Being locked out of your phone is something you would not want to happen to you. Unfortunately, no matter how careful and cautious we are with our actions, mishaps still occur. And humans as we are, we can’t help but tend to forget our lock Android lock-screen passwords. Although many would instead give up and trade in their Android phones for a new one, some would pursue finding ways to bypass their screens. Here’s the thing. It is not impossible to break into a locked Android screen. You can crack an Android device’s security with the methods we have listed below. 1. Use The Find My Device Website. Most Android devices have higher chances of bypassing Android’s security, thanks to a built-in service from Google called Find My Device. Just a heads up, this method does not work if your device is running on Android 8.0 or higher. As long […]

Imagine going home from a whole day of work (or school) – your battery is almost at its end, you plug in your phone, and then, nothing. It won’t charge when you badly need it to work. The fact that your Android won’t charge is frustrating enough, but the process of finding out the culprit can be even more so. There are several reasons why your Android won’t charge. Sometimes, the reason could be as simple as a loose wire, or it could be something as complicated as your device refusing to charge altogether. It is also possible that your device is charging very slowly because the rate of power consumption is almost the same as the energy coming in. Whatever the reason is, we’ve listed down several ways to pinpoint the actual cause why your Android won’t charge and the possible steps you can take to fix it. 1. […]

Many users find the built-in camera app on their Android devices excellent. We think they are already capable and powerful enough to take good-quality photos. Whenever there are moments we don’t want to miss, we launch our device’s default camera and take quick snapshots. That’s it! But what if we say there is a way to make the most of your device’s camera? Yes, you read that right. Believe it or not, there are camera apps for Android that allow you to take better snapshots using your device. In this article, we listed 2018’s top camera apps for Android. 1. Camera ZOOM FX To capture beautiful moments, you need to be fast. That is the reason why Camera ZOOOM FX was developed. The developers of Camera ZOOM FX claims that this is by far the fastest and best camera app for Android. Perhaps, they have lived up to their claim. […]

If you’re looking for the best Android tablet, whether for work or your studies, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will show you the best tablets on the market today. Overall Best Android Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 The two most important features you have to look for when buying a full-sized Android tablet are the screen and the software that runs it – and these are what makes the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 the best Android tablet for 2018. Samsung devices are known for their amazing screens, and it’s no surprise that Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 carries this great feature as well. With a 9.7-inch screen sporting a 2048×1536 AMOLED display, the Tab S3 takes on the tradition of superb screen quality. With this device, Samsung showed how hard it worked to deliver great software and mobile experience to its users. The new S pen and […]

Is your phone sluggish? Does it take forever for items to load on your device? It can be annoying waiting for your apps to load or for your phone to do specific stuff. But before you think of shopping for a new smartphone, it is practical to try fixing your phone’s performance first by following our top tricks on how to speed up an Android device. Many factors contribute to the sluggishness of your device – it could be because you’re out of storage or some apps cause processes to slow down. The worst and most expensive reason would be an outdated or damaged hardware that needs to be replaced. Whatever the reason for the slow-down is, there are many ways to speed up Android devices without having to spend any. Read on to learn tricks on how to speed up Android including general clean up, installing third-party apps for […]

As of now, many phones still run on Android versions lower than the Oreo. And yet, Google has already released another update. Albeit still in the beta phase, Android P is already stirring up the curiosity of avid Android fans. Anyone with a compatible device can install the Android P Beta before its official release later this year. If you have a Pixel phone, you can naturally get early access. This latest Android version is also available on devices from select partners including Sony, Nokia, Oppo, and Vivo. There’s no official name for this upcoming Android version yet, but there are a couple of possible candidates: Popsicle, Pudding, and Pie, to name a few. We’ll probably hear more about that in the months to come, but for now, let’s talk about what we know so far. Here’s everything you need to know about Android P. An Entirely New Way to […]

How many minutes hours do you spend at night checking your social media feed or playing mobile games on your Android device before finally getting a shuteye? It’s a vicious cycle – you can’t sleep, so you pass the time by playing with your phone however, your phone could be the very thing that’s keeping you awake. You’ve probably heard about how smartphones and other electronic gadgets with screens can disrupt sleep due to the blue light they emit. Blue light sends a signal to the brain that it’s still morning, suppressing the production of the hormone melatonin, which is crucial to the body’s sleep timing and circadian rhythm. To counter the adverse effects of nighttime gadget usage, Google is set to introduce the Android Wind Down Mode feature along with Android P later this year. What is Android P Wind Down Mode? Designed to discourage users from using their device […]

It is now easier to know where you are and where you’ve been, thanks to your smartphone. Today, every smartphone is equipped with a GPS chip inside, making it possible to determine the device’s location down to the nearest four meters. And since we always bring our smartphone around with us, it has become straightforward to recall the places you’ve been through Android location history. You might worry that someone would know your location at all times, however, rest assured that your Android location history is not logged unless you enable location tracking on your device. If you’re curious to know what places you’ve been to, read on. How to Enable Android Location History Android does not keep your location history information by default. You have to enable it yourself if you want to keep track of the places you’ve been. When you first log into your device, you will […]

Are you sharing your device with friends or family members? Letting other people use your Android device can be inconvenient for you, especially if you need to log out your accounts each time, especially if you have sensitive information on your device, such as bank details. If someone has to use your device on a regular basis, it is probably a good idea to set up a different Android user account for them to use. This way, you don’t have to worry about your data or having to log in and out of your accounts. Android devices have a built-in feature that lets you set up multiple user accounts on a single device. It means that you can create Android numerous user accounts, allowing you to restrict access to your account and data. It’s the best way to protect your privacy when your device is being used by someone else. […]

Having a new smartphone can be both exciting and frustrating at the same time. You’re excited because it’s probably the latest model and you can’t wait to try out its new features. However, setting up a new device can be a bit frustrating for some. Fortunately, Android 5.0 Lollipop has made the Android Phone Setup process a lot easier and less labor-intensive than before. Now, you don’t have to manually download your apps one at a time or build your contacts all over again. To set up your new smartphone, follow these steps: The first thing you have to do is turn on the power. The welcome screen will ask you to install a SIM card if you haven’t installed one yet. Check your device for the SIM card slot. It can either be at the side, top, bottom or the back of the device. Some methods require the use […]