What To Do When Your Mac Overheats

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It’s all but natural for your Mac’s computer processor to heat up while being used. However, when the processor is used at full capacity for extended periods, there’s a good chance that the fans installed inside may not be able to push out the extra heat inside the device leading to overheating. Another reason why your Mac overheats is due to dust buildup within the fans, causing them to provide less cooling power. Regardless of the cause of your Mac overheating, it’s important you know how to handle the situation correctly in order to prevent further damage to your Mac device.

Avoid Excessive Processor Loads

Every process the processor runs will contribute to excess heat. To prevent your Mac from overheating, you need to avoid running too many processes at the same time. For instance, while browsing the Internet, avoid having too many tabs open, especially if you’re using a non-Safari browser, such as Chrome or Firefox. Aside from limiting the number of opened tabs, it would be best to use the Safari as it requires fewer system resources to function properly.

Avoid Blocking the Ventilation

Your Mac’s air vents are pathways for your device’s heat to escape. If they’re blocked, heat will continue building up inside the device causing to overheat. If your Mac overheats frequently, it will eventually lead to the processor failing. Even though laptops are convenient and can be used just about anywhere, if you place a laptop on your lap, your mattress, or pillow, make sure that you aren’t blocking the air vents.

Have Your Mac Serviced, Periodically

Dust can easily build up inside your device. It doesn’t take much dust to affect the operation of the fans. If your fans aren’t functioning properly, your device can easily overheat. To ensure that they are in perfect working condition at all times, it’s best to have your Mac serviced in an authorized Apple repair center by an Apple specialist. The technicians will be able to clean your device and thoroughly remove any dust that prevents the fans from functioning at their full capacity.

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Avoid Using Multiple Apps, Simultaneously

It’s always a good practice to avoid using multiple applications simultaneously. Each app runs quite a number of processes in the background, so using several at the same time can put a heavy load on the processor. If you do need to use multiple applications, remember to close the ones you’re not using.

Perform Regular Diagnostics

Your Mac is equipped with a diagnostics tool that can easily analyze the performance of the fans, memory, processor, and other components of your device. By performing regular system checkup, you’ll be able to discover if any of the components, especially the fans, are having functionality problems. The diagnostics tool has a fan control that can prevent overheating situations.

Another good diagnostics tool you can use is the Outbyte macAries. It is an excellent tool that performs a complete analysis of your system and gives you a report that guides you to potential problems you can fix at the soonest possible time. With these tips, you can reduce the risk of your device overheating, again.

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