20+ Android Apps That Every Traveler Must Have (2023 Edition)

Travel Apps
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Travel awakens the mind and enriches the soul, and in an increasingly digital and interconnected world there’s barely any reason not to do it in an easy, organized fashion. You can satisfy your wanderlust with smartphone apps that take care of anything from flight bookings to hotel accommodations to planning the best itinerary ever.

Here is our comprehensive guide to 20+ Android apps that every traveler must have (2023 edition) – be sure check them out and they just might be the must-have apps for travelers in the coming year.

Booking trips and getting around

  1. Skyscanner – This is perfect if you’re searching for flights, hotels, and car rentals around the world. Available in 30 languages and with more than 60 million users every month, this app can land you the best deals offered by its different travel partners.
  2. Kayak – This app isn’t a far cry from Skyscanner, as it also searches across various travel sites for flights, cars for rent, and hotels. It features exclusive deals as well as its own Price Forecast feature to see whether you should buy now or wait it out.
  3. Hopper – It will hop and shop around for the cheapest possible plane ticket prices for you, but also tell you when to buy those tickets through push notifications.
  4. GasBuddy – Don’t refuel just yet, as this app with its community of 70 million users is ready to help you save serious bucks by finding gas by location and price. It’s available in the United States, Canada, as well as Australia.
  5. Google Flights – A second opinion is often a good thing, and in travel it means having an app that can do a quick check on airfare for round-trip, one-way, or multi-city flights. It’s also a great app or exploring destinations based on price.
  6. Google Maps – It’s arguably the best navigation app around, offering directions for travel by car, on foot, on public transport, by cab, or on bicycle. It’s a fairly reliable tool for choosing local public transportation options in many countries, and specific areas can be downloaded for offline use.
  7. Citymapper – Hailing itself as “the ultimate transport app,” this app connects travelers to public transportation, such as with ridesharing services, and features subway and train schedules for a number of cities.
  8. Uber – It’s all about rides on demand, eliminating the need to carry local currency or speak the same language as your driver. Operating around the globe, this app charges your credit card the right amount, saving you from getting ripped off by scheming taxi drivers.
  9. Waze – This community-driven app lets you in on current traffic and road conditions, and it’s a popular service among both everyday drivers and taxi and car service drivers.

Stay the night: Hotels and other accommodations

  1. Airbnb – If you’re not a fan of typical hotel stays on your trip, book through Airbnb with its virtually unlimited choice of places to stay, from rustic vacation houses in resort cities to tree houses off the beaten path. This leader in the sharing economy connects travelers with owners of rooms, homes, apartments, and other unique accommodations for rent.
  2. Hotel Tonight – If your flight happens to get delayed at your layover or your Airbnb plans fall through, this app is ready to save the day with last-minute deals. It partners with hotels to offer discounts and deals on empty rooms.
  3. Roomer Travel – This travel marketplace app helps people sell prepaid reservations to others who can use them, typically at a lower cost. It’s a great way to recoup money when your trip gets canceled, or save some cash by taking over someone else’s reservation.

Booking Apps

Trip planning and organizing

  1. TripAdvisor – This app has been around for a long time, and for a good reason: it’s one of the best online sources for travelers given its in-depth, extensive reviews of hotels, restaurants, and sites to see. It’s a rich resource powered by a huge, thriving online community worldwide.
  2. Roadtrippers – There’s no reason to get lost somewhere, as this app takes care of plotting your journey for you. It looks for unique and offbeat attractions, museums, restaurants, amusement parks, and campsites, to name a few places.
  3. TripIt – This online trip planner automatically compiles travel information into a single itinerary, basing its work on confirmation emails after you book elements of your trip. It goes through crucial details such as on your flights, rental car, and even restaurant bookings.
  4. TripCase – This app works a lot like TripIt, tidying up your itinerary but instead of seeking access to your inbox (which TripIt does), it accepts emails you forwarded and processes it in its own system.
  5. Google Trips – It’s a relatively new service, but in not so many words, this app pulls reservations from your email, adding hotel bookings, car rental information, and more.
  6. Yelp – Foodies can find a best friend in this app, which emerges as the best for finding the best places to dine and must-try cuisines in a given area.

Convenience and everyday apps

  1. Google Translate – A foreign country can be a handful when it comes to communication, as you don’t speak the same language that locals do. Let this app do the talking and help you communicate in different tongues.
  2. Netflix – What better time to binge on your favorite TV series and movies than while waiting for your flight at the airport, or while you’re at the hotel lobby waiting to be picked up by the local tour operator?
  3. Wi-Fi Finder – It can get costly to subscribe to international data plans, especially if you’re traveling on a shoestring budget. The solution: this app and its ability to locate available paid and free Wi-Fi locations in your area.
  4. Duolingo – If your trip has been booked months ahead of time, why not try tackling the country’s language? This app provides beginner-level courses and allows you to chat with bots in certain languages to put your learnings to test.
  5. Circa – Moving through different countries in a short period of time? This simple time zone tracker lets you check what time it is where you are and where you’re headed next.
  6. XE – Take control of your finances while traveling through this currency app, which helps you convert every currency particularly in situations where you cannot use your credit card.
  7. WhatsApp – Install this app before you venture out if you’re keen on making new friends (it has more than a billion users), chatting with them, or keeping in touch with friends and loved ones back home.
  8. AndroidCare-Cleaner, Booster, Battery Saver & VPN – This free app extends phone life and comes in handy when you have power-hungry apps on your device. It can optimize overall performance, help cool your phone, control and save your battery, and do a quick security scan of installed apps.

Nothing beats careful thinking and preparation in making your travel safe, fuss-free, and full of wonderful possibilities, and the best travel apps for 2019 can help you get things done. Before leaving, make sure to keep your device in tiptop shape for the adventure ahead.

What do you consider the best travel apps for Android? Share with us own favorites!

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