What is Nengine.dll?

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Have you ever come across the nengine.dll file while going through your files and folders and wonder if it is a virus that needs to be removed or not? Are you getting an error message saying that nengine.dll is missing at startup? If that is the case, then continue reading because we might have answers.

In this post, we aim to share with you everything about the nengine.dll file, including what it does and whether or not it is a harmful entity.

What Does Nengine.dll Do?

Nengine.dll is a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) file that is usually spawned by the notorious PUP.Optional.NexLive.A potentially unwanted program. Once your device is infected, you will begin to see random pop-up messages telling you that nengine.dll is missing. You will also notice that your system becomes unresponsive and sluggish.

So, how does it work? Nengine.dll begins its work right after logging into Windows. It immediately creates a Run, DEFAULT/Run task on the registry, which then consumes a huge chunk of your CPU resources.

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Don’t worry because removing this startup entry is easy. On your Windows device, press the Windows + R keys to launch the Run dialog box. Into the text field, input msconfig and press Enter. Navigate to the Startup tab and untick all the boxes associated with the nengine.dll.

Is Nengine.dll a Virus?

Should nengine.dll be removed? Is it a virus? Although it is not technically a virus, it does exhibit a couple of malicious traits, including rootkit abilities that delve deep into the operating system. It also is responsible for some browser hijacking activities, interfering with a user’s browsing experience.

How Nengine.dll is Distributed?

In some cases, the nengine.dll is distributed via third-party programs that are spread for generating advertising income. That said, expect not only your browser settings to be changed. There will also be loads of misleading advertisements that may intrude on your screen.

However, according to cyber researchers, the nengine.dll is most likely installed alongside the program Mobogenie. Although this program does not pose any harm to your device, it can trigger more pop-up ads to appear during your browsing session. Sometimes, it may also redirect you to suspicious sites.

How to Remove the Nengine.dll File

There are two ways to remove the negine.dll file: automatic and manual. Between the two, we suggest the automatic method, which requires the help of a professional anti-malware tool like Outbyte Anti-Malware. It’s safer and more efficient, keeping you from deleting any important system files and processes.

If, however, you opt to remove the nengine.dll file manually, know that you will need to disable all its related processes on Task Manager. You have to delete any suspicious programs under the Apps list. And then, you have to reset the web browser to disable any unwanted extensions.

You may also choose to remove the file using Windows Control Panel. Follow the steps below for a detailed guide:

  1. Go to Start.
  2. Click Control Panel.
  3. Navigate to Programs and select Uninstall a Program.
  4. Scroll through the items on the list. Search for any program named Newtext.me. Click on it and click the Uninstall button.
  5. Confirm the uninstallation process by clicking Uninstall once again.
  6. Hit OK to completely remove the program.
  7. Repeat steps 4 to 6 if there are still other suspicious programs in the list.

Wrapping Up

With all the potentially unwanted programs out there on the web, you should never be too confident. Yes, you may have the most expensive anti-malware tool installed on your PC, but know that malware entities evolve. This means they might be able to evade even the best anti-malware tool you have.

What you can do is always be careful about what you download or click. Remember that if something is too good to be true, then it probably isn’t.

While this is only optional, another thing you can do is install a reliable PC cleaner tool that will delete any unnecessary files and make sure your device performing at its best all the time. This will ensure you always have an amazing PC experience.

What else do you know about the nengine.dll? Let us know in the comments!

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