Ever came across the acronym NFC? If you’re working in the tech field or you’re a gadget enthusiast, you probably have an idea what NFC or Near Field Communication is all about. Otherwise, it might just make you scratch your head. NFC, or Near Field Communication, is a technology designed to make transferring data easier between two devices. Whether it’s a photo or video you want to send, or you wish to complete a payment, NFC can make it possible. But how does it work? Can you even use it on your Android device? How NFC Works on Android NFC is currently being marketed as a data and file-sharing technology. It became popular in the mobile scene after Google released Android Ice Cream Sandwich, which introduced the Android Beam functionality. When used together with Android Beam, NFC lets devices exchange files easily. Furthermore, the use of NFC on Android devices enables […]

The flashlight for Android phones is undeniably useful. Not only does it help you find things in the dark, but it can also serve as an emergency source of light in the event of a power interruption. Although there are many ways to turn it on, you are probably using only one. Interestingly, there are many third-party apps you can use to turn on your device’s flashlight. While some can be easily used by pressing a specific button, others work by shaking your device. Believe us; these methods could prove to be more convenient than the current method you are using. 1. Go to Quick Settings to Turn on the Flashlight. Most Android devices that run on versions 5.0 and above can quickly turn on the flashlight feature in Quick Settings. It can be accessed by sliding up or down from the top or bottom of the screen. Next, locate […]

Battery life is one of the significant factors that we look at when choosing a mobile device. Of course, we want our smartphones or tablets to be able to keep up with heavy usage and hopefully last the entire day. While most of the newer phones are now made with more significant battery capacities, the additional juice usually ends up powering other features — for instance, a more prominent display means more power is drawn from the battery. The need for longer battery life is the reason why Android task killer apps have been developed. They are the rage back in the day, but are they still relevant and useful today? What is an Android Task Killer App? A task killer app is a third-party mobile app designed to force-stop apps and processes running in the background. This activity is supposed to free up the device’s system memory or RAM. […]

With lots of free Wi-Fi networks everywhere, staying connected online has become more comfortable. However, most free Wi-Fi connections are often slow and at risk for threats, which means connecting to these networks is not always a good idea. Although you can subscribe to monthly data plans that let you go online using a portable Wi-Fi device, it can be a bit costly. So, why not just share your Android phone’s data with your laptop or another Wi-Fi-enabled device? Yes, you read that right. You can share your smartphone’s data in a process called tethering. How to Tether an Android Phone Of course, we want to be as practical and economical as possible. That is why we’ll teach you how to tether your Android phone for free. Read the steps below: 1. Check Your Mobile Carrier’s Tethering Terms. While some mobile carriers require you to subscribe to data plans, others […]

So, you’ve got your brand new Android device. As you explore its settings, you noticed that out of its 64 GB built-in memory; only two-thirds are left available, even if you haven’t installed and stored anything on it yet. For this seemingly senseless storage hogging, you have bloatware to blame. Bloatware is an app installed on your device by its manufacturer, your carrier, and the operating system itself. What’s so bad about these apps is the fact that you can’t uninstall most of them right off the bat. Aside from taking up precious storage space, they may also run in the background without you knowing, draining your device of battery life. If you are looking for an Android bloatware remover, all hope is not gone. There are two ways to manage bloatware on your Android device, and we’re here to share them with you. The Basic Fix: Disable Unused Apps […]

To date, there are over 24,000 unique Android devices scattered all around the globe, including both smartphones and tablets. Each of these devices varies in one way or another, especially regarding hardware. That is why it makes it a challenge for app developers, as they need to develop and publish different versions of their apps if they want to reach all Android users. Among the ways Android smartphones and tablets differ from one another is display size, resolution, and pixel density. Every app you install on your device needs to be compatible with your screen density value and capacity to make sure that the app will look and function as it’s supposed to. You don’t need to worry about these things if you download apps from the Play Store alone, as Play Store automatically shows apps that are compatible with your device’s specs. However, if you are downloading an APK […]

What is Android Auto? This nifty Android feature is a navigation and entertainment system that works both on your smartphone and in your car’s head unit. According to Google, this tech makes driving more comfortable and safer by reducing distractions. It was introduced to encourage drivers and motorists to keep their eyes and focus on the road while their hands remain on the steering wheel. The Features of Android Auto Because of the regulations implemented on car infotainment systems, restrictions were set to prevent distracted driving. The concept is to take the primary features of mobile Android devices to your car’s dashboard, but help you navigate, listen to music, and make calls safely. Here are the detailed explanations of what Android Auto can do: 1. Google Maps Navigation One of the best advantages of Android Auto is the use of Google Maps as the navigation system of a vehicle. With […]

Updates. We hear of them all the time since we began using smart devices. Every gadget you use right now that is powered by software needs an update every once in a while to keep it protected from bugs and improve its performance — or at least that’s how the majority were honed to think. Manufacturers and app developers develop updates with good intentions in mind. However, not everyone finds every update useful or attractive. For instance, you might like the old, no-frills Facebook Messenger more than its latest, feature-packed version. Hey, to each its own, right? And just like how you could install an older Facebook Messenger version, it’s also possible to downgrade the Android version of your device. Why Would You Want to Downgrade to an Older Android Version? There are some reasons why one would want to revert Android update on their devices. One scenario would be […]

Every bit of storage space on your Android device is significant because that means another photo or video you can save or another app you can install on your phone or tablet. Running out of storage space can be annoying, especially if you need to update your Android or install a new app. If you want to find out how much storage you have left on your device, go to Settings and tap Storage to see how much space has been used up and how much is available for use. You can also see which apps are using the most room and how much space they are hogging for themselves. For example, your photos and videos could be taking up a considerable slice of your storage, so you need to delete some of them or store them in the cloud to regain or free up storage space. This article will […]

After using your device for a long time, some apps go wonky or sluggish. Sometimes you’ll feel like your phone is slowing down, especially when you open some apps. Not having enough storage can also slow down your device. Fortunately, you don’t have to panic because these problems can be dealt quickly. The best way to fix the issues is to clear app cache. This article will help you understand what it is and how to clear app cache. You can efficiently use this trick to solve most problems with your phone. You can access your applications’ settings using the application manager that every Android device has. Your Android has a Settings app where you can access everything about your phone and see all the apps installed on your phone or tablet. That is where you can do some cleaning when your apps don’t work the way they should. Before […]