How Is It Possible To Spy Android

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Most of our days make us dwell on thoughts when we feel like our loved one is behaving oddly! The first thing that crosses our mind is to spy on their phone.

Market and app stores are full of spy apps and therefore we felt a need to find out the best one for you. Let’s make spying safe for your loved ones and you too.

Among the ocean of reliable apps, you need to understand your needs. We bring you ClickFree, the best android spy app. Solve your obstacles and sort out your doubts with perfection with ClickFree!

Part 1: How is it possible to spy android phones?

If tech is your weak point then you are in the right spot! ClickFree makes it easy to get tabs of your target with a few simple steps. It is used by millions of users worldwide and is featured by many famous and recognized platforms.


With a lot of spying apps on the run, ClickFree has its own characteristics that make it stand alone in the spying app market. It has been featured on platforms like Wired, Tech Advisor, Mashable, The Next Web, and Life Hacker. A rarely found combination of best clubbing features, ClickFree has amazing potential to offer the best spying experience.

Let’s have a brief about the features and other details about ClickFree.

1.1 Introduction to ClickFree & It’s Features

To dig into the best of ClickFree, you got to use it! ClickFree has the best features when it comes to occupying space. It is a small in size app and runs in the background which makes it impossible to be detected.

No Rooting Required

There are various apps that require you to root the app with the target device to function completely. ClickFree doesn’t ask you to root the app.

Tracking Messages & Notifications

You can track all the notifications and messages through WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook without rooting the app with the target device! All these features make ClickFree an easy to use and convenient app for every type of spying motive.

No Battery Draining

Bringing into the light one more thing about ClickFree, it doesn’t drain the battery and runs in the background on the target device just like it doesn’t exist.

1.2 ClickFree is the solution

One of the best spyware apps that exist is ClickFree. You must have heard about this wondrous app when you searched for spying apps. We hooked ourselves to its best features like monitoring remotely and keeping a close watch over social media apps.

Call Logs, GPS Location & Keylogger Support

You can track call logs and history remotely from your browser’s dashboard. ClickFree even helps you track the GPS location of the target. Keylogger is another added feature that keeps a record of all the usernames and passwords.

100% Undetectable

ClickFree is one of the sneakiest apps which makes it just your perfect option for spying. The app hides after being downloaded on the target app. The app can even be uninstalled remotely through the control panel on the dashboard.

1.3 Brief To Install & Use ClickFree

It is an easy process to install and use ClickFree. With all its accessibility features, it is easy to set up on the target device irrespective of the fact that it is an iPhone or Android device.

So, now we are beginning with our step to step process as to how you can install and use ClickFree!

Step 1:

Open the Official ClickFree Web Portal. Register for a free account and you are almost ready to spy.

ClickFree Sign-Up

Step 2:

The next step asks you to install the app on the target devices. Follow the instructions and provide all the rights and permissions required for the app to function smoothly while you begin spying on the target device.

ClickFree finish installation

Giving all the permissions is necessary to transfer the data to you afterward.

**Warning: It is not possible for a spying app to work without physical contact on Androids. If any app guarantees you anything regarding this, then be warned that it is either a scam or a fraudulent activity by someone. This might get your personal details in danger.

After you install the app, you are ready to spy and track all the activities of the target. The app will automatically be deleted from the homepage and will work smoothly in the background providing you with all the information on your browser’s ClickFree dashboard.

Step 3:

Now you are all set to begin tracking. Login your account on your device and use the navigation panel on the left. There will be loads of options for you. Choose any activity and begin tracking it.

ClickFree Dashboard

Numerous options like tracking Messages and Social Media apps or GPS location. Everything can be easily tracked within a few steps.

You can explore the target’s activities on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and many more are in the queue.

With all the call logs, you can slip into the timestamps of the calls and call history. Each call is duly displayed with all the details. You can get to know about when the target was engaged in a call and at what hour.

The best quality is the size of the app that is, 2mb. It’s so small and doesn’t attract even a tiny bit of attention.


Now, it’s time for you to take a tour of this app and experience all the features yourself! ClickFree is indeed the best app to spy and you can figure that out yourself.

ClickFree is apparently the most unique app as it has all the basic functions served genuinely. The advanced features can be the icing on the cake! Designed for spying on almost all types of tasks that are corporate or personal.

Comes with all the accessibility excellence, Clickfree is hassle-free. Don’t wait to look out for your loved ones and give it a try! You need to watch this app closely in action! Here’s a free demo for you!

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