods of importing Spotify music to Android devices.

Method 1: Transfer Music from the Spotify App to Android

If you want to download music directly from Spotify to Android, simply become a Premium user by paying £9.99 a month. This membership allows you download and listen to Spotify music even when you’re offline. All you need to do is sync your Spotify account to your Android smartphone and you can enjoy listening to your favorite music offline.

Here’s a more detailed approach:

  1. Download and install the Spotify app on your computer.
  2. Open and login to your account via the Spotify app.
  3. Connect your Android device to a computer using a USB cord. You can also tap a stable internet connection.
  4. If you have not yet downloaded Spotify on your Android device, download it now.
  5. Open the Spotify app on your Android device and log in.
  6. On your desktop or laptop, select your Android device from the list of devices shown.
  7. Click on the Sync ‘device name’ with Spotify option.
  8. Select the playlist you like to sync for offline listening. Syncing should then follow automatically.
  9. You can also decide to choose the Sync all music to this Android device option if you don’t want to do the manual selection of playlists.

Method 2: Remove DRM Restrictions from Spotify Music and Sync to an Android Device

Are you looking for an easy way to play Spotify tracks from your desktop or laptop to an Android device? Do you think it is possible to play Spotify songs on an Android device without downloading them?

There is actually a handy Spotify Music Converter that can help you with your Spotify streaming problems. It’s called Sidify, an awesome free-to-download tool that helps you remove and lift DRM from the Spotify Music app and convert tracks to mp3, aac, flac, or wav formats, so you can use the Spotify app more efficiently.

Here’s how:

  1. Download and install Sidify on your computer.
  2. Open the app and Spotify will be opened automatically.
  3. Click the Add button icon and start dragging and dropping any playlist or music from Spotify to Sidify.
  4. Change the basic setting parameters of the track. Choose MP3.
  5. Click the Convert button to lift the DRM restrictions and convert the tracks to plain format without affecting the quality.
  6. After that, look for the downloaded DRM-free version of the Spotify music files.
  7. Copy and transfer the files to your Android device using a USB cable.

Take note that the trial version of Sidify only allows you to convert three minutes’ worth of audio files. You can lift the time limitation by upgrading to the full version.

How to Import Songs from Spotify to an iPhone

For iPhone users, it is possible to save tracks on your Spotify collection for offline playback.

This is how to import tracks from Spotify to your iPhone:

  1. Make sure your iPhone is connected to a WiFi network and that you have signed up for the Spotify Premium membership.
  2. Open the Spotify app.
  3. Tap on a certain playlist.
  4. Press the Follow button below the playlist’s cover to add it to your collection.
  5. Once you’ve added it to your collection, a switch labeled Available Offline will show.
  6. Toggle the switch to make the playlist available for offline playback.
  7. Tap Your Library. The playlist you added should be there.

As long as you are subscribed to Spotify’s premium service, then all your playlists and tracks should be available for offline listening.

Import Spotify Tracks and Playlists as Easy as 1, 2, 3

There you have it! We’ve taught you everything that you should know about importing tracks and playlists from Spotify to your devices. Simply subscribe to Spotify’s Premium membership and you should be all set.

Before you try the methods above, we highly suggest that you download Android cleaning tool to your Android device first. This app may not help you directly with importing Spotify tracks, but it does a pretty great job of extending your Android device’s battery life for you to enjoy more hours of offline Spotify music.

Let us know your thoughts about this article. Do you know other ways to download tracks from Spotify to your iPhone or Android device? Comment them below.

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david carnagey
2 years ago

I am trying to change my email and password. I have a new computer and will use gmail rather than out look. I have not be able to change it. Do I need to cancel my premium account and then set it up again or what?