What is Messenger for Desktop.exe?

Messenger for Desktop.exe is part of MessengerforDesktop and developed by MessengerForDesktop.com according to the Messenger for Desktop.exe file information. In certain cases, malicious trackers and scripts can disguise themselves as legitimate files, like Messenger for Desktop.exe, leading to glitches, overload and system malfunctions.

In such cases, Messenger for Desktop.exe can create unnecessary records and folders in the Windows registry. Check your PC to eliminate possible application conflicts and system failures.

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Messenger for Desktop.exe's description is "MessengerforDesktop".

Messenger for Desktop.exe is digitally signed by MessengerForDesktop.com.

Messenger for Desktop.exe is an .exe file.

Messenger for Desktop.exe is usually located in the following folder:

%LOCALAPPDATA%\messengerfordesktop\app-2.0.9\Messenger for Desktop.exe

Messenger for Desktop.exe basic information

Internal Name

Messenger for Desktop.exe running processes


Messenger for Desktop.exe actions

List of the actions Messenger for Desktop.exe executes on a user's PC
%APPDATA%\Messenger for Desktop new catalogue created
%APPDATA%\Messenger for Desktop\lockfile new file created
%APPDATA%\Messenger for Desktop\prefs.json new file created
%APPDATA%\Messenger for Desktop\Cookies new file created
%APPDATA%\Messenger for Desktop\Cookies-journal new file created
%APPDATA%\Messenger for Desktop\Cache new catalogue created
%APPDATA%\Messenger for Desktop\Cache\index new file created
%APPDATA%\Messenger for Desktop\Cache\data_0 new file created
%APPDATA%\Messenger for Desktop\Cache\data_1 new file created
%APPDATA%\Messenger for Desktop\Cache\data_2 new file created
%APPDATA%\Messenger for Desktop\Cache\data_3 new file created
%APPDATA%\Messenger for Desktop\Cache\f_000001 new file created
%APPDATA%\Messenger for Desktop\Cache\f_000002 new file created
%APPDATA%\Messenger for Desktop\Cache\f_000003 new file created
%APPDATA%\Messenger for Desktop\Cache\f_000004 new file created
%APPDATA%\Messenger for Desktop\Local Storage new catalogue created
%APPDATA%\Messenger for Desktop\Cache\f_000005 new file created
%APPDATA%\Messenger for Desktop\3CAD.tmp new file created
%APPDATA%\Messenger for Desktop\Preferences file renamed
%APPDATA%\Messenger for Desktop\Local Storage\https_www.messenger.com_0.localstorage new file created
%APPDATA%\Messenger for Desktop\Local Storage\https_www.messenger.com_0.localstorage-journal new file created

Messenger for Desktop.exe actions

Similar .exe files creating new elements on your PC with similar volume:

Messenger for Desktop.exe's virus check


of antivirus scans don't detect any virus in it


of antivirus scans detect it as a potentially unwanted program


of antivirus scans detect a virus in it

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of users find Messenger for Desktop.exe to be a potentially unwanted program


of users find Messenger for Desktop.exe to be malicious or a scam

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