Have you ever left your phone at home while you’re waiting for an urgent call or an email, so you wished there was a way to access it remotely? Or are you too busy (or lazy) to get your phone you left in the bedroom while you’re working in your home office? Fortunately, there are several ways to do that. If you’re an Android user, you can access your phone even if it’s not with you. You can reply to messages and emails, retrieve bookmarks, or log into your home network just by using some apps. It is fresh and pretty handy, especially during emergencies. Airdroid is a handy mobile app that lets you control Android from PC. All you need is a web browser to do things that you usually do with your Android device –remotely at that. There’s no need to get up and get your device to […]

No doubt that Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms today that allow us to share beautiful photos and videos with people all across the globe. Unfortunately, no matter how much we like to download beautiful images and videos uploaded by other users and save copies of them on our devices, Instagram generally doesn’t allow doing so. Then again, that does not mean you cannot do anything about it. Of course, there is a way on how to download Instagram videos and photos! You need to install Instagram photo downloader apps on your Android device, and you can begin downloading images and videos from IG. Below are some of the favorite Instagram photo and video downloader apps we recommend: 1. Instagetter If you wish to grab photos and videos from a public Instagram profile, Instagetter is the app you need. Here’s how you use it: Download Instagetter from […]

Do you send out a lot of messages on your Android device? Or are you always on the go and need to reply to work and personal emails frequently? Typing a lot of messages, emails, and documents is not a problem, especially if you can type 70-80 words per minute on your computer. But if you’re using a smartphone or a tablet to do all that, then that’s a different issue. Typing on a computer is very different from typing on a phone or a tablet. First and foremost, a computer has an actual keyboard while Android devices don’t. Second, there’s also the issue of screen space. Working with a 13-inch monitor is so much easier compared to a 4-inch or 5-inch screen. Fortunately, there are shortcuts to fast typing on an Android device. These tricks might not help you reach your typing speed on a computer, but at least, […]

Using two monitors for a computer setup can boost a person’s productivity. If there is a need to perform multitasking, the second monitor can help you go a long way and get things done. But the problem is not everyone has an available spare screen. Plus, it can be rather expensive. Now, if you find yourself in a situation where a second screen is badly needed, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we are going to share ways on how to use an Android as second monitor for your PC. And don’t worry; it’ll cost you nothing at all! 1. Install iDisplay on both your computer and Android device. Android devices can be handy productivity machines. Fortunately, with iDisplay, you can quickly take advantage of these gadgets and do more on your computer. Just follow the steps below to know how to use iDisplay: Download and install the iDisplay […]

Since its launch, Facebook has undoubtedly taken the world by storm. Many have changed since then. A lot of features have been added and modified, including Facebook Live, Memories, Facebook Adverts, Facebook Groups, Marketplace, and Facebook Messenger, to name a few. Because of its popularity, many try to beat it. However, it seems it can’t take down this social media giant. Despite having lots of rivals, people still choose the ingenuity of Facebook. Perhaps the reason is that whether it’s for personal, professional, business, or corporate use, Facebook has a corresponding feature and functionality we all find useful. Then again, even roughly 1.65 billion active monthly users are accessing Facebook via the mobile app, it does not allow running multiple accounts in one Android device simultaneously. You know, this could be a challenge for individuals who own or manage more than one Facebook account. Just imagine logging in and out […]

After the launch of High Sierra, Messages has become available for Mac. This feature automatically updates messages on all your devices that are using the same Apple ID. This has been made possible through the iCloud, so if a message comes into your phone, you will receive it on your other devices as well. The same thing happens when you remove or delete messages. And the other good thing about iCloud when it comes to messages is that you don’t have to worry about backing up your messages because they are automatically saved to the cloud. In this article, we will show you how to enable messages in iCloud using your Mac. How to Enable Messages in iCloud on Your Mac The basic requirements to allow iCloud message is to at least have a macOS 10.13.5 High Sierra running. For iOS devices, you need to enable iCloud messages so the […]

Are you experiencing the mouse double-click issue on your Mac? It may come off as a seemingly harmless and straightforward issue to those who have not encountered it yet, but to those who do, a few things can be more annoying than trying to single-click on something, but double-click is being registered instead. Not only is it annoying — it can be frustrating, too, as a double-click in the wrong place, command or link can result in an action that you might not intend to perform. If you notice that your Mac is double-clicking on its own accord, don’t worry. There’s a mouse double click fix, and we’re here to show you how to do it. Check Your Mouse First Before you stress yourself out looking for a solution to this Mac mouse problem, see if it’s not the mouse itself that is damaged or exhibiting other issues. First, make […]

Some apps are just meant to be enjoyed in full-screen modes, like movie players or games but some Mac users prefer to open apps in full screen because of their personal preferences. Full-screen mode in Mac gives you the maximum working space while minimizing distractions since the dock and the status bar are hidden so allowing to open an app on Mac, automatically, in full-screen mode can prove quite helpful. But the problem is that there is no system-wide setting in macOS that lets apps open in full-screen mode by default. However, there’s a workaround, the Apple app opener, that allows your apps to open straight into full-screen mode. The easiest way to open Mac apps in full screen by default is to slightly change the app usage behavior and combine it with an adjustment. With this, apps that support full-screen mode will launch directly into full-screen mode when you […]

The Signal app is a secure messaging app that lets you send and receive messages securely across different platforms – Mac, Windows, iOS devices, Android devices and others. It means you can send a message from your iOS device to an Android device, or from your Mac to a Windows computer. You can also send from your iPhone to a Mac or Windows PC, and vice versa. It’s a very versatile messaging application that allows you to communicate with whatever platform the other person is using. Signal also supports voice calls and multi-media messaging. One of Signal’s main selling points is its ability to provide secure communication across different platforms. Aside from encrypting messages, the Signal app also has an auto-delete function that protects messages from prying eyes. Before releasing the standalone Signal private messenger desktop application for Windows, macOS, and Linux, the Signal app was only available for mobile users […]

Do you need to type in special characters for your article or report? Do you need Mathematical symbols but don’t know where to find them? If you’re someone who uses special characters frequently, then maybe you already know what keyboard shortcuts to use to unlock them. But for regular users, it might take some time to figure these Mac keyboard tricks out. In this article, you’ll learn useful Mac keyboard tips to help you discover hidden keyboard characters on your computer. Mac Keyboard Tips 1. √ – Typing a check mark. You’ve probably come across this character by mistake when you tried to paste something and pressed on Option instead of Cmd. If you want to type a check mark on Mac, just press Option, and V. 2. ¢ – Typing a cent sigil. If you’re dealing with money matters and you need a cent sigil, just press Option + […]