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by Mark Gray
on October 26
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Lab Report: Impact of Proper Maintenance on PC Performance

Few people would ever doubt that without proper maintenance anyone’s computer will eventually suffer performance degradation and may experience various problems. We set out on a mission to find out what exactly happens to a poorly maintained PC, but most importantly – to see whether maintaining and optimizing such a machine using a system utility suite would be able to restore performance and produce improvements in various parameters.

We ran the tests under 3 PC conditions – a brand new computer, a 3-year old computer that hasn’t been properly maintained and a computer optimized with a system utility suite. To measure the differences, we employed several popular benchmarking programs, including AIDA64 Extreme Edition, HD Tune Pro, PassMark, Crystal Disk Mark, HTTP Analyzer, PCMark Vantage and the Internet connection speed testing service.

Our tests confirmed the fact that PC performance does indeed deteriorate without proper maintenance – all tested parameters showed lower scores on the 3-year old PC than on the brand new PC. Running standard maintenance and optimization on the 3-year old PC with the tested software produced improvements, from minor to outstanding, in all tested parameters. Here is a brief overview of the confirmed effects:

  • Average Windows startup time improved by 40%
  • Average RAM consumption in idle state reduced by 30.3%
  • 34,301 MB of disk space was freed up
  • Disk read speed showed up to a 137% improvement
  • Internet download speed improved by an average of 22%
  • Web page loading times showed an average improvement of 7%, with a 14% improvement in the Google Chrome web browser
  • Overall computer performance, according to PCMark Vantage benchmark, increased by 15%

For more detailed information on these tests, please see the PDF document that describes the test system configuration, the performance parameters we measured, how we measured improvements and what numbers we got in all of the tests.


Name: BoostSpeed
Developer: Auslogics Software
Release date: November 1, 2011
Program size: 12.03 MB
System requirements: Windows 7, Vista, XP
Product link: Download
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